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Topic: The New Pan Am
Username: Jeffrey1970
Posted 2003-09-30 01:45:49 and read 4136 times.

Has anyone flown on the new Pan Am (Pan Am III), or Boston-Main airways? If so where did you fly on them? And what where they like?

God bless through Jesus with love,


Topic: RE: The New Pan Am
Username: Flyboyaz
Posted 2003-09-30 01:56:01 and read 4061 times.

I haven't flown on them but their website is

Topic: RE: The New Pan Am
Username: DeltAirlines
Posted 2003-09-30 02:12:10 and read 3985 times.

I've been meaning to fly on them for a while. They are semi-cheap for a joy flight MHT-PSM-MHT...I think around $60. I definetely will need to ride on them before I leave Massachusetts (most likely next year sometime), as it will be one of my last chances to fly a 727.


Topic: RE: The New Pan Am
Username: B747skipper
Posted 2003-09-30 02:24:35 and read 3909 times.

I hope that you realize that the "new PanAm" does not have any relation with the "old" PanAm... That company "bought" the name and logo... as far as we know, no employees, were from the real PanAm...
(s) Skipper

Topic: RE: The New Pan Am
Username: Jeffrey1970
Posted 2003-09-30 03:22:47 and read 3803 times.

Yes I know that. I think they are now based out of either Manchester, NH or Portsmith, NH.

Topic: RE: The New Pan Am
Username: Pacificflyer
Posted 2003-09-30 03:38:58 and read 3746 times.

They are based out of Portsmouth with a Southern hub in Orlando/Sanford for their Caribbean service. I have flown them round trip a couple of years back from SFB to PSM and hope to take another trip soon. Nice leg room and great service! Very attentive F/As and friendly! Yes, most people if not all realize that this Pan Am have nothing to do with the former Pan Am but with that aside, heck, the name is back in the air! woo hoo! I have the pleasure of seeing them flying over my head coming down low into SFB almost everyday, such majestic beauty! 727 in Pan Am colours...ahhh bliss.

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