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Topic: TUS: Crashed AWA 73S
Username: CMB320
Posted 2001-04-20 17:31:34 and read 321 times.

Does anybody have pictures of the America West 737-200 that crashed in Tucson in the '80s? I've looked all over the internet and haven't been able to find any pictures of this aircraft. I believe it ran off the runway and crashed into some concrete barriers and then the landing gear collapsed or something...

Anyone have any pics or more info?

Topic: RE: TUS: Crashed AWA 73S
Username: Matt D
Posted 2001-04-22 01:31:02 and read 251 times.

I don't believe that AWA even had a crash.

That could very well be the reason you can't find pictures of that crash: they don't exist.

Topic: RE: TUS: Crashed AWA 73S
Username: America West
Posted 2001-04-23 22:38:53 and read 245 times.

They had a crash  Confused

Topic: RE: TUS: Crashed AWA 73S
Username: AWA320
Posted 2001-04-24 05:36:50 and read 231 times.

Yes. And I believe the aircraft was scrapped.

Topic: RE: TUS: Crashed AWA 73S
Username: America West
Posted 2001-04-25 02:36:29 and read 232 times.

I never knew that  Wow!

Topic: RE: TUS: Crashed AWA 73S
Username: America West
Posted 2001-04-25 03:37:01 and read 233 times.

Here is the information that you are looking for.

Accident description

Date: 03.12.1989

Time: 19.10

Type: Boeing 737-204

Operator: America West

Registration: N198AW

C/n: 19710/54

Year built: 1968

Crew: 0 fatalities / 5 on board

Passengers: 0 fatalities / 125 on board

Total: 0 fatalities / 130 on board

Location: Tucson IAP, AZ (USA)

Phase: Landing

Nature: Scheduled Passenger

Flight: Phoenix-Sky Harbor IAP, AZ - Tucson IAP, AZ (Flightnumber )

While descending to Tucson, a 115Volt AC wire of the No.2 'B' hydraulic pump shorted and punctured a hydraulic system 'A' line. As the aircraft was approaching the airport a fire erupted and burned through to the electrical power wires to the standby hydraulic pump. After landing at Tucson, the aircraft overran the runway, collided with an abandoned concrete arresting gear structure, shearing off the nosegear and continued to slide for 3803ft. The aircraft had flown 62466hrs and 38827 flights. PROBABLE CAUSE: Mechanically worn thrust reverse accumulator check valve and inboard brake isolation check valve.

Have a nice day!  Smile

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