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Topic: Companion Air-The Airline For Pets
Username: Venuscat2
Posted 2003-07-08 06:34:53 and read 2893 times.

Has anybody ever heard of this? Sounds like it will probably be operated as a charter airline (if it ever takes to the skies at all).

Topic: RE: Companion Air-The Airline For Pets
Username: Jcs17
Posted 2003-07-08 06:58:49 and read 2872 times.

This is the most alarming thing to come around since Naked Air. Their prices are insane, and the animal still has to be in a kennel for the entire flight. Do you really think the animal will care that you paid $2000 to fly it from LGA-ATL? Will it thank you later? Will it reimburse you? I think the animal would rather be in the cargo hold of a DL MD-88 for 2.5 hours than be in the cabin of a PC-12 for 4 hours during thunderstorms.

Oh well, if you have the cash....

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