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Most Disgusting Plane You've Ever Been On?  
User currently offlineMartinairYYZ From Canada, joined Nov 2003, 1209 posts, RR: 6
Posted (11 years 5 hours ago) and read 8182 times:

I'd like to hear your stories about the most disgusting plane you've ever flown on. This is not a service complaint thread, but a disgustingness complain thread.

Mine has to be a Canjet 737-200. The plane itself was in orderly fashion, very clean, but this ex-US Airways looks like the seat cloths have not been changed since the start.. blackening headests, especially near the back... just looking at the photo makes my stare.

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Photo © Martin Toumbev


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User currently offlineKL911 From Netherlands, joined Jul 2003, 5479 posts, RR: 16
Reply 1, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 8142 times:

Prepare to see a lot of AF answers...............  Laugh out loud

User currently offlineFoxBravo From United States of America, joined Nov 2003, 3046 posts, RR: 4
Reply 2, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 8118 times:

Hmm...I've seen some nasty planes over the years, but off the top of my head, one of the worst was a Delta 727 with a very colorful--but atrociously tacky--70s "disco" color scheme on the interior, and particularly creaky floorboards. The lavs were not exactly sparkling, either. This was in 1996, mind you.  Smile

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User currently offlineYhmfan From Canada, joined Feb 2004, 607 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 8110 times:

I once got on KIsh Air flight The equipment was a YAK42 with no paint scheme which, presumably means it was a wet lease.
There was mold (yes the real black stuff!) on the inside of the plane on the lwer parts of the cabin!
believe me, I normally love flying but I could not wait to get off this thing.

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you
User currently offlineLeskova From Germany, joined Oct 2003, 6075 posts, RR: 69
Reply 4, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 8060 times:

Well, the only time on board a plane that my stomach was really getting ready to... well... rid itself of it's contents was on a United A320 from Denver to Seattle on 7 June 2000: the kid that had occupied one of the middle on the flight before had thrown up quite extensively, the three seats in that row were "covered"...

... which was bad enough as it is, because they hadn't had a chance to have the seat covers changed before they started the boarding process.

But the really sickening part was that I had the window seat in precisely that row!

So I stood in the aisle, waiting for something to happen... at some point a flight attendant came by and asked me if I needed help finding my seat - I told her that I didn't need help with that, but I'd appreciate it if someone came and actually cleaned it before I sat down... at that moment she responded with "let me guess, you're in row x" (don't know which one it was) - no surprise, she guessed correctly.

About 5-10 minutes later a guy carrying several seat covers and lots of cleaning utensils came in, took off the seat covers, cleaned the actual seats, wiped off all other exposed surfaces, sprayed on something that seemed like "airplane deodorant", put on new covers and left...

I was then asked to take my seat...

That was a one of the very, very few flights that I've experienced where I was really glad when we had arrived, and I was able to get out of that seat.


P.S.: Yes, the two other seats in "my" row were the only free seats in the whole plane, so there was no possibility for me to relocate to another seat.

Smile - it confuses people!
User currently offlineDIJKKIJK From France, joined Jul 2003, 1882 posts, RR: 4
Reply 5, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 8049 times:

Almost all of the NW flights I have been on have been disgusting.

Never argue with idiots. They will bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience.
User currently offlineUK_Dispatcher From United Arab Emirates, joined Dec 2001, 2599 posts, RR: 28
Reply 6, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 8046 times:

I wish you would elaborate, DIJKKIJK !

Tell us about it, hey!

User currently offlinePanAm330 From United States of America, joined Mar 2004, 2714 posts, RR: 8
Reply 7, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 8022 times:

First off, this thread belongs in Polls & Preferences.

Now, back on topic. CO is known for very clean and orderly aircraft. One, however, is absolutely the pits. I flew on them from CLE to MIA back in December, on one of their 737-300s. It had the "new" seat covers, but it was without a doubt the dirtiest airplane I've ever been in- discolored seat covers, broken tray tables, holes in the ones that weren't broken, crayon (!) on the walls, and disgustingly dirty lavatories. I hope to never see an aircraft in such condition in their fleet again. That's why I try to schedule myself on the 737NGs, but it doesn't always work out that way.

User currently offlineTolosy From Luxembourg, joined Oct 2003, 358 posts, RR: 0
Reply 8, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 8010 times:


Sorry, but so far not a single complaint about AF.

If you want to see one, you better write it...

User currently offlineSleak76 From Kuwait, joined Nov 2000, 345 posts, RR: 2
Reply 9, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 7995 times:

I could be bashed for this but:

European (majors) carriers' interior are much cleaner than the US ones.

And yes I know lots of you can think of reasons to justify it with the likes of 'how many planes does the US have vs European majors' and 'how do you expect the US to clean 2000+ seats and keep them immaculate whereas the European Majors barely reach 1000' and the oh-so-famous 'You blind?! You probably haven't seen AF's!'. So to keep it simple, let me state that i'm comparing domestic US flights (esp AA, UA, USAirways, DL, TW) vs European Euro-services (LH, KL, BA, SK) where the European majors are very much well mantained and more modern to look at and sit in.

(Note: IMO, the US long-haul fleet are well-maintained (cabin and seats) and pleasing to the eye and on-par with their European counterparts. It's the domestic that I'm refering to as below Euro-standard).

Cheers all  Big thumbs up

[Edited 2004-08-01 18:28:04]

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User currently offlineDebonair From Germany, joined Jan 2004, 2603 posts, RR: 5
Reply 10, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 7960 times:

There can be ONLY one...

I was flying back in 1999 from Sofia to Berlin on Balkan Bulgarian- this was a scary flight for everyone, but I loved it...

First, you noticed this incredible smell of soviet aircrafts, next thing was the missing overhead compartments. Also very nice was lightning system, comprimising of a neon lamp screwd to the ceiling...

My seat at the emergency exit was rusted, the carpet was not attached to the floor (a flying carpet  Smile/happy/getting dizzy). Best part was the TV (not working)- they cut a hole in the cabin wall for the "picture tube"(?)- model early '80! the tray table had to be manually attached to the seat...

Next thing I noticed, were flyers of AIR COMMERCE of Bosnia-Herzigovina in the seat pockets... a very strange flying experience...

One comment to the BALKAN service, we were given a free meal at the airport! We had to line up for a service desk. This service desk was secured by toughened glass (like a bank), then you have to gave your ticket through a small slit (where it was stamped) and in return they gave us a meal... But much worst was the BALKAN deluxe Hotel in Sofia, where the drunken waiter passed you the finish meal from the neighbor table- so by the way...  Big grin

a very strange flying experience...

User currently offlineCarfield From United States of America, joined Dec 2003, 2027 posts, RR: 8
Reply 11, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 7950 times:

Southwest tops my list... especially with the old cloth seats, the dirt and peanut crumbs are easier to spot. Also due to short turnaround time...

AA and United have been pretty bad with cleaning their interiors lately. I suspect that they cut back on cleaners or the frequencies of having their planes cleaned...

On the other hand, JAL and ANA have the cleanliest cabin of all airlines.


User currently offlineShinton From United States of America, joined Nov 1999, 61 posts, RR: 0
Reply 12, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 7951 times:

ASA and Continetal Express EMB-120s. I am sure the plane was quite airworthy, but the interior of these planes looked bad.

P.S. I liked the Disco Delta 727-200s.

User currently offlineMartinairYYZ From Canada, joined Nov 2003, 1209 posts, RR: 6
Reply 13, posted (11 years 4 hours ago) and read 7912 times:

European (majors) carriers' interior are much cleaner than the US ones.

I Agree!!!!  Big thumbs up  Big thumbs up  Big thumbs up

Debonair: I agree that Balkan was abit dodgy but It is, as you mentioned, fun for the flying enthusiast. I hardly remember, I was 1, in 1990, but flying on an old Balkan Antonov (w/propellors) SOF-LHR my parents siad it was extremely bumpy, the PA didn;t work, and the seats were extremely uncomforable.

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User currently offlineBritair From United Kingdom, joined Aug 1999, 933 posts, RR: 15
Reply 14, posted (11 years 3 hours ago) and read 7833 times:

My vote would have to go to Ryanair. Flew a 732 with peeling seat covers etc etc. I think any airline that aspires to 25 minute turn arounds is going to be messy inside... not much time to deplane, clean and reboard!

User currently offlineSafetyDude From United States of America, joined Sep 2001, 3795 posts, RR: 14
Reply 15, posted (11 years 3 hours ago) and read 7771 times:

Spirit Airlines.

There were quite a few broken seats, and the seats that were not broken were very uncomfortable.


"She Flew For What We Stand For"
User currently offlineQIguy24 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 16, posted (11 years 3 hours ago) and read 7761 times:

I'm sorry that I have to disapoint you MartinairYYZ.

But mine was actually on a Martinair flight from AMS to MCO. We were 4 friends traveling together and 2 of my friends seats were spotty and sticky from some kind of fluid that didnt smell very good. And in the front seat pocket we found a bunch of paper that had been used for blowing nose in.
And the toilet actually smelled of urin. But I don't know if the smell was there before or after we took off.

User currently offlineLeskova From Germany, joined Oct 2003, 6075 posts, RR: 69
Reply 17, posted (11 years 2 hours ago) and read 7686 times:

Actually, I just remembered another incident that was not all that pleasant - a Lufthansa B747-400 between Frankfurt and Johannesburg: while the seats and cabin were fine (I'll leave out my usual complaints about not having enough room for my legs), I - unfortunately - had to use the toilet during the night...

There were one or two sports teams on board and I assume they'd had too much to drink, and some must have used the toilet not just standing up, but - being drunk - not being able to "aim" correctly and thus missing the target, aka toilet, by a wide margin.

Is it really too much to ask that people, err... the male half of the population that is... sit down when they use an airplane toilet? I've tried it - and, believe me, it works...  Big grin

Aiming and missing the toilet might be excusable when you clean up yourself (i.e. at home), but in a plane? Yuck!!!

Smile - it confuses people!
User currently offlineDIJKKIJK From France, joined Jul 2003, 1882 posts, RR: 4
Reply 18, posted (11 years 2 hours ago) and read 7626 times:

I'm not a fan of Northwest Airlines, almost all their flights I've travelled on have been late, with bad service, grumpy FA's, misplaced baggage.........

will never travel with them again.

Never argue with idiots. They will bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience.
User currently offlineAms From United States of America, joined Aug 2003, 1692 posts, RR: 11
Reply 19, posted (11 years 1 hour ago) and read 7566 times:

Defenetly Northwest Airlines and also i experienced quite dirty cabins of a TWA 727 some years ago.


User currently offlineRyanair737 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 20, posted (11 years ago) and read 7567 times:

I have been quite lucky, I have never been on a truly "Disgusting" aircraft.  Big grin

Last year I flew on two Islandsflug 734s (both operating for Ryanair), both were pretty dirty on the inside!  Laugh out loud


User currently offlineCXA330300 From South Africa, joined May 2004, 1588 posts, RR: 2
Reply 21, posted (10 years 12 months 4 days 22 hours ago) and read 7551 times:

None in recent memory, although I have had particularly bad experiences with airplane bathrooms.

The sky is the limit as long as you can stay there
User currently offlineTubbyboeing From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 22, posted (10 years 12 months 4 days 20 hours ago) and read 7551 times:

My only worst experience was flying in a Kenya Airways B707 Nairobi-Bombay, way back in 1988 (I think I was 7 or something, can't remember).

I was flying alone as an unaccompanied minor, and man, that was scary. I clearly remember the aircraft being dirty and it had torn seats!! Yeah, torn seats!! I don't remember the bathrooms, but I am sure they were disgusting also. What made this flight worse was that I had just transferred from a lovely Swissair flight JNB-Nairobi !

That was the first and last time I flew Kenya Airways. Never again!

User currently offlineWhitehatter From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 23, posted (10 years 12 months 4 days 19 hours ago) and read 7534 times:

I don't think I could have ever managed this for nine hours and stayed sane

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Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Doug Bull

That is one scary interior

User currently offlineWidgetBoi From United States of America, joined Mar 2004, 1432 posts, RR: 18
Reply 24, posted (10 years 12 months 4 days 18 hours ago) and read 7526 times:

The worst interior that I can remember was aboard a TWA 727-231 with taped passenger service units and tray tables, torn seats, broken seat backs, an in-op lav and a "used" vomit bag.


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