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Topic: Club World Seats In The 747 200?
Username: KQ777
Posted 2003-09-06 01:23:17 and read 4020 times.

Quick question: what were the seats like in the old BA 742s? Did they have the flat bed seats in Club World? What was First like? Were there PTVs installed in any of the cabins? I miss those aircraft so much!
Thanks for any insight

Topic: RE: Club World Seats In The 747 200?
Username: CODC10
Posted 2003-09-06 01:33:06 and read 4003 times.

At the time of retirement (I last flew on one in early 2001), the 747 Classic fleet at BA had the new "pod" First Class seats and the Club World Cradle seats, the class on which I flew. We had rather small PTV screens at each seat, with a somewhat limited selection of programming, but I remember the seat to be fairly comfortable, with very good service. In early 2002 I was comped to First Class on an LHR-EWR on a 747-400, and was blown away by the service. There were 5 of us in the front cabin (I was in 2A IIRC, looking forward), and we received tremendous food, service, entertainment, and a great 3 hour nap in between the meal services (which were served at our time preference). Unfortunately I missed out on First on the Classic, but I can imagine it was a similarly excellent experience.

Topic: RE: Club World Seats In The 747 200?
Username: AV8AJET
Posted 2003-09-06 05:33:47 and read 3916 times.

I had the pleasure of flying the -200 in both First and Club. They had only the "cradle" seat in Club and as CODC10 mentioned the "pod" First Cabin. Excellent service and comfort in both cabins. I also experienced the same configuration on the B747-400, and B777 in First with the "pod" seating, all great! PTV's were a little small with little cassette selections available from a "menu" type system along with the onboard feature films and programs. I thought the cassette system was quite nice being able to watch your movie at your own convenience. No PVT's on the classic 747-200 that I took in economy from ORD - LHR a few years back, only in First and Club.

Topic: RE: Club World Seats In The 747 200?
Username: SR 103
Posted 2003-09-06 06:20:04 and read 3889 times.

Like the others have said C never got the new full flat seats. They had the old cradle seats and I was lucky enough to fly one of these birds August 2001 shortly before they were retired. Here is a link to the trip report I wrote back then.
Hope that answers some of your questions.

I miss those aircraft so much!

I could not agree more! They are wonderful planes and my all time favorite aircraft. I was lucky enough to fly a 742 this July on Northwest. I fear it was my last though!

SR 103

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