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Topic: Saeta Plane Found 26 Years Later
Username: Airportmanager
Posted 2003-02-18 02:42:43 and read 12360 times.

Hello everyone,

A very interesting thing happened here in Ecuador today. It was officially announced that the SAETA Vickers Viscount that dissapeared on August 15, 1976 was found crashed against the world's tallest volcano: Mt. Chimborazo (6310m above sea level, also the highest point from the center of the earth). This plane was covering a daily Quito-Cuenca route when it dissapeared after its last contact with the Ambato airport.

Hundreds of people were contacted to help find the plane, and in fact, many expeditions were sent out to look in Mt. Chimborazo without any results. Some theories said that the plane crashed in another nearby volcano: Mt. Altar. Nothing was found there so people started to hypothesize about what could have happened with the plane. Some said it was hijacked and de-routed to Cuba or Colombia, while others said it was taken up by UFOs. The fact that it could have crashed in the Ecuadorean jungle was not discarded.

Global warming and the constant climate change in the country have caused the glaciers on Mt. Chimborazo to melt, causing the plane to become visible. It was found last November by some members of a local mountain climbing club at an altitude of about 5100m above sea level. However, the Air Force and the Armed Forces decided to keep this confidential (don't ask me why, the military is like that here). Finally today, everyone knows what happened to the plane that had dissapeared for 26 years. Of course, there are no survivors, and the pieces (most of them aren't bigger than a couple of centimeters) are scattered in a 600m radius. The causes: probably the same ones that caused another SAETA Viscount covering the same route to dissapear a few years later.

Amazing, isn't it?



Topic: RE: Saeta Plane Found 26 Years Later
Username: Kappa13
Posted 2003-02-18 03:01:16 and read 12328 times.

I don't know if this is the same plane, but there was a show that I saw on Nova here in the US. There was this old plane that crashed many years ago in the mountains down there and there was no trace of the plane. A few years ago they started to find pieces of the plane. What happened was that when the plane slammed into the side of the mountain it fell onto a glacier and was dragged under it and was pulled 50 ft or so under the ice and went down the mountain until it reached warmer weather. There the glacier melted and the plane started to be found. Pieces are still being found and they think that it's going to be a few years till all is found. Does anyone know what accident I'm talking about. That's all that I remember from the show. Anyway it's pretty interesting stuff.


Topic: RE: Saeta Plane Found 26 Years Later
Username: CoRocks
Posted 2003-02-19 03:55:39 and read 12159 times.

Here is the article......

Topic: RE: Saeta Plane Found 26 Years Later
Username: OPNLguy
Posted 2003-02-19 04:15:21 and read 12144 times.

Looks like it's two different aircraft...

The Nova special was on this one, found after -51- years:

August 2, 1947
A civilian version of the Lancaster bomber named Stardust disappeared over the Andes Mountains shortly before it was scheduled to land in Santiago, Chile. Minutes or even moments before the plane's tragic end, its radio operator tapped out a final, mysterious Morse code message: "STENDEC." For half a century following the disappearance, no trace of the aircraft or the 11 people on board was found. Then, in 1998, climbers high in the Andes discovered fragments of the plane coughed up by a glacier. Investigators now speculate that Stardust's navigator, not knowing that the newly identified jet stream could slow westward-flying planes, called for the plane's descent too early, before it had safely cleared the cloud-covered Andes. But the meaning of the flight's last radio transmission remains unknown

Topic: RE: Saeta Plane Found 26 Years Later
Username: HlywdCatft
Posted 2003-02-19 04:27:50 and read 12132 times.

Wow and it didnt even happen in the Bermuda Triangle

Topic: RE: Saeta Plane Found 26 Years Later
Username: Kappa13
Posted 2003-02-19 04:30:59 and read 12128 times.

OPNL guy,
Yeah that's the plane I was thinking about. My bad, I'm about 30 years too early. Anyway both are pretty interesting.


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