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2 Months In The Upload Que!  
User currently offlineWork4bmi From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Posted (13 years 1 month 5 days 12 hours ago) and read 4000 times:

Impressive huh, I have had several photos in the upload que for 2 months now. If your a screener, and reading this - help me out.

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User currently offlineTsentsan From Singapore, joined Jan 2002, 2017 posts, RR: 15
Reply 1, posted (13 years 1 month 5 days 11 hours ago) and read 3895 times:

Which queue r they in?

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User currently offlineBrianhames From United States of America, joined Feb 2000, 796 posts, RR: 2
Reply 2, posted (13 years 1 month 5 days 10 hours ago) and read 3872 times:

I there there is a Super Secret Classified Express Upload Queue that I don't know about, I've had a photo waiting to be screened for a couple weeks now, while at the same time I see photos being uploaded that were taken only two days ago? Oh well.  Nuts


User currently offlinePaulinbna From United States of America, joined Feb 2003, 1114 posts, RR: 5
Reply 3, posted (13 years 1 month 5 days 3 hours ago) and read 3706 times:
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This is what I think is happening say you have those pictures in the que for 2 weeks then you upload some today. Since you do not loose your place in the que. Then I assume you might be able to have ones that were taken two days ago screened if the two week old ones are still in the que. I hope that I have made my self clear.

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User currently offline707cmf From France, joined Mar 2002, 4885 posts, RR: 27
Reply 4, posted (13 years 1 month 5 days 2 hours ago) and read 3681 times:

He he....

1 week and a half, and counting

User currently offlineKLAX From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 5, posted (13 years 1 month 5 days ago) and read 3633 times:

Most of the time when my photos get through fast, it's because they were rejected  Nuts

I have some nice ones going up though...so...  Big thumbs up


User currently offlineWork4bmi From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 6, posted (13 years 1 month 4 days 22 hours ago) and read 3601 times:

Am not uploading anymore until these ones are screened. I appreciate it takes time for photos to be screened/uploaded etc... but 2 months, dont think so?

The below shows the current status of the photos in question, hope it helps?

1 is deemed a border-case and has been brought to the attention of other screeners for their views.

1 are deemed difficult boder-cases and have been left to Johan for final decision.

User currently offlineDanny From Poland, joined Apr 2002, 3535 posts, RR: 3
Reply 7, posted (13 years 1 month 4 days 21 hours ago) and read 3595 times:

My shots are only over a week in HQ but what scares me is that there is almost no movement - one day number of shots before me decreases, next day increases again, so all the time over 3000 shots before me.

Looking at almost 5000 photos in the que I wonder if Johann should make another "recrutation" for more screeners. Otherwise soon we'll hit 10000 in quuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeee.  Wow!

Or to make rules simple and fair - maybe there should be a que of photos rather that photographers so each uploaded photo would go at the end of the que. Otherwise if the number of upload will remain to icrease some shots will never be screened as guys at the beginning of the que keep up to upload more and more shots.

Daniel  Smile

User currently offlineCkw From UK - England, joined Aug 2010, 813 posts, RR: 12
Reply 8, posted (13 years 1 month 4 days 21 hours ago) and read 3563 times:

We go through this every so often - the queue grows, everyone panics, then it is brought under control again.

Do any of you guys even think for a moment that screeners might have a life outside A.net - we've just gone through Easter - many are on holiday, or heaven forbid, spending a little time with their families ( or in one unfortunate case, too ill to screen - no, not from SARS).

All pics will be attended to in due course. If you want instant gratification, go elsewhere.

I agree that 2 months is exceptional, however, these are borderline pics, so will take longer. Of course we could always speed things up by rejecting them outright  Smile



Colin K. Work, Pixstel
User currently offlineJwenting From Netherlands, joined Apr 2001, 10213 posts, RR: 17
Reply 9, posted (13 years 1 month 4 days 21 hours ago) and read 3580 times:

Colin, many people will think "hmm, it's easter vacation so the screeners have more time now" and not "maybe the screeners are on vacation too while I'm sitting in the sun here" Big grin

I wish I were flying
User currently offlineSkymonster From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 10, posted (13 years 1 month 4 days 20 hours ago) and read 3548 times:

We do have the option to immediate add pictures from the queue, if we feel their quality merits such actions. Everything else has to go through the normal mechanisms, which as has been pointed out is taking some time at the moment. One way of giving yourselves the best chance of getting your photos processed expeditiously is to upload pictures of such exceptional quality that we feel justified in immediate adding your pictures.


User currently offlineWork4bmi From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 11, posted (13 years 1 month 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 3490 times:

CKW - Dont get me wrong, photos need to be screened & screeners need to live a life too, but 2 months in a que? Hmm, dont think so? Im not complaining, just more stunned its taken 2 months.

User currently offlineQantas744 From United Kingdom, joined May 2004, 246 posts, RR: 3
Reply 12, posted (13 years 1 month 3 days 1 hour ago) and read 3352 times:

It is frustrating to find that there are more pictures ahead of me now than there were 10 days ago-and regardless of how many photographers are responsible for those 3000 images it is going to take a long time to screen them. Perhaps the problem here is that many of the contributors ahead of me in the queue are continuing to add to the 3000 already in front of me and maybe that needs to be looked at, I don't blame people for uploading more pictures in order not to loose their place, but it's hardly fair on those of us who are towards the back at the moment-it makes a mockery of the term 'queue' if pictures are forever being added to the queue ahead of you.


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User currently offlineSkymonster From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 13, posted (13 years 1 month 3 days 1 hour ago) and read 3339 times:

Perhaps the problem here is that many of the contributors ahead of me in the queue are continuing to add to the 3000 already in front of me

Indeed, a very lilely scenario, as that is the way the queue is organisted.

There are currently two ways of getting rapid processing:

1. Submit such good photos that we feel justified in priority adding them - the standard queue is quite short and first screening is quite rapid - if your work is that good, we have the option of direct adding and the pictures won't have to wait whilst the pictures go through second and third screening

2. Submit a picture of a newsworthy item which again if we feel it justifies quick processing we can direct add. Please note however that "newsworthy" is usually confined to first pictures of a new type or new livery, and does NOT encompass "this is the first time this airplane has visited this airport" type of events. We will also not always expedite pictures of newsworthy subjects where we already have one picture on the database, unless the newer uploads are significantly better

Other than that, unfortunately there are only two other options:

1. Wait in line
2. Bribe a screener, who if he finds the bribe suitable may then expedite your pictures

To portray the opposite side of the coin, it can be quite disheartening sometimes to sit in front of the computer for an hour or more, screening, and then at the end of it all see that the queue is longer than it was when you started. It is the northern hemisphere's spring now and summer is coming, so inevitably there are more people out there taking photographs, which in turn means the volume of submissions is up and the queue is longer. It also means that the screeners are sometimes out there, taking their own pictures.

Just be patient people - there's nothing you can do about it, and we're giving about as much time as we can to screening. Your pictures will pop out the other end of the process, in the end.


User currently offlineQantas744 From United Kingdom, joined May 2004, 246 posts, RR: 3
Reply 14, posted (13 years 1 month 3 days ago) and read 3325 times:

So that picture of EC-ILQ's first visit to LHR was a wasted upload then Smile/happy/getting dizzy


you can't buy time but you can sell your soul and the closest thing to heaven is to rock'n'roll
User currently offlineBoieng747-400 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 15, posted (13 years 1 month 3 days ago) and read 3329 times:

Andy there is another way and I believe it is the one that is making everyone behind wait: You have one or several pictures in the Johan/Borderline case queue, which means that you don't loose your place at the top until Johan looks at the picture. I personally have one picture in it (which truly deserves to be in it) and whenever I upload I get screener almost instantly. I'm sorry if im making those behind be slowed down. But, whether or not I would be in it or not I would still have the picture somewhere on the queue.

Funny Andy that you suggest bribery, I thought the screeners were honest here.


User currently offlineCosmicwind From United Kingdom, joined Mar 2002, 42 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (13 years 4 weeks 1 day 22 hours ago) and read 3248 times:

Yes Tim I'm sure thats right, I've got a couple of difficult borderlines which have been waiting for Johan for 2 months (actually I've forgotten what one of them is) but at least have the consolation of getting my stuff reviewed vitually in real time!

In practical terms Johan has over 500 pics to check personally, so he's looking into a black hole with more arriving than he is able to clear. I wonder if he might consider farming them out to his longest-serving screeners to at least clear the backlog.

Al the best, Alan

User currently offlinePhotopilot From Canada, joined Jul 2002, 3163 posts, RR: 15
Reply 17, posted (13 years 4 weeks 1 day 21 hours ago) and read 3240 times:

Here is one thought that I am sure will bring some howls of protest, but perhaps it might be a solution to the screening process.

As it now stands, a photographer can in essence "hold" his place in the screening que by continually uploading images faster that all his photos can be screened. Even if a photographer were to upload crap images that had no hope of acceptance to the db they would hold his place in line, not withstanding wasting the screeners time.

One solution would be to place a screeners limit on each photographer. Say 30 screenings per month. When any photographer has had a total of 30 screenings per month his priority number would expire and he would go back to the end of the que to start up the list again. Note that this DOES NOT affect the number of submissions that a photographer can make, but rather it would take away the holding of a priority screening place. It also DOES NOT mean that a photographer could only have 30 images accepted on any given month. If a photographer cycled through the que two or three times per month, then no problem at all. But it also means that every submitting photographer would also have cycled through the que. Nobody would be held up by que holders.

An additional benefit to this would be that a photographer might think more carefully about his/her submissions if they knew that after 30 they head back down the que again.

So to sum up, this does not reduce submission limits but merely makes the que system cycle faster.

muy dos centavos

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