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Topic: Anyone Been To GIB?
Username: ACEregular
Posted 2003-08-15 01:07:24 and read 1658 times.

Must be one of the most amazing little airports if not in the world then Europe definately.

I flew there on a daytrip in 1996 with Airtours International on a Boeing 757-200 G-JALC. When I saw what I was boarding I really was curious to see what the landing would be like at such a small airfield.

I remember the appoach - just about full flaps and very heavy breaking, and to see what looks like a level crossing decelerate past is truely bizarre, because that is exactly what it is.

Anyone else ever flown into Gibraltar? If not do you know of any unusual airports like this elsewhere?

Topic: RE: Anyone Been To GIB?
Username: Pzurita1
Posted 2003-08-15 01:32:15 and read 1641 times.

I have been to GIB, but not flying. I crossed that level crossing you mentioned in order to get into the city coming from Spain... Quite odd! That made me remember what my father told me about the little airstrip used in his birthtown when he was a kid (Frontera, Tabasco, MEXICO).

Part of this airstrip was also shared with the local and tiny Baseball stadium; Left field was the end of the airstrip. So, it happened that games needed to be suspended when an incoming flight was arriving. No need to tell that only a/c landing there in those times were small Pipers and Cessnas. However, it was strange to call-off a ball game due to PLANE-landing!!!!


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