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Topic: VS Vs BA?
Username: Vs744
Posted 2003-03-06 12:07:18 and read 2484 times.

Im about to book a flight to NAR from LHR for Monday...should I go BA or VS?

Not sure how they compare as I have never flown BA Long Haul... plus VS use the new 346!?

Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Vs744
Posted 2003-03-06 12:21:17 and read 2446 times.

Anyone want to make a suggestion?

Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Garuda
Posted 2003-03-06 12:31:15 and read 2434 times.

What is NAR?? Do you mean NRT, New Tokyo Int'l Airport Narita??


Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Vs744
Posted 2003-03-06 12:36:31 and read 2426 times.

Doh! yeah I meant an idiot! sorry!

Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Arsenal@LHR
Posted 2003-03-06 12:44:15 and read 2417 times.

What class are you flying?

Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Sabena 690
Posted 2003-03-06 12:49:30 and read 2409 times.

Has VS 32 inch seats in economy?


Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Shamrock_747
Posted 2003-03-06 12:52:00 and read 2408 times.

I would recommend the Virgin A346. They all have the new v:port IFE system which has huge 9" screens in Economy Class and is fully interactive with movies, games, TV shows and music, plus a very good 'skymap'.

I have never flown BA long haul so I can't make a comparison, but on the 4 times I've flown Virgin the service has been excellent.


Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: FL350
Posted 2003-03-06 13:05:23 and read 2392 times.

Well I've flown on both BA and VS lonhaul(BA777, VS744) economy, and I did really enjoy both of the flights.
But now that VS has the A346 on the Tokyo route, I would get a ticket on that airline for sure. Consider also that their maybe significant differences in prices.

And I don't know if the cabin of the A346 is wider than a 744.
On ten hours plus flights it's better to have a wide cabin.


Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Mikkel777
Posted 2003-03-06 13:14:42 and read 2381 times.

The 744 has the wider cabin.

20ft/6,1m interior width in the 744, vs
17ft 4in/5,28m max interior width in the 346

All 340/330 has the same fuselage width

Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: BestWestern
Posted 2003-03-06 13:28:38 and read 2373 times.

BA.... in Business - Flat Beds, In economy - really comfortable seats, and good onboard service,.

The Virgin onboard experience has reduced dramatically of late. Pity, as they were a great airline.

Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Vs744
Posted 2003-03-06 13:50:26 and read 2352 times.

The price is irrelevant since im not paying. I noticed BA only has 85% of its fleet with seat back screens as well....

I might try and wangle world Traveller/Premium Econ...

Virgin looks the winning contender at the moment - I felw with them 2 weeks ago from JFK - LHR and they were pretty good.

Anyone know what the load factors are like on the Tokyo route?

Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Ikarus
Posted 2003-03-06 14:28:47 and read 2323 times.

Virgin, of course!

Well, if they DO have the A346 on that route, what better reason to take them? Can't comment on the service "of late" as BestWestern does (my last flight with them was in December 2001) but a year ago they still had very good service and friendly staff. Entertainment beats BA hands down (more channels, more selection, and Video on Demand with V-Port).

I've flown BA longhaul, and it's nothing special. They offer a very standard product - decent entertainment (unless you are unlucky and get a plane without PTVs) and decent service, but they don't excel in anything if you fly Economy. Now Business or Economy Plus - that might be different.



Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Airchabum
Posted 2003-03-06 14:44:55 and read 2315 times.

Hi VS744

I'd recommend VS of course as I work for them! The leg-room down the back is not great but the v:port IFE is excellent, and if you can get into Premium then all the better. Bear in mind that the Wed flt is usually a 340-300 and that sometimes a -300 is substituted on other flts if there are problems and/or the loads are low. Load factor is ok at the moment but nothing much is full due to the Iraq situation amongst other things.

I'm not sure what BA's schedule is but the VS flt arrives in NRT early morning, which is not the best time to arrive after a long flt. The flight back is a daytime flight though which is fine.

Of course, there's always JAL or ANA.......


Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: DC-10 Levo
Posted 2003-03-06 17:39:39 and read 2249 times.

Go with VS. I've flown VS twice (once on the 747 and once on the A340.) They're great.


Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Sabena332
Posted 2003-03-06 17:42:54 and read 2247 times.

BA.... in Business - Flat Beds, In economy - really comfortable seats, and good onboard service.

I agree, in December/January I flew on BA from LHR to EWR in Economy and return in Business, I enjoyed both flights in the 777 very much.


Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: B747-4U3
Posted 2003-03-06 19:51:17 and read 2208 times.

I think BA's load factor on the NRT flights at the moment is faitly low, so you might have two or three seats to yourself.

I think at the moment they are using a mix of 744s and 772s.

Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Leezyjet
Posted 2003-03-06 20:08:57 and read 2196 times.

I'd say go with VS. Flights to NRT are pretty quiet at the moment (although we are carrying sh!t loads of cargo on that route - 36,000Kgs the other day !!), so chances are you would get a whole row to yourself.

The new IFE is great. There are about 58 films and 58 TV channels to watch and loads of games, although if you have a window seat in econ or a middle aisle seat, the control box takes half the legroom.

I have flown both VS and BA longhaul in both Econ and Business, and I'd say that VS has the better service in econ and Business, but BA has the better seat in Business. The crew on VS tend to be much better looking than BA's crew too which I find helps on a 12 hour flight Big grin .

Anyway either way - enjoy the trip.


Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Carduelis
Posted 2003-03-06 20:11:53 and read 2195 times.

Twice a day BA 744s at the moment LHRNRT

Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Vs744
Posted 2003-03-07 12:14:11 and read 2102 times.

I think im going to go for VS after all your help guys!

are there really 50+ moveis on demand with Virgins latest IFE system? (v:port)

Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: Jetstreamer
Posted 2003-03-07 20:14:09 and read 2018 times.

Yes, there are 50+ movies on v:port plus multiple TV channels, cd jukebox, games etc etc.

I've just got back from Narita and the loads were very light in Economy. Premium Economy was full and Upper Class was three quarters full.

As mentioned above, the A340-600 may be substituted by the A340-300 due to the loads. We were supposed to fly back on the A346 today however it was changed to the A343.

Topic: RE: VS Vs BA?
Username: BA777
Posted 2003-03-07 22:11:22 and read 1984 times.


Would it be possible for you to email me please? I know you must get LOADS of requests, but please, I'd really love it if you could! if you have the time, thanks!!


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