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An Important Message From The Airliners.net Crew  
User currently offlineModerators From United States of America, joined Apr 2004, 514 posts, RR: 0
Posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9796 times:

Changes in the operating procedures on Airliners.net

Due to the World economic recession and the associated reduction in advertising revenue which is hurting us badly, it has been necessary to change some operating procedures on http://www.airliners.net

Starting May 1st, each accepted upload will need to be paid for in the sum of US$0.10 and to accommodate this, all members will be required to set up a PayPal account. Discounts will be available for bulk uploads so that for US$5.00 you will be allowed to have 75 images accepted. We are working on setting up the exact pricing scheme - we will make this available next week when we will also be giving out some more details on how the new system will work. All upload limits will be removed for all members so you can upload as much as you want!

A 25% discount will be made available to those with First Class or Premium membership and Photo Sales, which are soon to be resumed, may be used for photo upload fees at twice their face-value rate.

In addition, we will be introducing a Premium Photography Membership or "First Class Photographer". For a one-time fee of $25 you will get personal rejection help and your pictures will be screened as part of a seperate and faster queue. Each of you will have a screener assigned to you who will always be available to answer your questions in detail. Regular photographers will have to wait a little longer for their photos to be screened and will most likely not receive any personal messages anymore. We hope you understand that our screener's time is limited and we need to prioritize, which means giving our time to paying members first.

We realize this change may not sit well with some of you but hope that most of you will understand the need for it in these difficult times and we hope to revert to the previous operating basis as soon as economic conditions allow. Understand that we needed to do this, as the site may not have survived otherwise.

If anyone has thoughts, questions, etc. please don't hesitate to post them here.


The Airliners.net Crew

Please use moderators@airliners.net to contact us.
104 replies: All unread, showing first 25:
User currently offlineDvincent From United States of America, joined Jan 2007, 1760 posts, RR: 10
Reply 1, posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9786 times:

Oh woe is me! A.net is going to be taking all of my hard earned money. That's the job of the government!

[Edited 2009-03-31 11:00:10]

From the Mind of Minolta
User currently onlineMoose135 From United States of America, joined Oct 2004, 2545 posts, RR: 10
Reply 2, posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9757 times:

Quoting Moderators (Thread starter):
If anyone has thoughts, questions, etc. please don't hesitate to post them here.

My first thought is that this message is one day early - tomorrow is April 1st...

KC-135 - Passing gas and taking names!
User currently offlineStil From Spain, joined Apr 2006, 345 posts, RR: 6
Reply 3, posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9729 times:

Quoting Moderators (Thread starter):
Starting May 1st, each accepted upload will need to be paid

Do you mean pictures ACCEPTED from 1st March or pictures UPLOADED from 1st March?

And my thoughts are it's not fair to ask for any payment for something is not fully operative...


[Edited 2009-03-31 11:15:44]

....... Gueropppa! ......
User currently offlineMichlis From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 737 posts, RR: 2
Reply 4, posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9725 times:

Moose135 has a point...tommorow is April 1st. If this is not in jest, I wager that this will create a bigger ruckus than last year's TOU?

[Edited 2009-03-31 11:11:49]

[Edited 2009-03-31 11:12:39]

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a hundred battles.
User currently offlineJohnJ From United States of America, joined Jun 2000, 1694 posts, RR: 2
Reply 5, posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9712 times:

Considering (based on the number of shots accepted today) that this would generate less than $100 a day for the site, I'm throwing my hat in the April Fool's ring.

User currently offlineJetfreak From Austria, joined Jul 2007, 286 posts, RR: 0
Reply 6, posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9716 times:

i really hope that it's a joke    ! why should airliners.net be affected by the World economic recession?

[Edited 2009-03-31 11:19:29]

User currently offlineDeaphen From India, joined Jul 2005, 1430 posts, RR: 1
Reply 7, posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9682 times:

Haha.... i actually believed it for a few seconds.... im glad to see the April 1st spoof back again on a.net!

Thats one sign we are going back to normalcy!


I want every single airport and airplane in India to be on A.net!
User currently offlineOthic From Sweden, joined Jun 2007, 171 posts, RR: 0
Reply 8, posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9681 times:

Quoting Jetfreak (Reply 6):

yes I hope so too

A boy learn's much more at the airport then he do at school
User currently offlineJumboJim747 From Australia, joined Oct 2004, 2465 posts, RR: 43
Reply 9, posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9654 times:
Support Airliners.net - become a First Class Member!

Its a day early.
Its April fools in Australia now.
Thx Anet Crew for the humour its really appreciated .

On a wing and a prayer
User currently offlineStil From Spain, joined Apr 2006, 345 posts, RR: 6
Reply 10, posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9647 times:

If it's a joke, it's of a bad taste; having in mind this is a worldwide site, and here comes people from very different cultures and doesn't know anything about 1st of April. What if everyone play jokes on his own fool's day? It'll be OK for me, as in Spain is Dec 28th and i'll laugh last...


....... Gueropppa! ......
User currently offlineJRadier From Netherlands, joined Sep 2004, 4741 posts, RR: 49
Reply 11, posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9633 times:

If it's an april first joke, you're a day early for most of the world.

[Edited 2009-03-31 11:33:57]

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and ther
User currently offlineSlideman From United Kingdom, joined Oct 2008, 14 posts, RR: 0
Reply 12, posted (6 years 2 hours ago) and read 9594 times:

I sincerely hope you are having some fun at the expense of your photographers, of course if you not then I am sure the photopraphers will have the last laugh by taking their business elsewhere.

User currently offlineMichlis From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 737 posts, RR: 2
Reply 13, posted (6 years 1 hour ago) and read 9559 times:

On first blush it would make anyone's blood boil, but if you read it more carefully you can see how ridiculous it is: unlimited uploads for all members, personal screeners for paying members...uh huh...nice try guys and gals.  tongue 

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a hundred battles.
User currently offlineDamien846 From UK - England, joined Dec 2006, 661 posts, RR: 0
Reply 14, posted (6 years 1 hour ago) and read 9547 times:

I have been told "off the record" that this is true....this is why the screening has been light the last few days!  Wink

User currently offlineEksath From United States of America, joined Aug 2004, 1323 posts, RR: 24
Reply 15, posted (6 years 1 hour ago) and read 9487 times:

How much $ to get CRAP pictures into the database bypassing the pesky screeners?

I am sure you will more money that way!

World Wide Aerospace Photography
User currently offlineJorge1812 From Germany, joined Apr 2004, 3149 posts, RR: 6
Reply 16, posted (6 years 1 hour ago) and read 9473 times:

If this is an April 1st joke I think you will loose some photogs and 1000s of pics within hours. If not I will wait to comment till the final price-list is made.


User currently offlineDlowwa From Canada, joined Apr 2005, 7328 posts, RR: 30
Reply 17, posted (6 years 1 hour ago) and read 9414 times:

Funny, but as mentioned above, a day too early for most of the western hemisphere....

User currently offlineJRadier From Netherlands, joined Sep 2004, 4741 posts, RR: 49
Reply 18, posted (6 years 1 hour ago) and read 9416 times:

Quoting Jorge1812 (Reply 16):
If this is an April 1st joke I think you will loose some photogs and 1000s of pics within hours.

I have to agree, this isn't helping getting me closer to airliners, if anything, it's pushing me away.

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and ther
User currently offlineConoramoia From Ireland, joined Oct 2007, 499 posts, RR: 2
Reply 19, posted (6 years ago) and read 9343 times:

If this is not a joke I'll be quite annoyed!
I'm only fifteen and won't be allowed upload photos for a price as my parents will not allow it.
Even though I have only one photo uploaded I was hoping to get more this coming summer.
Recession or not people do not pay to have their photos uploaded....this will lead them to other major sites,
maybe the the negative outcome should be taught of first.

but thank you for posting this in this forum,

Conor Amoia

[Edited 2009-03-31 12:56:38]

User currently offlineRuudb From Netherlands, joined Jun 2005, 166 posts, RR: 5
Reply 20, posted (6 years ago) and read 9249 times:

I think if it isn't a joke, you will pull out the plug of this site, to be honest.

User currently offlineJohnJ From United States of America, joined Jun 2000, 1694 posts, RR: 2
Reply 21, posted (6 years ago) and read 9247 times:

As noted before, this idea isn't going to generate a lot of cash for Airliners.net. A better approach would be to charge some sum for each view a photographer gets - perhaps apply a .01 charge for each view vs. .10 for each photo uploaded. That way, a photo reaching 1000 views would cost the photog $10 - a small price to pay for decent exposure. You'd be a little out of luck should you get the top of the day with 25,000 hits or so - but hey, it's worth some serious money to get top of the day, isn't it?

User currently offlineEZEIZA From Argentina, joined Aug 2004, 4971 posts, RR: 24
Reply 22, posted (6 years ago) and read 9211 times:

This has to be a joke. Not a funny one, but a joke. If it isn't, bye bye airliners

Carp aunque ganes o pierdas ...
User currently offlineDerekF From United Kingdom, joined Feb 2001, 914 posts, RR: 0
Reply 23, posted (6 years ago) and read 9179 times:

If this is a joke , it isn't funny. If it isn't a joke it's the end of the site. Who would pay to upload here?

User currently offlineAirKas1 From Netherlands, joined Dec 2003, 4044 posts, RR: 55
Reply 24, posted (5 years 12 months 4 days 23 hours ago) and read 9140 times:

I'm calling april 1 on this  Smile
So no pink homepage this year? Big grin

25 JRadier : If the opening post wasn't sad enough, this really is.
26 Silver1SWA : Well, well how about that. A website about airliners going the way of the airlines...nickel and diming their customers. It would be very strange for a
27 Jalap : I am OUTRAGED! This is a tax, nothing more, nothing less. Now, being Belgian, I'm quite used to paying taxes. I have nothing against the principle of
28 EZEIZA : Sorry mate, but I suggest nothing to be paid for uploads or for acceptances. This is a hobby, and I won't ever pay a site for them to host MY photos.
29 Post contains images Jalap : So do I, I'm off to another site if this were true so as I said: my post was not a request, it was a counterjoke  [Edited 2009-03-31 14:21:24]
30 VTBDflyer : This is insane. I will certainly stop attempting to upload any more. I've never had anything accepted and never will at this rate. I'll go find somewh
31 EZEIZA : oops, missed the counterjoke part
32 F4wso : I can't say I am totally turned off by this given that it does take operating capital to maintain a quality web presence. I also like the idea that th
33 Post contains images Koryo : If this is a Joke then not funny    in my book, if not yikes, I may even consider jumping ship. Koryo[Edited 2009-03-31 14:54:12]
34 EZEIZA : With all due respect, i could not disagree more. The site makes enough money through all the ads and through fc memberships, and they make that money
35 G-CIVP : Obviously everyones acceptance rate will be improving. Happy days!
36 F4wso : Is there a place where the site's balance sheet is open for view or is this an guess? Gary Cottage Grove, MN, USA
37 EZEIZA : A guess, but if this is a wrong guess, then 10 cents aren't going to make a difference. And if they are losing money, it's still better to ask for fr
38 Silver1SWA : I agree. I can understand, and even accept being charged such a little amount per acceptance. I pay a yearly membership fee to host images on another
39 Je89_w : Paying to upload images onto A.net? Ha, this has got to be a joke!
40 Silver1SWA : Well if this thread is real and not a joke, then it would appear your guess is wrong as they emphasized that this is what is needed to keep the site
41 EZEIZA : true. Howewer, if with ads and fc memberships they are still losing money ... well, tough. Charging for uploads is bs. I say this would not only not
42 SFO2SVO : Glad a.net resumed the tradition of April Fool's jokes. This one is not quite the Pink Front Page - but last year we got nothing at all! ...and hope t
43 Post contains images Cadet57 : I can't believe some here think this is for real....
44 JetsGo : This just doesn't seem like an announcement that would be left to the Moderators to make though, hence why I am leaning towards an April Fools joke.
45 San747 : I've been a lurker on this site since I was in the 5th grade, and became a member 5 years ago. Airliners.net has been a big part of my life (because a
46 Post contains links Silver1SWA : I don't think one person in here hasn't recognized the fact that this could be a joke. Either one of the mods is working extra hard to keep the joke
47 Koryo : Well I have Regards, Koryo
48 Silver1SWA : I know you have. That's my point. We all have.
49 Chris78cpr : Joke or not, it's in very poor taste and i imagine will make a lot of people think twice yet again about uploading here...
50 Post contains links Koryo : Sorry misread your post. BTW the site-related version of this thread provides many explanations and good points here is a link: http://www.airliners.
51 Post contains links HT : In the other (duplicate) thread in "Site related" there is an obstrusive answer, why the post has been made under the "Moderators" account and not th
52 Plainplane : I don't really think that is fair to have to pay to submit photos to the database, and I don't really trust PayPal. I don't want to be faced with an
53 JetsGo : Hmmm thanks to me for getting that "answer." Why...plenty of free help available in the forums.
54 Dlowwa : nice....
55 Ptrjong : I'm sure this is a joke, but I don't think it's funny. It reminds me too much of a certain stupid DM decision which was a joke, but was never intended
56 HT : Funnily enough there is no response from Moderators / Screenes in this thread - only in the thread in "Site Related" where one certain Mod is doing h
57 Moderators : User feedback is, as always, very important to us. We've explored additional options with DM's executives and are hopeful that the need for additional
58 Srbmod : I'm just explaining the situation, as it is the result of some issues involving the various crew email addresses, as they have been bouncing stuff ba
59 Post contains images Silver1SWA : There is is folks. Confirmation.  [Edited 2009-03-31 17:31:22]
60 ShyFlyer : Hmmm.....yes. Good luck with that. If I had known this earlier, I could have got your representatives on Santa's new sleigh. He's doing a proving run
61 HT : ROFL ! Why not copying Forrest Gump and run all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast - and then back, after having met the President of the
62 Ptrjong : *ROTFALMAO* OK, now it is funny
63 Supersellertim : This was funny! You almost had me believing until the second post confirmed my doubts.
64 Koryo : I sum this whole mass hysteria as a good joke in bad taste and bad overall timing (No, not the timing of this being released a day before April Fool's
65 Cadet57 : I guess you dont find.....anything funny, huh?
66 Jetmatt777 : My heart skipped a beat with this one....Hehe nice try DM, you had me for a second! [propoganda] Jokes on us if this is for true though, perfect time
67 Koryo : Not an April Fool's joke that I could find funny at this time...
68 CO777ER : You have got to be kidding.
69 Koryo : I am how did you know? April Fool's !!!!!!!! Koryo
70 Cpd : Given all the garbage we put up with in the form of bugs and just the general poor accessibility, poor layout and bad design of the site - this April
71 JetsGo : Koryo + Cpd = LAME
72 JohnKrist : LOL. I can't believe anyone bought this! Sending 25$ to DM as we speak, just in case...
73 Baroque : Old proverb about A fool jokes, if it does not hurt, it is not funny!
74 Soon7x7 : Charge us for the rejects, you'll make more!
75 Koryo : I could argue how every aspect of that proverb is false but I rather not its been a long day...
76 Stil : They lose their own username as well, I can see... Yes, it can be a bad taste joke. I honestly hope so. But I'm sure the overall confidence about the
77 DerekF : It was ridiculous enough to be true given past changes and not funny at all. Jokes have a time and place - this wasn't it - pathetic. The pink hompag
78 JakTrax : Couldn't agree more. Look at the intentions behind an April Fool, and in this case they weren't malicious. We couldn't have the pink front page again
79 Derekf : The point is that many of us thought it was a joke but considering what has gone on in the past, it was daft enough to be true as well. You of course
80 Bjcc : To be a joke, something has to be funny, what a shame, this was so blantantly rubbish, and yet so lacking in humour. Would have been a better idea to
81 CO777ER : Mods gave it away from the get go. Nice try, but FAIL.
82 Silver1SWA : Well said.
83 JakTrax : I read this post with interest last night but thought it pointless to comment until a general concensus had been formed. Karl
84 JakTrax : Folks, I don't usually go against the flow but I seriously think if you're that wound up by this stunt then A.net, sadly, is too big a part of your li
85 Chris78cpr : Hit the nail square on the head there. Bad taste, poor timing and very unprofessional.
86 Derekf : So you weren't sure either.
87 Damien846 : Well said Karl, Gents just remember what day it is!
88 Aussie18 : Wow,nice to see so many overeact to a obvious April fools joke...
89 Post contains images Cpd : Hardly - I'm complaining about bad site design. It's stuff that has never been fixed properly, like the drop down menu disappearing when selecting su
90 DerekF : You are clearly smarter than most on here (or have the benefit of reading nearly 90 posts on the matter). It was not obvious to many that it was joke
91 Silver1SWA : I just get the feeling this site has become the laughing stock of the aviation photography ring and it's shenanigans like this that have turned this p
92 Midcon385 : I'm not a photog but really this isn't all that funny... Tim
93 Cpd : It is a laughing stock. Just show the site to anyone in user-experience or design/developer circles - it's embarrassing. And then they ask why is it
94 Viv : This is a very good idea, that should be supported by all right-minded photographers (RMPs). All RMPs who support the idea will be paid by Anet at the
95 Stil : The thing is this so called April Fool's day seems to be a Saxon tradition many of us (me included) didn't know about. What about the non-saxon users
96 Michlis : Very nicely said.
97 Cpd : That I would approve of.
98 Damien846 : This is no joke
99 Silver1SWA :
100 Jorge1812 : So we almost have confirmation that this one is a joke but I think it's also some kind of survey to find out what would be if.... georg
101 INNflight : I agree. The saddest part is that this site has a FULL-TIME working staff in SoCal, and yet it's still full of bugs. When did Johan sell it? Some two
102 Neophyte : If this is a joke, it´s realy dull. If this is NOT a joke, then I will leave a.net immediately Cheers Timo
103 DonkMcGonk : Couldn't agree more. IMHO They are making a mistake by(if) doing this. They will lose so many great enthusiasts (including myself, but i'm not great.
104 Moderators : Some people still believe that this message was genuine. It seems that the majority of people found it funny and the ones that did not, in the main, w
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