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Topic: Travel Pictures!
Username: Boeingholiday
Posted 2003-08-12 22:07:10 and read 560 times.

Hello everybody!

We're looking for Travel Pictures which show for instance business-lounges, airports (either inside or outside), cabin-crews, cabinpics and hotel pics to upload them on our very well respected and frequently visited homepage.

Many of us do trips to different airports in order to make photos for Outside, they also shot the hotels they're staying in ect. If so, to become an Auditor of the Travel Panel would be very interesting for you!

Anyway, if you've these pics or questions drop me a line - .

Happy Landings! Big grin

Topic: RE: Travel Pictures!
Username: Boeingholiday
Posted 2003-08-16 18:05:35 and read 597 times.

As I got some feedback: An Auditor works for us, does research-flights and test-stays at hotels for free in the return of an article and pictures

 Wink/being sarcastic so that question is answered
cheers markus

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