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Topic: WhatDoYouSayLetChat.....
Username: Rsmith6621a
Posted 2003-06-24 03:05:53 and read 1097 times.

I know this is a little off topic but I think it is releated. is providing us a chat forum and I make regular stops to see whos far I have yet to see anyone talking with their fingers.

I may begin to park myself in the next few days there so we can get some flow going otherwise it is a waste of energy on Anet part as well as expense to keep it open.

Let all get to know each other in real time as well as learn somthing to..


Topic: RE: WhatDoYouSayLetChat.....
Username: JBLUA320
Posted 2003-06-24 07:49:56 and read 1011 times.

I feel that due to the original conflict, original chatters have migrated. I wouldnt cross your fingers on getting them back, either. This, from an almost everyday chatter (or former on the # aviation ).


Topic: RE: WhatDoYouSayLetChat.....
Username: Manzoori
Posted 2003-06-24 09:50:08 and read 991 times.

Has the chat area changed recently?

I heard about it a while back and had a look in... to be honest I wasn't particularly impressed with the utter Cr@p being spewed forth by the morons in there that day.

Put it this way... It's not made me want to hurry back to it!


 Big thumbs up

Topic: RE: WhatDoYouSayLetChat.....
Username: 737heavy
Posted 2003-06-24 13:29:17 and read 962 times.

I've been there a couple of times but it's very quiet. Needs more people!


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