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Topic: Walking Around Goodyear/Pinal/Mojave?
Username: Setjet
Posted 2003-06-30 09:21:36 and read 1513 times.

I saw numerous great pictures in the database from different airplane "graveyards" such as Goodyear, Pinal Air Park or Mojave.

Next month I will be flying though the Southwest in a chartered Cessna and was wondering what the policies of these airports is in regards of people who want to walk around and take pictures after they landed with their own aircraft.

Possible, or not really?

Topic: RE: Walking Around Goodyear/Pinal/Mojave?
Username: L-188
Posted 2003-06-30 09:26:11 and read 1507 times.

Write off Pinal.

Security is one of the selling points that Evergreen ususe when marketing their aircraft storage facility.

However it is a public use airport, so if you want to go and do some touch and go's in that Cessna you can.

Just have somebody else fly if you are snapping photos.

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