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Topic: British Airways: Fully Privatized?
Username: ILoveORD
Posted 2003-11-12 07:45:55 and read 2045 times.

I'm working on an econ. paper about airline privatization. I realize most European national/flag carriers are largely funded by the state and up until now, assumed BA was also. However, I've come across a book that says Margaret Thatcher pushed for an intiative to fully privatize BA in 1987. Anyway, my questions are these: is BA now 100% private? If so, what its current financial situation and does it receive aid from the goverment to prevent it from going under during the aviation slump? Where can I find info. regarding this matter.


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Topic: RE: British Airways: Fully Privatized?
Username: Planenutz
Posted 2003-11-12 08:11:53 and read 2029 times.

According to the 2002-2003 BA Annual Report the shareholder spread is as follows:

Individual shareholders = 15.29%
Banks = 81.22%
Insurance companies = .16%
Pension Trusts = .91%
Investment Trusts = .02%
Other Corporations = 2.40%

It would appear that no part of BA is government owned or operated.

A full copy of the BA Annual Report for 02-03 can be downloaded in .pdf format here:

Topic: RE: British Airways: Fully Privatized?
Username: Crosswind
Posted 2003-11-12 16:56:09 and read 1960 times.

BA was fully privatised in 1987, when the company became British Airways plc.

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