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Topic: Any Way To Check Load Factors?
Username: BMIA330
Posted 2003-11-01 22:49:19 and read 4014 times.

Is there any way to check load factors for flights BESIDES using because it will not work with WN. I just need something that will tell me how many people will be on the flight. I am hoping there is somekind of link to another site, but here is the information.

November 15. 2003

Southwest flight 1335
Departs MDW- 8:40am
Arrives DTW- 10:35am


November 15, 2003

Southwest flight 268
Departs DTW- 2:15pm
Arrives MDW- 2:15pm


Topic: RE: Any Way To Check Load Factors?
Username: Unattendedbag
Posted 2003-11-03 03:02:49 and read 3915 times.

I would suggest submitting a job application with said airline.

Topic: RE: Any Way To Check Load Factors?
Username: Iahcsr
Posted 2003-11-03 05:57:13 and read 3823 times.

That sort of info is very much a proprietors thing. No Airline is going to have it on a public website. Airline employee sites are another matter.

Topic: RE: Any Way To Check Load Factors?
Username: IndustrialPate
Posted 2003-11-03 05:58:35 and read 3817 times.

You won't find that information. However, (sign up for a free account, log-in to view advanced information) will show you available seats for sale in various fare buckets... the lower the number, the more persons on the flight.

Topic: RE: Any Way To Check Load Factors?
Username: Unattendedbag
Posted 2003-11-04 04:58:18 and read 3735 times.

Posting load factors for your airline could be spell disaster for your airline. Say, for example, American posted load factors on a certain flight segment. Southwest could come along a see if that flight segment was worth competing for or not. If AA seats were consistantly empty, then WN would have no reason to introduce themselves into that market. If the market was underserved (more passengers than seats available), WN would definitely consider taking some of those passengers away from AA.

Load factors are tightly held secrets for each airline.

Other than submitting an application with Southwest, I suggest you buy a couple of tickets and start counting heads.

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