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Topic: PIA To Install EFB On 777
Username: Airmale
Posted 2003-05-13 08:30:37 and read 3480 times.

PK will be installing Jeppesen Electronic Flight Bags on three of their 777-200, making them the first Asian carrier to do so. The EFB provides documentation and forms normally carried by the pilots aeronautical charts, manuals for fault reporting and operations, mimimum equipment lists and log books all in digital format at the vrews fingertips, it aslo includes a weight and balance calculator that allows the pilot to calculate the ideal speeds and engine setting for an aircraft on any runway with any payload while enhancing runway positional awareness. EFB integrate geo-referencing technology with airport taxi charts to showflight crews exactly their location on the tarmac and gives flight crew a monitor for cabin surveillence helping them meet new and anticipated regulatory requirements.

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