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Topic: Return Of The Jumbos...
Username: 764
Posted 2003-09-27 23:06:12 and read 3307 times.

I really don't mind the 777s, but I was still happy to find out that after years of just using 767s and 777s on all transatlantic and virtually all domestic routes (aside from the narrowbodies of course), there will be Unites 744s in the air between IAD and ORD and also between IAD and LHR again from November. That's a really cool thing and it proves that passengers are coming back (not that I hadn't already noticed - on my past twenty flights or so I haven't had an empty seat next to me, which used to happen a lot before). Let's hope the TSA doesn't scare them away again (I certainly wouldn't want to go through a machine that makes me appear on the screen naked.......).

OK, maybe this is old news, but I am really excited about it.

Topic: RE: Return Of The Jumbos...
Username: Elwood64151
Posted 2003-09-28 01:37:51 and read 3151 times.

Actually, don't be too surprised if they begin to deploy such devices. Back when night-vision video cameras first became available to the public, some people forgot to turn the night-vision off during the day, and found they could see through people's clothes.

They have since turned down the sensitivity of the night-vision devices, but don't be too surprised if they deploy this for security screening in the US.

I'm certain to be politically correct, they'll offer men's-only and women's-only lines.

Gee, the only way to hide a weapon on your person then would be to shove it up your... uh... nevermind...

Topic: RE: Return Of The Jumbos...
Username: Elwood64151
Posted 2003-09-28 01:38:48 and read 3146 times.

Almost forgot to mention:

Glad to see UA is doing better in pax-load. I hope it's not at the expense of yeild.

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