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Preferred Aircraft Across The Atlantic  
User currently offlinemaddog888 From United Kingdom, joined Apr 2007, 163 posts, RR: 0
Posted (5 years 7 months 1 day ago) and read 5757 times:

There are so many different types of aircraft crossing the pond now from A318 to A380 via 757,767,777 etc. I have to wonder do we have now the most number of different types of aircraft on these routes? Limiting it to commercial aircraft, what is your preferred metal traveling across the Atlantic and why? I know that this can be skewed by airline affiliation but please try to keep it as free from this as possible.

Mine would have to be an aircraft no longer seen on these routes - the A300. It was my first experience with twins across a large body of water and it just seemed so smooth and quiet and big (even though I had flown early 747s across the ocean).


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User currently offlineMH017 From Netherlands, joined Apr 2005, 1709 posts, RR: 29
Reply 1, posted (5 years 7 months 23 hours ago) and read 5726 times:

Recently flew on KLM's MD-11 to/from SFO, and I loved it: definitely my favorite !!!

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User currently offlineHOOB747 From United States of America, joined Nov 2006, 483 posts, RR: 0
Reply 2, posted (5 years 7 months 18 hours ago) and read 5672 times:

I've flown 757's and 777 from the east coast to LHR, and obviously prefer the triple 7, because of the twin aisle (relative) comfort. But with good trade winds, you can make it to Western Europe in 5-6 hours, that means the narrow 757 isn't too painful. But I always try and book a flight on a 767 or 777, if I am flexible with my travels. There is something special about flying on the heavies.

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User currently offlinedanfearn77 From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2008, 1835 posts, RR: 8
Reply 3, posted (5 years 7 months 16 hours ago) and read 5654 times:

Quoting HOOB747 (Reply 2):
But I always try and book a flight on a 767 or 777, if I am flexible with my travels. There is something special about flying on the heavies.

Same here. If my travel is flexible i go for 340's/777's or A380's. In October i took my first A346 flight with VS to JFK and i loved it. For me it beat the MAN-MCO 747 a few years earlier, not sure why but it just did.

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User currently offlineRAFVC10 From Spain, joined Sep 2005, 1980 posts, RR: 6
Reply 4, posted (5 years 7 months 15 hours ago) and read 5641 times:
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I prefer any twin aisle aircraft (with preferences on the Airbus A330-300) but comes to my mind the great aircraft that was the Boeing 757-200 and where I made my first "cross the Atlantic" when I was 11.



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User currently offlineHT From Germany, joined May 2005, 6526 posts, RR: 22
Reply 5, posted (5 years 7 months 14 hours ago) and read 5623 times:

While in general I prefer the heavies, too, the additional time for ground handling is putting me off; this is especially true, when I am flying in Business Class and there is just a general crowd hanging around in front of the departure gate (but mainly the airport and the airline are to be blamed for this, IMO).

Best positive example I had was a flight in a PrivatAir's BBJ flying for KL AMS to IAH with 20 pax only: Ne need to remove bag with (allowed) liquids from carry-on for screening at the gate. And: While I was paying a short visit to the toilet in the gate area, boarding was announced - when I returned, the gate area was already deserted.
Negative aspects of the BBJ I had, was lacking IFE (not of concern to me) and fairly small lavatories (surely smaller than on the Airbii).
I was worried a bit about flying that long in such a small (=narrow) cabin, but it was no problem.

When using the heavies, I prefer the Airbii (330/340) with their 6-abreast seating in C.

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User currently offlineCoachClass From United States of America, joined Jan 2010, 463 posts, RR: 0
Reply 6, posted (5 years 7 months 10 hours ago) and read 5578 times:

I think you need to evaluate the airline seating arrangement and service on board. I thnk the A340-600 is incredibly beautiful inside and out; however, I had one of the worst flights ever with Lufthansa sitting on the inside of the four seat section with--allegedly--31" pitch. It's difficult to get in or out and absolutely a nightmare when the people in front of you recline their seats.

User currently offlinedanfearn77 From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2008, 1835 posts, RR: 8
Reply 7, posted (5 years 7 months 10 hours ago) and read 5576 times:

Quoting CoachClass (Reply 6):
and absolutely a nightmare when the people in front of you recline their seats.

I found that the same with the VS 346 too.

Quoting CoachClass (Reply 6):
I think the A340-600 is incredibly beautiful inside and out;

Inside is a very nice place to be indeed. Aside the LHR-JFK flight i have already mentioned i had the pleasure of doing LHR-HKG-SYD in a A346 in December. The only aircraft to eclipse it would be the SQ A380 for inside 'aesthetic' comfort.

Eagles may soar high, but weasels dont get sucked into jet engines!
User currently offlineACDC8 From Canada, joined Mar 2005, 7776 posts, RR: 33
Reply 8, posted (5 years 7 months 9 hours ago) and read 5542 times:

A340 and A330 simply because they are by far the quietest. Flying close to 10 hours from YVR to points in Europe one can appreciate the extra comfort.

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User currently offlinebrons2 From United States of America, joined Sep 2001, 3035 posts, RR: 4
Reply 9, posted (5 years 7 months 6 hours ago) and read 5519 times:

777. I like the cavernous feel of the cabin.

2nd favorite: A330. It's quieter but not quite as spacious.

Least favorite: 767.

I have not had the misfortune of flying a NB TATL.

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User currently offlineaerdingus From Ireland, joined Dec 2006, 3118 posts, RR: 15
Reply 10, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 1 day 19 hours ago) and read 5437 times:

I've travelled on B777, A310 & A330-300 TATL.

My favourite was the A330. Skyservice, 2-4-2, still spacious feeling.

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User currently offlineAirbusA6 From United Kingdom, joined Apr 2005, 2104 posts, RR: 0
Reply 11, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 1 day 18 hours ago) and read 5431 times:

My favourite seat would be the aisle seat of the '2s' on 767s and A330/40s, as you have the aisle and are near the window too!
The A340 gains through quietness, this is more of a benefit on the longer flights.

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User currently offlineFlyingColours From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2003, 2319 posts, RR: 10
Reply 12, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 1 day 18 hours ago) and read 5427 times:


My first aircraft was an A300, incidentally across the Atlantic so I guess I'd say that, though I don't really have a preference. I've done the 763 as a passenger too and it wasn't too bad.

I've unfortunately done the 757-200 as well, it was bad enough for us crew so I don't want to even think what it was like for the folks who paid for the experience.

Would love to try the 747 and A380 too  


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User currently offlineexFATboy From United States of America, joined Jul 2003, 2974 posts, RR: 9
Reply 13, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 1 day 15 hours ago) and read 5393 times:

In a perfect world I'd rather fly 747s trans-Atlantic, but since most of my trips are to visit friends in Devon, I'm willing to trade a little comfort for a 757-200 flying directly to BRS.

User currently offlineUltimateDelta From United States of America, joined Sep 2007, 2256 posts, RR: 6
Reply 14, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 1 day 8 hours ago) and read 5347 times:

I've flown the 767 and A330 (and apparently the 747, but I was less than a year old) TATL. I like the 767 because it's sort of the original trans-Atlantic airplane, but I also like the A330 for its insane (sometimes excessive) spaciousness.

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User currently offlineKU747 From Kuwait, joined Mar 2008, 379 posts, RR: 0
Reply 15, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 1 day 8 hours ago) and read 5345 times:

The queen of the skies 747 all the way, BA and LH, to me the queen is the most comfortable aircraft.

Simply the best!

707,727,73all,741,742,743,744,752,753,762,763,77all,300,310,319,320,321,332,333,343,346, L10,L15,DC10,MD11,SSC,VC10
User currently offlinesuperman24 From Canada, joined Oct 2009, 42 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 1 day 8 hours ago) and read 5344 times:

Flew with LH 4 years ago JFK to FRA on a B747 and I told myself I would never fly an outdated 747, and especially LH again in my life.

Low and behold, the following year I flew LH on a 343 in First class from YUL to MUC and I told myself I would never fly anything other then LH and I would never fly anything other then First class again.

Thank you LH!!!

Therefore my choice of preference is def. the 343, 333. I also flew KLM from JFK in a 777 and I thought it was amazing!!!!!

User currently offlineMortyman From Norway, joined Aug 2006, 4518 posts, RR: 1
Reply 17, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 1 day 7 hours ago) and read 5334 times:

I have flown the 777, the 747, the A 330 and the MD 11.I have to say I prefer the A330

User currently offlineCitationJet From United States of America, joined Mar 2003, 2589 posts, RR: 3
Reply 18, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 1 day 5 hours ago) and read 5312 times:

I have flown the VC-10, 707-320, 741, 742, 743, 744, 747SP, 767-200, 767-300, 777-200, DC-8, DC-10, A343, and A346 across the pond, The 747s and 777 were always memorable. The A346 is a beautiful aircraft.

Boeing Flown: 701,702,703;717;720;721,722;731,732,733,734,735,737,738,739;741,742,743,744,747SP;752,753;762,763;772,773.
User currently offlineajd1992 From , joined Dec 1969, posts, RR:
Reply 19, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 20 hours ago) and read 5244 times:

If it isn't going down in flames with a wing missing, I'm happy to fly on it.  

I'd fly a single engine cessna on a delivery flight via Nuuk, Reykjavik, Vagar and down to the UK if it got me there. Might even be a lot of fun too  

User currently offlineSuperfly From Thailand, joined May 2000, 40298 posts, RR: 74
Reply 20, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5228 times:

Give me 3 or 4 engines and I am happy.


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User currently offlinerobffm2 From Germany, joined Dec 2006, 1132 posts, RR: 0
Reply 21, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago) and read 5227 times:

My prefered plane across the Atlantic is the one taking me to Brazil.

User currently offlineB747forever From Sweden, joined May 2007, 17451 posts, RR: 10
Reply 22, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 17 hours ago) and read 5212 times:

I have only flown on the 744 across the pond, so cannot give you a valid answer.

This summer I will be flying for the first time on the 777 and 757 across the Atlantic, so will be interesting to see how these aircraft compare to the 747.

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User currently offlineOlympicATH From United Kingdom, joined Jul 2001, 329 posts, RR: 0
Reply 23, posted (5 years 6 months 4 weeks 15 hours ago) and read 5202 times:

Long-haul, I have flown: A330, A340, 747, 767, 777

I would choose the A330 or A340 anytime. They are spacious, super quiet and the 8-abreast seating is very comfortable. (YUL-CDG on a 9-abreast Air Transat A330 with no PTVs was one of my worst flights ever.)
My experience on the 767 (AC CDG-YYZ) was not the best. I found the plane to be too small for such a long flight (no, I haven't flown the 757 long-haul).
The 777 is a great big plane but it's rather loud and the layout feels less spacious, especially if you have a window seat.

User currently offlineCO787EWR From United States of America, joined Jul 2007, 222 posts, RR: 0
Reply 24, posted (5 years 6 months 3 weeks 4 hours ago) and read 4876 times:

I've never flown a widebody across the pond... so the 757 wins for me!

25 kl911 : The smaller the better, it gives you more the feeling you are flying, so I would go for the A318 and 757. And seats are the same anyway.
26 Post contains images KimberlyRJ : For me: Working it will have to be the good old Boeing 747-400 – love her and while she will ALWAYS have a spot close to my heart I can’t wait to
27 TurkishWings : Same here... Such a beautiful aircraft... So far, I crossed the Atlantic on: LH: 343,346,742 and 744 AF: 332,744 CO: 772 KL: MD-11, 744, 772 NW: 333
28 oa260 : Ive flown : MD11 B747-200/B747-400 A330 B777 L10-11 B767 My favourite has to be the MD11 and L10-11 When I get to try the A380 across the pond then it
29 hoons90 : Flown on: 747-200 (KL), 747-400 (KL), 767-300ER (AC, CP), 767-400ER (DL) I certainly loved DL's 764, since it had comfortable leather seats and a dece
30 UAL747 : I've flown the: A346 772 744 A330 DC-10-40 Across the Atlantic in First, Business, and Economy The: 772 In business and economy to South America The:
31 starac17 : Was it XM'ed? At least on TS is was an A330 and not an A310, although they don't have PTV's I'm surprised that they didn't give out portable entertai
32 dc9northwest : I'll go ahead and say the A330, because the A340 scares me on take-off (you know, there's usually barely any runway left) and I had a bad CDG-ATL flig
33 YVRLTN : A TS A310 YYZ - EDI was the worst ride of my life! I think I prefer the A330 in Y, though 1A on an AA 77E was probably my nicest flight across the po
34 slinky09 : Because it was the first time, I'd have to go for a 707. More recently I've travelled on 742, 744, 777, 767, 333, 343 and 346 - not yet the 380 transa
35 Post contains links and images Devilfish : This, of course..... View Large View MediumPhoto © Francois-Xavier Simon .....although I'd settle for this on the eastbound trip..... View Large View
36 goldorak : Definitely the A380. I had the chance to fly it 3 times on the JFK route and it's just great
37 starguy : I have been a passenger on the 747, 330, 343, 346, 767 and 777 across the atlantic. My favorite by far is the Airbus 346, not only because they are th
38 EDICHC : Have flown 742, 767, 744 & 772 favourite was the 744. Would have liked the 772 but for some reason I just don't like a 2-5-2 seating config.
39 EDICHC : Just wondering about the opposite end of this scale. In what era was there the fewest aircraft types operating scheduled pax services across the pond
40 dc9northwest : I believe RO operated a 707 on their JFK route that started in 1974. There's a RO 707 in the database at JFK in 1979. They might have also used their
41 Post contains images sasd209 : CSA's A310 in business class from EWR - PRG. It was a few years ago, but still ranks among my best TATL experiences.
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