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Topic: Registration Position
Username: Futterman
Posted 2003-09-26 03:17:17 and read 1478 times.

on all aircraft, the registration is displayed on the aft end, near the empennage or engines [rj's, s80, etc].

in addition, i sparatically see registrations under the wing, especially on 747s and classic props/jets. is there any specific reson as to why its not displayed under the wing on most aircraft, but it is on others?

Topic: RE: Registration Position
Username: Shenzhen
Posted 2003-09-26 04:23:58 and read 1449 times.

It all has to do with the country requirements from which the airplane is on register.

Topic: RE: Registration Position
Username: B747skipper
Posted 2003-09-26 05:31:58 and read 1428 times.

Actually, ICAO recommends (there ARE NO ICAO RULES, just recommendations) that registration be shown on the upper surface of the RH wing, the lower surface of the LH wing, and the sides of the aircraft, near or on the tail... but as Shenzen says correctly, many countries... do not abide by such practices...
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Topic: RE: Registration Position
Username: Vimanav
Posted 2003-09-26 22:32:14 and read 1393 times.

Apart from the positions mentioned above, you are likely to see the last alphanumerics of the reg on the nose-wheel door and the last letter or last two letters of the reg in the centre just above the windshield.


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