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Biman DC-10 Special Flight: Mark Your Calendars  
User currently offlinealoges From Germany, joined Jan 2006, 9428 posts, RR: 39
Posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 5 days ago) and read 22333 times:

Hello everyone,

since the first two threads have been archived:
Chance to fly BG DC-10 on Special flight! (by delta777jet Oct 22 2013 in Aviation Polls)
Fly BG DC-10 On Special Flight! Part 2 *Update* (by delta777jet Nov 28 2013 in Aviation Polls)
I thought it could help to start a new one since apparently, bookings will be possible from this Friday:

Scenic tour Tickets for the last passenger flight will only be sold via our official partner in this endeavor - Ian Allan Travel whose website is at www.ianallantravel.com. This website will be updated in early January 2014 with all the details on the flight times and how to book, etc. In addition, Biman Bangladesh Airlines will be offering scenic flights from Birmingham and will be providing details on how to book directly via our website on January 10th. So do not buy tickets elsewhere, we want these tickets to go to genuine aviation enthusiasts.

I don't remember reading anything on the date, so I apologise in case this is just a repeat of old information. (source)

That's it for the moment, fingers crossed!


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User currently onlinecedarjet From United Kingdom, joined May 1999, 8657 posts, RR: 53
Reply 1, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 22 hours ago) and read 22284 times:

I heard they won't be selling middle seats (at least on the sightseeing flights from BHX), only the pairs on the outside (2-5-2) which means about 130, 140 seats per flight. I heard £200 for a window and £150 for an aisle on the sightseeing flights.

Personally I think they should sell the lot, why not? Monarch are selling all of them on the A300 farewell flight LGW-BHX.

How many of you lunatics are keen on the DAC-DXB-BHX flight? Or just the BHX-BHX?

Oh and as previously suspected, definitely no pax on the flight to Seattle, which will tech stop at JFK.

Finally, the current edition of Aviation News has a three page article on the history of the DC-10 in Biman service, on sale til the end of the week. Cover is the mighty B-52.


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User currently offlinebennett123 From United Kingdom, joined Aug 2004, 9190 posts, RR: 2
Reply 2, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 17 hours ago) and read 22198 times:

So the two options are the Biman site and Ian allan?.

User currently offlineauleyair From Ireland, joined Jan 2010, 115 posts, RR: 0
Reply 3, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 16 hours ago) and read 22191 times:

No Ian Allan will have a list of instruction on how to book it. There must be a reference code or something like that. You book the sightseeing flight on Biman site.

User currently onlineMIAspotter From Spain, joined Nov 2001, 3031 posts, RR: 24
Reply 4, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 4 days 6 hours ago) and read 22114 times:

Quoting aloges (Thread starter):
bookings will be possible from this Friday

Can´t wait!!   

Now I need to find out a cool way to get to BHX from BCN.


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User currently onlineCrimsonNL From Netherlands, joined Dec 2007, 2156 posts, RR: 26
Reply 5, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 3 days 8 hours ago) and read 21959 times:

I'll be up early for work on Friday so I will be hitting the F5-key every 5 minutes all morning until the booking link shows up 

Thanks for the update!


Always comparing your flown types list with mine
User currently offlinealoges From Germany, joined Jan 2006, 9428 posts, RR: 39
Reply 6, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 3 days 2 hours ago) and read 21910 times:

Here's what I was able to find on the Ian Allan website:

Walk together, talk together all ye peoples of the earth. Then, and only then, shall ye have peace.
User currently onlinecedarjet From United Kingdom, joined May 1999, 8657 posts, RR: 53
Reply 7, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 2 days 22 hours ago) and read 21873 times:

Latest info:

Feb 20; all seats will be on sale (Y314); £600 window, £500 the rest

sightseeing flights
Feb 22, 23, 24; only window and outboard aisle seats on sale (approx 120 seats, it's a 2-5-2 config); flights will operate 0900, 1200, 1500. First flight to go on sale will be Feb 24 0900 flight, when it's full the 1200 flight goes on sale, when it's full 1500 flight goes on sale, THEN the day before opens up (Feb 23) 0900, then 1200 et al. £150 window, £100 the rest. Ian Allen will sell seats on "the last flight" but I am curious when that will be, probably the 1500 on Feb 24, for £200 window and £150 the rest. All the other flights and the DAC-KWI-BHX will be sold direct by Biman.


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source: Aviation News http://www.aviation-news.co.uk

fly Saha Air 707s daily from Tehran's downtown Mehrabad to Mashhad, Kish Island and Ahwaz
User currently offlinePlymSpotter From Spain, joined Jun 2004, 12167 posts, RR: 56
Reply 8, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 2 days 19 hours ago) and read 21755 times:

This will be a blast, what a great start to 2014!


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User currently offlineauleyair From Ireland, joined Jan 2010, 115 posts, RR: 0
Reply 9, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 2 days 17 hours ago) and read 21717 times:

Should we have a Airliners.net Meet up on the weekend in BHX, just like all other A-net meet up.



COMFIRMED FOR DC10 Sightseeing Flight

24th 0900: (Not Open for booking yet)

24th 1200: (Not Open for booking yet)

24th 1500 (Last Sightseeing flight (only bookable via Ian Allen Tour)):

23rd 0900: (Not Open for booking yet)

23rd 1200: (Not Open for booking yet)

23rd 1500: (Not Open for booking yet)

22rd 0900: (Not Open for booking yet)

22rd 1200: (Not Open for booking yet)

22rd 1500: (Not Open for booking yet)

Outbound Flight

Auleyair DUB-BHX EI3264 10:15-11:35 ATR72 (Not Confirmed)

Inbound Flight

Auleyair BHX-DUB EI277 19:20-20:20 A320 (Not Confirmed)


User currently offlinebennett123 From United Kingdom, joined Aug 2004, 9190 posts, RR: 2
Reply 10, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 2 days 17 hours ago) and read 21679 times:

For me, availability wise and cost wise, the flight from DAC is a non starter.

Also, the 24th would mean taking time off work, (unpaid).

So I will try to work a seat on one of the weekend trips.

User currently offlineKPWMSpotter From United States of America, joined Dec 2006, 502 posts, RR: 2
Reply 11, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 2 days ago) and read 21526 times:

Quoting bennett123 (Reply 10):
Also, the 24th would mean taking time off work, (unpaid).

So I will try to work a seat on one of the weekend trips.

That is my plan as well. It seems like they're limiting their potential customers by only offering Monday flights for sale; I would think that Saturday or Sunday flights are far more desirable.

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User currently offlinealoges From Germany, joined Jan 2006, 9428 posts, RR: 39
Reply 12, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 2 days ago) and read 21522 times:

Quoting bennett123 (Reply 10):
So I will try to work a seat on one of the weekend trips.
Quoting KPWMSpotter (Reply 11):
That is my plan as well.

Third. I guess I'll have to keep my fingers crossed, I really cannot yet afford to block that Monday... well, I could but I absolutely don't want to.

Quoting KPWMSpotter (Reply 11):
It seems like they're limiting their potential customers by only offering Monday flights for sale; I would think that Saturday or Sunday flights are far more desirable.

To be fair, it's amazing that this is happening in the first place - I don't see it as much of a customer-airline issue, but rather as a bit of a favour.

Walk together, talk together all ye peoples of the earth. Then, and only then, shall ye have peace.
User currently onlineCrimsonNL From Netherlands, joined Dec 2007, 2156 posts, RR: 26
Reply 13, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 1 day 22 hours ago) and read 21467 times:

Quoting KPWMSpotter (Reply 11):
That is my plan as well. It seems like they're limiting their potential customers by only offering Monday flights for sale; I would think that Saturday or Sunday flights are far more desirable.

I guess they have a good reason for this, maybe crew or tax issues or whatever. We're hardly in a position to demand otherwise, let's just be thankful for the opportunity and take a day off work!


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User currently onlinecedarjet From United Kingdom, joined May 1999, 8657 posts, RR: 53
Reply 14, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 1 day 21 hours ago) and read 21467 times:

Hold off booking days off work for the Monday sightseeing flights until they go on sale - I don't know and am hesitant to bug BG Towers for tiny clarifications because all will be revealed anyway (did I say that already?) - but I am sure that there will be a flight available on the Sunday right from the start. Looks like Monday will be the very last ever flight so that obviously has a historical appeal, but those who can't get time off, or don't want to burn holiday time if they don't need to, will be fine I think. Let's see what goes on sale - which will be tomorrow (Fri) or early next week (at the latest).

Looks like this will be the ultimate a.net meet ever.

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User currently onlinecedarjet From United Kingdom, joined May 1999, 8657 posts, RR: 53
Reply 15, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 1 day 18 hours ago) and read 21378 times:

Ian Allen are now sending out booking forms by email to people who previously registered interest with them for the last-last flight, at 1500 on Monday Feb 24. To book you have to get a booking form, print it, fill it in by hand, scan it, and email it back. This is a painful process (I don't have a printer and scanner at home anyway) and another reason I am not a fan of Ian Allen. Plus some people who did register with them haven't been sent the form in the first place, so one wonders why bother register in the first place. Window seats are £200, aisle seats are £150 if you can book.

The rest of the flights BHX-BHX will go on sale any day now on Biman's website for £150 window, £100 aisle - look out for it. But now we know - the Ian Allen flight is the 1500 rotation on the Monday and everything before it will be regular Biman (and if it's on their website, it'll be a straightforward online booking hopefully).

fly Saha Air 707s daily from Tehran's downtown Mehrabad to Mashhad, Kish Island and Ahwaz
User currently offlinenicode From France, joined May 2012, 145 posts, RR: 0
Reply 16, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 1 day 17 hours ago) and read 21339 times:

How will we book this special flight on BG website ?
BHX-BHX ? A special link for this flight ?

User currently offlineauleyair From Ireland, joined Jan 2010, 115 posts, RR: 0
Reply 17, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 1 day 15 hours ago) and read 21292 times:

Update from Biman Site

a. Seats on a last flight Dhaka to Birmingham (UK) will leave on Thursday, Feb 20 with an 0830 departure and a technical stop in Kuwait. It’s estimated that the aircraft will arrive in Birmingham around 1600 on the same day. This flight will go live for sale on Tuesday, Jan 15 and you can book it via our website using the special fares being offered.
b. One hour ‘scenic tours’ to/from Birmingham on Sat, Feb 22, Sunday, the 23rd and Monday the 24th at 0900, 1200 and 1500 hours. Also on Tuesday, Jan 15, these flights will be bookable on our website. For the absolutely last DC10 flight to be operated on, Monday the 24th at 1500, Ian Allen Travel of the UK will also be selling tickets on their website
c. We will also be selling various DC10 and F28 memorabilia at Birmingham closer in.


User currently offlineUK_Dispatcher From United Arab Emirates, joined Dec 2001, 2608 posts, RR: 28
Reply 18, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 1 day 1 hour ago) and read 21163 times:

The DAC-BHX prices are a bit higher than I would have liked, but I wonder how many people will actually go for it and whether it is worth purchasing an aisle seat to save GBP100. It could be a pretty small group which is also appealing.

User currently offlineFallap From Denmark, joined Jan 2009, 691 posts, RR: 0
Reply 19, posted (2 years 4 months 3 weeks 1 day ago) and read 21146 times:


I'll be in China on the 24th.

I'm going crying to bed now.

User currently offlineiainbhx From United Kingdom, joined Dec 2008, 242 posts, RR: 0
Reply 20, posted (2 years 4 months 2 weeks 6 days 19 hours ago) and read 20930 times:

I unfortunately will be working on the 24th, but I managed to get my partner a ticket for the Ian Allan flight as he doesn't work Mondays and is a complete DC-10 maniac. They accepted an electronically signed edited PDF of their booking form.

User currently onlinecedarjet From United Kingdom, joined May 1999, 8657 posts, RR: 53
Reply 21, posted (2 years 4 months 2 weeks 6 days 17 hours ago) and read 20877 times:

I will definitely do the flight up from Dhaka to Brum but that will probably do me, although once the pleasure flights go on sale on Tuesday I will look at the weekend ops which are £50 cheaper than the Ian Allen. BG are prepared to operate up to nine flights (inc the Ian Allen one) - will be curious to see if they sell them all out. It's only 130-odd seats per flight, so we're talking about 1,000 seats. Are there 1,000 DC-10 nuts in the world?

fly Saha Air 707s daily from Tehran's downtown Mehrabad to Mashhad, Kish Island and Ahwaz
User currently offlineHT From Germany, joined May 2005, 6526 posts, RR: 19
Reply 22, posted (2 years 4 months 2 weeks 6 days 4 hours ago) and read 20788 times:

Quoting cedarjet (Reply 21):
It's only 130-odd seats per flight,

Where is that figure coming from ?
I had the impression that also the aisle seats of the middle bank of seats will go on sale, i.e. a total of 6 seats per row.

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User currently onlinecedarjet From United Kingdom, joined May 1999, 8657 posts, RR: 53
Reply 23, posted (2 years 4 months 2 weeks 5 days 6 hours ago) and read 20596 times:

I thought it was only the outboard pairs of 2-5-2, and the 5s would remain unsold. All goes on sale tomorrow (Tue) so not long til all is revealed.

fly Saha Air 707s daily from Tehran's downtown Mehrabad to Mashhad, Kish Island and Ahwaz
User currently onlineCrimsonNL From Netherlands, joined Dec 2007, 2156 posts, RR: 26
Reply 24, posted (2 years 4 months 2 weeks 4 days 19 hours ago) and read 20477 times:

It's already the 14th in Dhaka, time to compulsively press F5 every few minutes to see if something shows up!


Always comparing your flown types list with mine
25 Post contains links eirik : Tickets are on sale on http://biman-airlines.com now.[Edited 2014-01-13 22:33:45][Edited 2014-01-13 22:43:28]
26 CrimsonNL : I booked Sunday the 23rd at 0900, see you there! Martijn
27 ndebelebev : I booked Saturday 22nd at 1500.. Window seat..
28 HT : 22nd and 23rd : "No flight available" ? Only flights on the 24th are open for sale. Has it been a hiccup by the Biman Res' system to put these days up
29 CrimsonNL : I think they "accidentally" opened up 22/23 before selling out 24! I made a backup reservation for the 24th as I can not afford to miss out on my las
30 CrimsonNL : As per the updated news page: Seems that 22/23 being open was a mistake after all.
31 SwissCanuck : Long, long, long time listener. First time caller. There's several of us here in GVA that booked for the weekend this morning and all have confirmati
32 nicode : So, could we book a flight for Saturday 22th (the only day I can) ?[Edited 2014-01-14 00:29:45]
33 SwissCanuck : At 7:30CET you could, right now you can't. We don't know if that's because they're actually sold out (unlikely but possible? Everyone wanted to get i
34 Post contains images HAMSpotter : Sadly I got screwed too... I wanted to book four tickets for the 12pm flight at Saturday. I booked (and paid) two window seats for Saturday and then d
35 mxp : Hi all i have confirmation for sunday on 9.00 flight. Alberto
36 SwissCanuck : I have sent an e-mail to Biman asking them to confirm our reservation for Saturday. I'm not booking anything else until I hear back. Its almost 1700 l
37 BritishB747 : Have just booked onto the 0900 BG2 on the Monday. Can get from Scotland to Birmingham for fairly cheap for that departure.
38 aloges : Window seats on the 12 and 3 pm flights on Monday are now sold out. This is giving me hope for the Sunday flights!
39 cedarjet : Don't fret, the weekend flights are not sold out, they will become available as soon as the Monday flights sell out. I don't know why it's being done
40 Post contains images auleyair : Just Booked for BG 4 on Monday 24th of February COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair -------------------------------------------------------- MAYBE LIST: --------
41 Post contains images Birdwatching : Here's what you're all forgetting: Biman flights are usually about 20-22 hours delayed, so a Saturday booking is actually a Sunday flight. Soren
42 nicode : Not anymore ! You can book on all monday flights... Strange
43 debonair : ...and via BIMAN.
44 zululima : I'm ticketed for BG 1015 from Dhaka. Also snagging an A342 and A310 on the way there. Booking went smoothly, but the Biman website is kind of second-r
45 auleyair : Thank Debonair, meant to add that in after noticing myself. It look like what left on Monday 24th but I open for correction. BG 2 -> 2 Window Seats
46 bennett123 : I tried at 1730. All Sat/Sun seats gone. Guess I will be in the spotting area on Sat.
47 CrimsonNL : Only aisle seats available now for Monday 0900, all other Monday flights are sold out. Hopefully they'll add Sunday next! Martijn
48 vandenheuvel : I'm confirmed for the 0900 flight on Sunday. All Sunday flights are up now.
49 cedarjet : Some spectacular lack of English comprehension going on here. Other than a brief hiccup when the flights went on sale, Biman are releasing seats as ea
50 SwissCanuck : And some spectacular condescension. I fully understand the situation. The fact remains I hold a ticket for a flight that is not yet on-sale (because
51 mxp : Same happened to me. I have confirmation for sunday morning 9.00 flight did yesterday morning and same im not doing any booking. And no answer receive
52 CrimsonNL : Confirmed 0900 on Sunday! Martijn
53 Post contains images HAMSpotter : I just sent you a PM!
54 mxp : Just got confirmation mail from biman for sunday at 9.00 after i booked yesterday morning. So they are answering and cedarjet was right. Alberto
55 SwissCanuck : Sunday is now on sale as Monday filled up (as announced). So normal that you're all sorted now. Saturday remains a question mark - hopefully there's
56 aloges : I'll be in an aisle seat on the lunchtime flight on Sunday. Can't wait! That bank uses Verified by VISA (and probably the equivalent for MasterCard),
57 KPWMSpotter : Booked! Phew, that was a stressful couple hours waiting for Sunday to go up, thanks to everyone who booked on the Monday flights! Continuing Auleyair'
58 aloges : D'oh... I forgot.
59 Post contains images MadameConcorde : I am confirmed on Segment #1 BG-8 BHX-BBS 24 Feb 2014 DC10 Scenic Tour Monday 24-Feb 3:00 PM 4:00 PM Departs Birmingham (BHX) Lands in Birmingham (BBS
60 DUSint : Every now and then Monday 24th window-seats are opened again. Maybe this results from incoming booking-cancellations. Just booked window on the 12:00
61 Dc1015 : Hi All I booked the 12:00 p.m. Saturday flight and the 3:00 p.m. Sunday flight first thing yesterday morning. I have email confirmation and my E-Ticke
62 eirik : Saturday 22. is possible to book now, and window seats available on all flights except for the very last.
63 SC15 : This should be interesting... I have a confirmed window seat e-ticket for the 3:00 p.m. flight (BG8) on Monday the 24th! This will be a one-day operat
64 Post contains images MIAspotter : Saturday flights are now bookable! I am tempted to buy a seat on the 12pm flight, but getting from BCN to LHR/LGW/LTN/STN/MAN and BHX those days is ri
65 Post contains images MadameConcorde : I will be on the same flight "Last To Fly the DC-10". It seems they oversold the number of window seats. I monitored the flight from beginning to end
66 SwissCanuck : If you do we'll see you there! As Saturday flights (re-)opened for booking today, we went ahead and made the rest of the arrangements. Arrive LHR Fri
67 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Is it possible to have a list of who will be flying on which flight and what day including the Dhaka-Birmingham? This would allow us to meet prior to
68 KPWMSpotter : A few posts up, there's already a partial list underway. I've taken the liberty of adding everyone who has posted a flight date and time to the list,
69 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Thank you.
70 debonair : I will arrive @ 11am on Monday 24th, giving enough time for connex to the final flight BG8; I guess 12pm would be too tight... Leaving back home on 25
71 SC15 : Then I'll see you on board! I am also a bit worried about the lack of assigned seats. I hope they will assign specific seats at the gate or it could
72 SwissCanuck : Added
73 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : or before even... and after too. Sent you a PM. There is a thread on Flyertalk. The more the merrier, as they say! http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/tra
74 PlymSpotter : Adding myself to the list. Will be arriving and departing locally by train. COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL ndebelebev mxp Briti
75 Post contains images MadameConcorde : I noted what one Flyertalker said: (quote) Just a warning, Biman is a terrible airline. Don't take them for a long haul, the CGP-DAC run isn't too bad
76 Post contains images DUSint : Anyone believes there will still be any saftey-cards left on the Monday-flights? Updated:
77 Post contains images MadameConcorde : There will have to be enough for the number of passengers on board or they will not be able to do the flights. That is for every flight including all
78 DUSint : Thanks for the detailed description. I am sure you are right. However, the intention of my comment was nothing more than to add some humor. I am not
79 Post contains images PlymSpotter : You updated the wrong list Dan
80 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Good. We can organize a meet-up at the airport before we go on our respective flights. I just hope the Biman flyer will make it to Birmingham and it
81 debonair : ...and debonair. @MadameConcorde Again, any special T-Shirts for this event printed yet?
82 Post contains images MadameConcorde : There is too little advance notice for designing and printing a T shirt this time around. Also I am doing this as a day trip 5.30 AM to midnight with
83 cedarjet : On the subject of t-shirts, I understand Biman are planning to have something on sale themselves. And Madame, I have long been a fan of your style and
84 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Thank you for all the good news and yes... I remember 20 years ago...
85 Skyeurope : No it wasn't. In 2012 my AUH-DAC on DC-10 S2-ACO was more than 10 hours late. In the week after there was some severe chaos as well, with some flight
86 Post contains images MadameConcorde : I don't know Birmingham airport (yet). Is it easy to watch tarmac operations, take offs and landings from inside the terminal? Can we easily swap gate
87 Post contains links DUSint : Me too. Very good question. It would be nice and helpful to get some advice from the local aviation enthusiasts in this forum. The only info from the
88 Post contains links MickBHX : As a BHX local, there are very limited photo opportunities within the terminal. A free bus to Long Stay Car Park 1 is your best bet, get off in the "D
89 bennett123 : A couple of quick questions. The viewing area seems to be landings only, is this correct?. How do NCP feel about spotters. Are there any good spots on
90 MickBHX : NCP don't appear to be bothered by spotters, until the runway extension works started, the official viewing area was in the Long Stay car park. Light
91 HT : With a single runway in operation direction of operations depend on winds. Dedicated area with park benches available there which is frequented by lo
92 Post contains images dba4u : Fiiiinally I found a credit card K-Bank would accept... DC-10 here I come COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL ndebelebev mxp British
93 bennett123 : I am on BG2 on Saturday 22nd.
94 BritishB747 : COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL ndebelebev mxp BritishB747 zululima Vendenheuvel MadameConcorde Dc1015 SC15 SwissCanuck +1 DUSin
95 conrad : Anyone booked on the 9am am Monday Morning flight? Coming innen Sunday afternoon with Flybe from Dus,Stalingrad overnight in the Novotel and retuning
96 Post contains images bennett123 : I think you mean "staying in the Novotel".
97 conrad : Yes,stupid auto-correction.
98 conrad : Does anyone know, if the Travellodge or the Novote have rooms with Tarmac view, as the Radisson Blu in Man has?
99 mxp : Im booked on sunday 9.00 flight will arrive friday evening on lh from fra at 22.05 Will leave monday morning on lh to fra at 9.15 Will stay at ibis ho
100 conrad : I don´t either. My flights are 23.02.2014 BE 7046 DUS-BHX 24.02.2014 BG 2 09:00 24.02.2014 BE 7047 BHX - DUS, dep. 17.50 Hotel: Novetel Birmingham Ai
101 Post contains images PlymSpotter : Copy. Paste. Add into List. Simples... Updating the *correct* list to avoid further confusion: COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL
102 MickBHX : Re: Novotel & Travelodge at BHX. The Novotel is in the Terminal area and has no views over the apron or runway. The Travelodge is on the Cargo Ter
103 Post contains images DUSint : Hi! I am taking the same flight back. However, I will arrive at BHX Monday morning, then taking the 12:00 flight with the DC-10, making this a day of
104 conrad : That sounds nice. Really looking forward,not far off.
105 BritishB747 : I am on the 0900 BG2 on the Monday. I also arrive (probably by rail) on the Sunday and will be flying back to EDI on FlyBe on the Monday at 1450 so w
106 vandenheuvel : In this update I added my flight information. Also I want to clarify; Outbound flight is from home to BHX Inbound flight is from BHX to home COMFIRMED
107 TupolevTu154 : COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL ndebelebev mxp BritishB747 zululima Vandenheuvel MadameConcorde Dc1015 SC15 SwissCanuck +1 DUSin
108 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : I found this. Travelodge Birmingham Airport Hotel is located overlooking the Cargo/Exec Terminal on Terminal Road just off theA45. Short taxi ride fr
109 MickBHX : It will be dependant on the runway in use at the time. Runway 33 approach is nearer the hotel, best bet is the NCP car park in the Cargo Terminal are
110 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Thank you. Many of us will be taking part in this adventure inside and out so we will all be able to share our pictures and comments. We will also ha
111 Post contains links zululima : Edit: Answered my own question. Looks like the final frame is S2-ACR "New Era". DC-10-30 c/n 48317 (445). http://www.airliners.net/search/phot...gsear
112 abrown532 : Finally got myself a aisle seat for BG8 on 23rd, cannot wait! Updated List: COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL ndebelebev mxp Briti
113 MEA-707 : I booked a while ago but didn't mention it here so far: Updated List: COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL ndebelebev mxp BritishB747
114 BA777 : I'm on BG2 on Monday 24th.
115 abrown532 : Updated List: COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL ndebelebev mxp BritishB747 zululima Vandenheuvel MadameConcorde Dc1015 SC15 Swiss
116 Post contains images airtrainer : Here we go. But first of all, many thanks to our fellow member Patrick / delta777jet for bringing this to reality COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter
117 MACDADDY : Hello All, Would anyone be interested in a possible Estonian Air EMB-170 flight from BFS - BHX on the 23rd FEB Leaving Belfast at 2000 Local???? Ticke
118 BritishB747 : I would have been had I not already made my travel arrangements. Seems like a good opportunity to fly on a different airline. Will this aircraft be m
119 Post contains images PlymSpotter : Yes quite possibly, if I can get to BFS on flights which tie up. Dan
120 MEA-707 : I see two easyJet flights BHX-BFS for 55ish on sunday. The 18-19.05 is a bit too tight to mention. Maybe nice, maybe a bit of hassle, might be nicer t
121 classicjets : I would!
122 TUGMASTER : Does anybody have an update as to where this aircraft will go after BHX..? "Update" being the clue.....
123 F4phantom : Please add me to the list, Sunday BG4. First trip in the DC-10, looking forward to it
124 UK_Dispatcher : I was all up for the DAC-BHX flight, but am having to restrain myself due to other flying priorities this year - particularly filling the blanks in my
125 MACDADDY : HI Guys. Sorry to say its just not going to tie up with numbers i think. Sorry BUT, im hopeful we can get the ERJ-170 to operate to RIAT on the sunday
126 JetXDammit : Long time listener, first time caller.... Add me to the list, albeit I arrive on the 19th, depart on the 26th, will be at BHX the entire time includin
127 airbuseric : Updated List: COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL ndebelebev mxp BritishB747 zululima Vandenheuvel MadameConcorde Dc1015 SC15 SwissC
128 Post contains links and images Dc1015 : Well this potentially takes the shine off the celebrations of the weekend. http://newagebd.com/detail.php?date=2014-01-19&nid=80763#.UuT5-3k4lz8
129 Post contains images airtrainer : Thanks for forgetting me COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL ndebelebev mxp BritishB747 zululima Vandenheuvel MadameConcorde Dc1015
130 bennett123 : Just as well they sold all those tickets before they found out.
131 MEA-707 : It shouldn't make much difference. For sure this DC-10 won't see any other revenu flight, either passengers or cargo, after this weekend. It might en
132 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Do I understand that Biman would rather sell the aircraft to a breakers yard at metal cost rather than donating her to the Seattle Museum of Flight??
133 Dc1015 : Whilst it will not make any difference to the events of the weekend, it is regrettable that the possibility of preserving a complete DC 10 now appears
134 aloges : I've booked my flights to and from BHX, scoring a Fokker 70 and an A318 in the process: COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL ndebeleb
135 bennett123 : If it does go to the breakers yard, is it more likely to be in UK, (such as Kemble) or a yard in the USA. If it is in the UK, there are more likely to
136 zululima : Is anyone else having trouble getting a credit card accepted? After a successful booking on Jan 14, using Dutch somethingorother-bank, now Biman are
137 axelesgg : Maybe try Ian Allans website?
138 Post contains images aloges : Mine was a German Visa card with "Verified by Visa" enabled. Perhaps that's the sort of thing you need to activate in case you don't already use it.
139 DUSint : Dito. Exactly the way it worked for me, too.
140 DanTaylor2006 : I think it comes down to whether MasterCard 'Secure Code' or 'Verified by Visa' is enabled on the card you're using, as my MasterCard was rejected be
141 UK_Dispatcher : Apparently each passenger will be given a certificate signed by the Captain, there will be commemorative caps and T-shirts on sale at the airport, plu
142 Post contains images MadameConcorde : 2 x Last to Fly the DC-10 Looks like we have a winner!
143 Post contains images sincil : Woohoo, I'm, booked on the 12pm flight on the 23rd!
144 Pe@rson : I am on the 3pm flight on the 24th.
145 Post contains images MadameConcorde : You must have booked early. Been full up a while already
146 classicjets : I am booked on the 0900 flight on the 24th. Flying into BHX the previous night on BE197 from IOM. No hotel reservation yet.
147 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Hope we can all meet once you are done with your flights on the 24th to get your stories and impressions before we go on the last ride of the Biman b
148 JetXDammit : Adding my name to the list in all categories as applicable: COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL ndebelebev mxp BritishB747 zululima
149 f4phantom : Please add me to the list, Monday BG4. F4phantom
150 bennett123 : When this thread started, I recall the panic to get a seat. Currently, there are seats available on all flights, (window and isle) on the 22nd, window
151 ManchesterMAN : This is my concern as well that low ticket sales will cause them to cancel/merge flights, particularly on Saturday when I am booked (BG4). Having book
152 Post contains images MadameConcorde : The Dhaka flight is one thing and I doubt they will move it or have it rescheduled. All those who have booked scenic flights have made travel arrangem
153 bennett123 : Without knowing how many seats have been sold on the Dhaka flight, I would not regard it as given. They could simply scrap it in Dhaka. I hope not.
154 Hamspotter : Biman are selling 1368 (152 per flight) seats on 9 sightseeing/farewell flights from BHX. From looking at the booking machine on their site, I would s
155 bennett123 : How do you estimate the number sold?.
156 sk736 : Good question! The booking engine only indicates that seats are available, not whether that's 1, 10 or 100.
157 bennett123 : On 22nd Feb, window seats on BG4 are now sold out.
158 Post contains images Hamspotter : Monday: Flights are nearly sold out: 152 * 3 = 456 Sunday: All window seats are sold on two of the three flights: c. 76 * 2 = 152 One flight only has
159 bennett123 : All stacks up, but how do you know there are only 2 aisle seats left on BG4?.
160 Post contains images Hamspotter : Try booking 3 seats and it shows as sold out!
161 bennett123 : Very clever. Which flight are you booked on?.
162 conrad : So I wouldn´r really worry. These flights will take place.
163 Post contains images Hamspotter : BG-4 on Saturday with 3 friends!
164 bennett123 : I am on BG2, so I may see you as you arrive.
165 vandenheuvel : Doesn't it have 2 aisle seats for every window seat? Considiring it's a widebody. Or do they only sell the 'outboard' aisle seats?
166 conrad : No, it is in the old DC10 2-5-2 configuration, so there is only one aisle next to a window. So 5 Seats in the middle.[Edited 2014-02-07 08:13:05]
167 Post contains images MEA-707 : Vandenheuvel is still right, also 2-5-2 widebodies have 4 aisle seats and 2 window seats at each row ?!?
168 bennett123 : So the layout is ox oxxxo xo With 'o' being the seats bookable for each row and 'x' being non bookable. Giving 4 bookable seats, (2 window and 2 aisle
169 conrad : No, the middle 5 seats stay empty according to the Biman Website. So, just the window rows are for sale. So, only 4 seats of 9 seats in each row are s
170 bennett123 : So it is oo xxxxx oo
171 conrad : I think so, let's look on the day.
172 TUGMASTER : Does anybody have any update on this...? I know some of us are "connected " with BG to a degree. Rgds
173 cedarjet : What kind of info are you looking for Mr Master? As of right now, the flights are selling merrily, all confirmed, nothing to report which is how we w
174 Post contains images eirik : Me too Any chance Biman will serve champagne/ alcohol on this flight ?
175 SwissCanuck : Any idea if they're going to do anything special on the ground, for instance boarding via stairs so we can take a few shots from the apron?
176 JetXDammit : Anyone arriving on this flight that would like to be interviewed for a documentary and potential inclusion on a DVD/Blu-Ray release, let me know. I'l
177 conrad : That´s ok with me. On BG 2 on Monday 24th at 9am.
178 conrad : Today on Airlineroutes Newsletter: Quote: "BIMAN Bangladesh Airlines Extends DC10 Scheduled Service to 18FEB14 Posted: 10 Feb 2014 09:20 PM PST Update
179 bennett123 : If demand increases any further, then some of the retired BG DC10's will need to be returned to service.
180 conrad : Is S2-ACP not been wfu since 11/2013 and used for spares?
181 FlySwiss : I will join as well and booked BG 2 on Sunday morning. See you all there
182 bennett123 : Any one interested in BG8 on Sunday. Only 1 seat left.
183 Post contains images PlymSpotter : Brilliant! Count me on that too. Dan
184 DUSint : Does anyone know how seat allocation will work on the three days of scenic flights? Will we be able to use online check-in or will it be done the clas
185 CrimsonNL : Rumour now has it that ACR will be scrapped in Bruntingthorpe after the fare-well weekend.. Martijn
186 conrad : As I see no Web check-in possible on Bimans HP.
187 bennett123 : Would be a pity to see it scrapped at Bruntingthorpe. However, breaking up seems inevitable.
188 Kuja : Have I missed something? Did the plan to have it preserved in Seattle fall through?
189 Post contains images UK_Dispatcher : Does anyone who will be in Birmingham on the Thursday (20th) night fancy going out for beers and a curry to toast the aircraft's arrival from Dhaka? I
190 JetXDammit : I can give a 75% yes -
191 Post contains links bennett123 : http://www.biman-airlines.com/about/...2cbc6f-2a9d-4981-a989-1dc78438fb8e Check in details now available.
192 SwissCanuck : For anyone in the Birmingham area Friday night, we will be arriving around 5PM in the New Street Station area. Would love to meet up for a drink or ma
193 Pe@rson : Looking forward to my flight next Monday!
194 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Me too Last to Fly the DC-10 One week from today!!!!!
195 MickBHX : According to flyintobhx.co.uk (photo blog spot) the aircraft is going to Bruntingthorpe to be preserved at their aviation museum. Whilst parked at BHX
196 BrusselsSouth : Have updated the list with as I'll be on BG2 on Monday (24th), staying at the Novotel BHX Airport the night before. Have added a couple of missing ent
197 Pe@rson : 24th 1500 BG 8 (Last Sightseeing flight): SC15 MadameConcorde PlymSpotter MEA-707 Jetxdammit And me.
198 Post contains images MadameConcorde : I much rather hear this than knowing that it would be scrubbed. She will be a very nice piece for their aircraft collection. This is reassuring. I wa
199 captaindoony : Hi all, Adding myself to the list for the Monday BG4, can't wait! I'm arriving on the 24th from ABZ at 10:20 and check in closure is at 11:00 so it'll
200 airevents : I'm booked on BG2 22nd 0900. Inbound: airevents FRA-LCY 21.02. LH934 1600-1640, then on Virgin Rail Euston-Birmingham New Street arr. 20:40 Outbound:
201 MickBHX : Arrivals and Check in are on the ground floor at BHX, when you come out of arrivals, turn left and it will be a 5 minute walk (maximum)
202 captaindoony : Thanks for that. I think I'll run just run to be on the safe side!
203 Post contains images PlymSpotter : Just to wet your appetites, this was S2-ACR in Sylhet after its last ever rotation there. Today the aircraft made its last commercial scheduled flight
204 bennett123 : Do you know where it is heading?.
205 TUGMASTER : Hhmmm... As I understand it, BG were willing to hand the frame over as a museum piece, as long as they had the 3 CFM56's returned..... Worth a few $$
206 Jetxdammit : ...and you'd be correct.
207 Post contains images MadameConcorde : I don't want to go land side I would rather stay air side after I get off my flight from CDG. Is there any way to get our BG "scenic flights" boardin
208 Post contains images aloges : Did I miss something?
209 Lentini2001 : Fingers crossed it doesn't go tech before this weekend...
210 MickBHX : Unfortunately, you will have to go landside as there are no transfer facilities airside and the DC10 flights are classed as domestic flights so you w
211 Post contains images airbuseric : Avoiding security checks? Of course it's nice if we can as less as possible of those, but it's part of the flying experience isn't it? If you want to
212 airbuseric : btw, the DC-10 is said to be returning to Bangladesh after the BHX flights, and return to schedule with the airline. No retirement yet....
213 CrimsonNL : https://www.facebook.com/BDAviationHub Indeed, according to the Bangladesh Aviation Hub. I personally don't really mind, I'm just happy I can log the
214 Pe@rson : I contacted Ian Allen and had a reply in 14 minutes: "I have only just been forwarded an email from one of our tour managers five minutes ago regardi
215 bennett123 : Just looked at Facebook. It sounds as if the other BG DC10's are to be chopped in the next few days.
216 MickBHX : I wouldn't blame Ian Allen for this as they have possibly been mislead by Biman. It wouldn't be a first for them though, I purchased a ticket for the
217 deltamartin : Adding myself, I'm flying on BG2 on the 23rd. COMFIRMED LIST: Auleyair KPWMSpotter aloges CrimsonNL ndebelebev mxp BritishB747 zululima Vandenheuvel M
218 debonair : True, but also BIMAN charged extra for the last (BG008) flight... Any idea why the DC10 will return to DAC after the event? Are those replacement MS
219 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Thank you for your information. I don't really mind it. It just did not seem logical but if treated as a domestic flight then it makes perfect sense.
220 Post contains images Dc1015 : From the Dhaka Tribune today. Certainly looks bleak for ACR. “As no museum has so far expressed any interest to get the last DC-10 passenger flight
221 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Thank you for posting. I have a friend on board the last Dhaka-Birmingham flight. I hope they are all having a great time and turning the flight into
222 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Latest of latest live report on the Flyertalk thread I know him from inaugural party flights. quote: sbm12 A FlyerTalk Posting Legend Join Date: Apr 2
223 Post contains links bennett123 : http://www.biman-airlines.com/about/...8c5950-d80c-482d-b7a3-120f48108627 Biman are still referring to "Please note that for the last commercial fligh
224 Post contains links and images DanTaylor2006 : Already posting a 1h25m delay into BHX Dacca Via: Kuwait ..... Biman Airline ..... BG 1015 ..... 16:20 ..... Expected 17:45 http://www.birminghamairpo
225 Post contains images MadameConcorde : I am seeing the same on the BHX airport site. Airport Staff FB page says 17.50 estimate https://www.facebook.com/birmingham.airport.94 Is there any w
226 Post contains links abrown532 : Just go onto www.flightradar24.com and add the aircraft filter for DC10 and I see it currently over Bulgaria.
227 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Thank you for the tip! Fantastic! They are over Bulgaria already??? me thinks that for such an old birdie they are doing quite well I hope they are h
228 Post contains links and images aloges : I've just noticed what seems to be the name they gave S2-ACR: View Large View MediumPhoto © Charles Cunliffe - ReaperPhotographyPerfect!
229 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : oops delayed a bit more says BHX arrivals web page... Dacca Via: Kuwait Biman Airline BG 1015 16:20 Expected 18:20 http://www.birminghamairport.co.uk
230 iainbhx : BG1015 is just coming up to LNZ at the moment and it's raining heavily at BHX. Sadly, I am tied up on the Monday, but my partner will be on board what
231 Post contains images TUGMASTER : yeah baby
232 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : now above Frankfurt I wonder if they will be getting a water canon salute after they land at BHX slow speed and going http://www.flightradar24.com/2b
233 DUSint : Near Cologne/Bonn now. To me, the speed looks quite average for a westerly direction, no? However, while writing this, it tends to jump a bit between
234 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : They have just crossed to Belgium at 454 knots I have taken a few screen shots for my friend who is on the flight Dacca Via: Kuwait Biman Airline BG
235 Lentini2001 : Not raining here anymore. Few clouds but quite clear. Hopefully it'll go over my house in a while.
236 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : The Biman Flyer has just started crossing the Channel http://www.flightradar24.com/2bfad02
237 Lentini2001 : I'm on the flightpath for BHX sorry!
238 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Just touched above UK coast a couple of minutes ago If anybody has ATC feed information please post a link. I would really like to listen to the flig
239 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : Birmingham BHX a beautiful touch down picture posted on Twitter https://twitter.com/Tornado_60163/status/436568434340397056/photo/1 another one here:
240 Lentini2001 : Hmmm, I am a little dubious of that second picture...
241 Post contains images debonair : Just received an email from BG - BG008 will be the last ever DC10 passenger flight! After the event the a/c will return to DAC to be scrapped - no fu
242 Dc1015 : With regard to the photos, the second one seems okay. However, the first one is of S2-ACQ, City of Hazarat Shah Jalal, captured on rotation from Manch
243 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : Thank you for the information. I guess some were just spreading rumours on FB aviation enthusiast groups. The truth is otherwise. I also had the same
244 MCO2BRS : What are the dates/times of the scenic flights out of BHX?
245 bennett123 : 22nd, 23rd and 24th. Take off 0900, 1200, 1500 Landing 1000, 1300, 1600.
246 FlySwiss : Somebody around on Saturday evening around the airport for a beer or two?
247 Post contains images BritishB747 : Hello, I will be arriving around half past 2 on Sunday afternoon, by train, as I am on BG2 on the Monday morning. I was hoping to be able to get a few
248 cedarjet : We need to establish a base camp for drinks and catch ups. The socialising is half the fun of these things. Novotel bar? It's right by the terminal, a
249 Post contains images Birdwatching : So in the end, after it turned out the DC-10 is not going to Seattle, the whole Birmingham thing is kind of pointless for Biman, am I correct? I mean
250 cedarjet : Birdwatching (who I was with the first time I flew on a BG DC-10, in Nov 2011) is right, which is why I had to take some time out of my busy morning t
251 MickBHX : Between 09.00 & 11.00, the light for photography is OK on the terminal side of the runway, the far end of Long Stay Car Park 1 is your best bet.
252 bennett123 : I have been running a few rough number myself, ignoring revenue from the flight to BHX. I am assuming that revenue covered costs. 76 Aisle seats x 9 x
253 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Thank you for your invaluable input and for sharing your stories. I am all for meet-ups before the flights. I should be landing at BHX in plenty of t
254 SC15 : I concur! I should be landing at BHX on SK2533 at 09:25 on the 24th. I will be flying on the BG8 3:00PM flight. Anyone local who could recommend a go
255 Post contains images MadameConcorde : This is mine: 10:20 Birmingham (BHX) Operated by: Flybe Aircraft : Embraer 195 I will be on the same BG flight as you I had it confirmed that the air
256 Hywel : Does anyone know about the planned routing on the scenic flights - where will it fly, what altitude etc? I heard a rumour from a friend who works at N
257 CrimsonNL : I'm staying at the Travelodge Saturday night, and am on the same flight as you the next day. Where are you staying? Martijn
258 Post contains images MadameConcorde : When will SCR fly back to Dhaka? I understand there are 4 pilots who took the aircraft to Birmingham. Are they planning to fly her immediately after t
259 conrad : From me there is a big THANK YOU for Biman offering us a nice farewell to the DC10.
260 Post contains images Birdwatching : Thanks for all the work you've put into this! I was actually THIS close to booking myself a ticket this weekend, but in the end didn't because as you
261 conrad : But this would not be so nice,as i grew up with Dc10s and TriStars,especially these from LTU (Wir düsen nach Süden).
262 Post contains images MadameConcorde : These are tomorrow's "scenic" flyers. Would be nice if some of them can post here after they are done with their DC-10 flying experience. I look forw
263 cedarjet : I hear the Novotel airport hotel is right next to the terminal and the bar is a good meeting place. I will be onboard the 1200 and 1500. Be there or b
264 Post contains images eirik : The bar at Ibis just round the corner from Novotel seemed even better, and livelier, I visited both on Thursday evening for a drink an a half, after
265 conrad : Mondays flyers: 24th 0900 BG 2: BritishB747 Conrad BA777 BrusselsSouth 24th 1200 BG 4: Auleyair DUSint airtrainer F4phantom captaindoony 24th 1500 BG
266 DanTaylor2006 : Good news! I can confirm seating will be allocated at check-in, so you are free to choose where you'd like to sit.
267 Post contains images MadameConcorde : How early in advance can we check-in for our flights? Are the check-in desks opened nonstop each day from first to last flights for all flights or ju
268 IL62Mdakar : Can't believe that the weekend is final here after following this (and previous) threads for months. Was great to follow the inbound flight on its way
269 sk736 : OK guys, who's going to win the prize for posting the first trip report? (Scenic flights, not the one from Dhaka!)
270 Post contains images MadameConcorde : I found this on Twitter with pictures (from today's flights) Here to fly on the Biman DC10. https://foursquare.com/madeiraviolet/checkin/53089c22498e
271 BritishB747 : Hello, Thanks for your help. I have requested to join the group so will just have to wait to be accepted. I am staying at the Holiday Inn and it look
272 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : Where are the best spots to catch the outgoing and incoming ACR on Monday for the 12.00 mid-day flight? I am thinking of places easily accessible from
273 avion660 : Well, it was brilliant! many thanks to our friendly crew today for the 12.00 flight that actually left around 12.37: more of a catapult into the air t
274 Dc1015 : I will second that! The crew and ground staff were exceptionally accommodating. There was plenty of time for photographs both before and after the fl
275 avion660 : I saw the results from someone who took shots from the car park next to the terminal: pretty decent. Also the Biman 'shop' and viewing gallery (entra
276 larshjort : I was on the BG008 today, and didn't see a single safety card in the aircraft. They cost £10 in the shop in the viewing gallery. They also sell all k
277 Hywel : Had a great flight on BG8 today - check-in opened 2.5 hours before and I was sequence #11 so could more or less choose any seat. I had an aisle seat,
278 Hywel : By the way, one of the items on sale for £2 is a commemorative envelope with the DC-10 on the front. The sales staff recommend it as a good folder to
279 SC15 : Thank you for the information! Question - do they accept credit cards (VISA) or is the memorabilia sale cash only?
280 mxp : On board right now. We are still waiting for ATC clearance. The athmosfere is very nice and good. Cant wait for the flight alberto
281 sk736 : Just come off the BG2. Flight was brilliant, despite the late departure. Only downside was sitting near a bunch of juvenile idiots who work for a grou
282 bennett123 : I was on BG2 yesterday, and had a great time. Check in was simple, and took very little time. Lack of luggage helped, as did the fact that cveryone kn
283 SC15 : Thank you! And a great report on the event!
284 MadameConcorde : Thank you all for your reports and information. It is really nice to hear your stories. I am really excited. Will be a really early start for me tomor
285 Post contains images DanTaylor2006 : Must have been sat near you, I heard them too (I was in 31A). Absolutely horrible people, who actually made remarks about me and the photos I'd been
286 bennett123 : Always dumb to make racist comments about your customers.
287 Hywel : I paid £3 for the load sheets, and I'm not surprised they lowered the price of the model - £35 was ridiculous!
288 bennett123 : Pity they did not mark the model at £10 yesterday.
289 02hilliert : Just got home to London after flying on BG004 - really enjoyed bumping in to some familiar faces from Monarch Airlines enthusiast events. Lovely looki
290 bennett123 : We will have to do a thread for the ZB A300 trip in April.
291 conrad : The Novotel has Airport view rooms, I'm in 615.
292 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Can you see S2-ACR from your room? Get us some pictures if you can.
293 02hilliert : Absolutely agree, be great to know how many a.netters will be travelling on that flight.
294 conrad : Sadly,it's dark now. Can't see much now. When I arrived it wasn't back yet.
295 Post contains images MadameConcorde : You wait until tomorrow morning - unless you are catching the first morning flight.
296 conrad : I am, Alarm is set for 5,breakfast 5.30 and check-in at 6.30.
297 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Alarm set at 4.15 for me. Those on the morning flight enjoy the experience! I am not sure if I will get to BHX on time to see the landing. Should be
298 BrusselsSouth : Saw the DC-10 as I arrived by train at BHX earlier today. @Conrad: sitting at the Novotel bar right now... No airport view from my room though...
299 CrimsonNL : Had a great flight on BG2 today! The crew was very friendly, the airplane was amazing. What wasn't so amazing was the stupidity of some spotters who d
300 conrad : Some just don't understand how good it was,that they were able to take photos of a Dc10 Had nice talks with BrusselsSouth in the bar.
301 Post contains images aloges : The crowd on BG 4 didn't leave me with a bad impression - sure, I heard one or two reminders to stay within the white lines on the apron, but I never
302 boacvc10 : Wow, wonderful reports so far. What a fitting end to a beautiful aircraft, and much thanks that she survived a runway overrun at DAC runway 14 end (I
303 abrown532 : Well all I can say is mega thanks to Biman for organizing such a great experience. I was on BG008 on 23rd and the crowd were great, crew were great, b
304 conrad : I was a really beautiful experience this morning. Sadly,a cabin attendant had worked 19 years on the DC10 and has to change to the 777.
305 TUGMASTER : Great fun on BG002 this morning..... As I didn't have a window seat, crew let me have a cabin jumpseat at door L4. Brilliant. A big thank you to all i
306 Post contains images Birdwatching : Biman should either sell the seat rows after the last flight or let the passengers take theirs home for free. It's going to be scrapped anyway I'm sur
307 Post contains links and images boacvc10 : Why stop at a seat row ? If you can have a British bloke buy a 747 engine for a backyard experiment video here.... What's a few hundred thousands of
308 Post contains images aloges : Three more! Since BG 8 should be about to take off, we might be able to track it on FR24 or elsewhere. If you find it, please do share - the last tim
309 bennett123 : Not sure about the reason. However, my understanding from one of the pilots is that they fly back to DAC tomorrow.
310 Post contains images AVION660 : Final flight is now underway, and as an interesting coincidence, as the world's final DC10 in passenger service cruised at 430 knots at 24000 feet, lo
311 Post contains links and images aloges : I love it when things work this well! Thanks! http://www.flightradar24.com/2c5ebeb
312 Post contains images avion660 : You're very welcome! For posterity, here's the final route of today's BG8:
313 conrad : Last flight just landed at 16.18, seen from No. 1 Lounge.
314 DUSint : Absolutely awesome experience. I was on BG4 today and the "one hour flighttime" lasted 90 minutes. Something which otherwise would be unpleasant, here
315 sahaair707 : Was on bg4 today also, hats off to Biman they put on a great flight for us. Although I must admit to getting a bit worried about missing my flight bac
316 Pe@rson : Was on BG8 today and had a terrific time. Well done to all those that organised it.
317 BA777 : BG2 this morning, fantastic experience nice to meet you all and a huge thank you to Biman for making the effort to pull these three days off. Happy re
318 BrusselsSouth : Was on BG2 on Monday. Absolutely fantastic experience, well done to all involved. Thanks, was really great to spend a good part of the day (and the ev
319 Post contains images CrimsonNL : I'd like to express my thanks not only to Biman Bangladesh, but also to Swissport/Servisair BHX, and the airport operations staff! I know it's a night
320 conrad : Does anybody know,when ACR leaves/left BHX for the journey home to Dhaka for scrapping?
321 Hywel : It was supposed to be 16:00 GMT today, but due to a flight plan issue, it's been delayed by one hour - now scheduled for 17:00 GMT
322 MadameConcorde : They have been absolutely fabulous! The BG8 yesterday was out of this world. I was one of the very last passengers to leave the aircraft and then I g
323 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Thank you for the information. I have filtered my FR24 to the DC-10 and looking for them. I hope they will resolve the issue and they can all fly hom
324 Post contains links and images Hywel : Well, let's not forget that they plan to sell the entire aircraft, in fact they placed a tender in Flight International magazine last month. I don't
325 conrad : That might be a small hope.
326 Post contains images MadameConcorde : I cannot see the flight on FR24. I wonder if they have been delayed some more. Any A.netters out there at BHX waiting to see the take-off and grab th
327 Post contains images avion660 : Just up now ... climbing towards Cambridge (19.00Z) Au revoir DC10 ... sad. [Edited 2014-02-25 11:02:11]
328 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : Can now track her on FR24 now over the Netherlands http://www.flightradar24.com/2c7cbae Aircraft(DC10) Douglas DC10-30 Registration(702004) S2-ACR Al
329 conrad : All the best from me also. @MadameConcorde I am very sad,that I didn't book the Flight from Dac to BHX. So it would have been possible to have a longe
330 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Have no regrets. Your memories of your flight will never leave you. ACR is going on her way nicely just crossing the Germany/Poland border as I am wr
331 conrad : I have also tracked here, but Flightradar can't find her,if you search by alert.
332 Post contains links conrad : Here everybody with Pro can find here: http://fr24.com/702004
333 conrad : Near Lodz now. Message too short
334 boacvc10 : Wow, I wonder how many propellers would come with that?
335 conrad : For the minimum Power, if you loose all electricty a small Propeller is needed.
336 Post contains images MadameConcorde : They have crossed the Ukraine border a while ago already
337 Post contains images eirik : The aircraft is planned to fly nonstop to Dhaka. Did DAC-BHX on Thursday, but after two days at home I still had DC-10 hunger, so was back again in Bi
338 Post contains links BrusselsSouth : Just put my photo report online: Biman DC-10 Farewell Flight BHX Photo Report (1/2) (by BrusselsSouth Feb 26 2014 in Trip Reports) Biman DC-10 Farewel
339 BritishB747 : Would just like to say thanks to all who were involved in organizing this event and to Biman who helped to make the whole experience possible. I had a
340 cedarjet : We really should tell the organisers directly - write a letter or a postcard today. Biman Bangladesh Airlines 17 Conduit Street London W1S 2BJ United
341 axelesgg : What was the did the extra £ (50?) give on the last flight. Anything more than the fact that it was the very last? I saw they loaded the plane after
342 cedarjet : One more thing about thank yous - apparently BHX didn't charge any landing fees or pax charges. So get scribbling! Birmingham Airport Limited Birmingh
343 Pe@rson : Champagne reception and a brief presentation by BHX’s CEO. (BG’s MD also presented, but I think he did that for the others too.) Unsure of anythi
344 eirik : Besides the champagne reception (that a few of us partly missed out on coming late in from BG4 ) there was a very special 'last flight' atmosfhere amo
345 Post contains images MadameConcorde : The Air France day return from CDG cost me a lot more than what I paid for the "Last to Fly the DC-10 with Biman" experience. I don't regret a single
346 conrad : I still today feel this terrific nice feeling from Monday. So it was worth every Euro and Pound spent on the trip-
347 Post contains links and images MadameConcorde : This is an experience that cannot be forgotten. Money does not come into play. we are aviation geeks we love airplanes. Every minute of the experienc
348 Post contains links and images DanTaylor2006 : Thanks for linking to my video More here in my trip report: Farewell DC-10! Biman Scenic Flight At BHX (by DanTaylor2006 Feb 24 2014 in Trip Reports)
349 Post contains links conrad : Thanks for your Video. Here one with a bit of ATC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozCZ7...veUQ&list=FL9Y78jmoLuebrNJrJkamW_w
350 Post contains images conrad : to all: got an E-Mail from Kevin Steel this morning: As being paying member of ch-aviation.ch I had acces to the E-Mail data of Kevin Steele.[Edited 2
351 Post contains links conrad : Some last Video Link http://www.airteamimages.com/video_68.html
352 Post contains images MadameConcorde : Thank you for posting the link. I remember the film crew on board the aircraft, in the store upstairs, at the gate hold and on the tarmac. Such a mag
353 SK736 : I got an e-mail from him too, in response to an e-mail from me thanking him for putting on the DC10 flights. No membership of any organisation is req
354 axelesgg : Managing Director https://www.biman-airlines.com/about/contact
355 conrad : According to a Photographer here, S2-ACR is sat in Dhaka in front of the Hangar.
356 Post contains links axelesgg : Listed as stored now at airfleets.net http://www.airfleets.net/ficheapp/plane-dc10-48317.htm
357 atce4 : Hi all, Thought you would like to know that according to Kevin Steele there will be a dvd available to buy that will include cockpit and air to air fo
358 Jetxdammit : And here is the teaser for it.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqi-FGiQllA&feature=youtu.be Enjoy!
359 TUGMASTER : what a great teaser... was on BG2//Mon... cant wait...
360 Post contains images MadameConcorde : You bet I am going to buy this DVD I was on BG8 Monday... Wish I could go back in time. Last to Fly the DC-10 with Biman
361 eirik : Guess this is a 'must buy, was on 006 and 008 on the 24.[Edited 2014-03-10 05:23:18][Edited 2014-03-10 05:24:48]
362 Jetxdammit : I'm also playing with the idea of having a flight credit page with a list of every passenger for every flight at the end of the video. Not sure how mu
363 bennett123 : Sounds like a good idea. What details would you need.
364 Jetxdammit : The airline will provide everything I need. What I'll need for it to work is approval/sign-off from every single passenger. If one passenger says 'no
365 bennett123 : I would be happy to be included.
366 atce4 : Me too, have sent you a pm.
367 bennett123 : Great video. Do you know when it will be available an the price. MTIA.
368 Post contains links KPWMSpotter : If any of y'all are interested, I just posted a Trip Report over in the TR forum detailing my Biman experience (and my MD-11 experience to get there!)
369 Post contains links conrad : I wouldn't mind either. I was on BG 2 on the 24th. Preview of the video is now online. http://www.biman-airlines.com/about/...5fb07c-ff74-4fe9-8900-3
370 Post contains images airtrainer : Same here
371 Post contains links EricAY05 : It is April 1st, so I assume this is a joke. http://www.exbir.de/reise-magazin/12...-mit-dc-10-30-nach-frankfurt.html#
372 Post contains links bennett123 : www.biman-airlines.com/corporate/tender indicates that S2-ACR is being offered for sale. Curiously, there are no tenders for the remaining DC10's.
373 BritishB747 : Yes it looks like an April Fool. The hangers in the background are the Monarch maintenance hangers at BHX. So it will just be a photo taken before one
374 conrad : It was an Aprils fool as the 777 orperated its first flight to Frankfurt already.
375 Post contains links cedarjet : Not sure if I posted this already, but the current edition of Aviation News has an article about the BHX weekend including a couple of cracking photos
376 conrad : And as Epaper from Pocketmags. Easy to carry on your iPad or Android Tablet.
377 conrad : The new Airliner World May 2014 has also a report from the last Biman DC10 flights. On sale from today also as Epaper.
378 UA444 : They said before it had been sold for scrap. Does this mean it could be saved potentially? I really wish at least one PAX DC-10 gets saved. Any pictu
379 TUGMASTER : More plugs than a plumbers showroom.....
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