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Topic: UAL Cabin Chimes
Username: Svtdriver
Posted 2003-08-20 10:00:53 and read 3244 times.

Can anyone explain what the cabin chimes mean on a UAL flight?

I fly this airline frequently and seem to THINK I know, but would like to hear it from someone in the know.

After take-off, there are 2 chimes. I assume this signals to the flight attendants it is safe to get up, etc.

Sometimes during a flight you hear a high-low chime, and sometimes 2 high-low chimes. Is this simply paging the other flight attendants?


Topic: RE: UAL Cabin Chimes
Username: Tekelberry
Posted 2003-08-20 10:05:22 and read 3224 times.

Just guessing...

After take off, that is the 10,000 ft chime singnaling the FAs to begin their service.

The 1 chime during flight is when someone calls for an FA. The 2 chimes during flight means that the seat belt sign has either just been turned on or off.

Topic: RE: UAL Cabin Chimes
Username: Svtdriver
Posted 2003-08-20 10:17:01 and read 3213 times.

Ahh, thanks.

Additionally, I noticed that the no smoking sign gets turned off briefly, then back on again. I believe I read at one time that this was actually caused by some other action other than deliberately meaning to turn it off/on.


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