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Topic: Will Airbus Adhere To JetBlue's Request?
Username: John
Posted 2003-04-04 04:25:23 and read 3237 times.

Will they build an A320-300 or A320.5 as some have referred? How many MORE seats would an A321 have, as opposed to a (2 frame?) stretch of the A320? With JetBlue's increasing emphasis on longer haul transcon flying, it would seem to me that the A321-200 would be just as economical for them. How many more seats are we talking about here, anyway? 20? Just a curious observation. Any JetBlue people lurking, please feel free to chime in on the conversation, would like to get your take on the subject.

Topic: RE: Will Airbus Adhere To JetBlue's Request?
Username: AirT85
Posted 2003-04-04 04:30:15 and read 3206 times.

I believe in normal 2 class configurations the A320 seats 150 and the A321 seats the difference would probably end up around 40-50 or so seats in all one class?


Topic: RE: Will Airbus Adhere To JetBlue's Request?
Username: Sllevin
Posted 2003-04-04 05:19:22 and read 3097 times.

My guess is that it's not going to happen. I don't think Airbus wants to slice and dice the line quite so finely without significant orders, and it doesn't look like anyone else is jumping in on this.

Right now Airbus has a lot on the plate.... short of orders for 100+ airframes, I doubt it'll happen.


Topic: RE: Will Airbus Adhere To JetBlue's Request?
Username: Jwenting
Posted 2003-04-04 07:41:39 and read 2921 times.

Let's see, when AirTran goes to Boeing for a stretched 717 people scream murder when Boeing decides it's not economical and say AirTran should buy Airbus in the future.

When JetBlue goes to Airbus for a stretched 320 and Airbus says no JetBlue should just buy another Airbus instead?

P.S. Just asking, IMO neither manufacturer should produce something if there's no market for it.

Topic: JetBlue Is Loyal Though.
Username: UN_B732
Posted 2003-04-04 15:18:37 and read 2734 times.

jetBlue is Loyal, going out for an A320 which they would probably ask for a lot, over time. If Airbus is too mean to go out for their customers, I woudl spit in Airbus' face and choose the 737NG. airTran is loyal also, and if BOEING won't go out of their way, I would spit in their face. The problem with that though. Is that they would need to sell All Those A320s and 717s which probably wouln't happen. And the PR would be ridiculous
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Topic: RE: Will Airbus Adhere To JetBlue's Request?
Username: Greg
Posted 2003-04-04 16:11:59 and read 2656 times.

Per AW&ST, Airbus has stated there is not enough market demand to warrant a two row extension (for anyone). I believe they have suggested that the 321 can be substituted in cases where greater capacity warrants.

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