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Topic: Reservation Agent Salaries?
Username: 747buff
Posted 2003-11-13 22:20:32 and read 1793 times.

What is the starting pay for res agents at the major US airlines? I know NW is $11.74, and WN is $8.75, but no other airlines have this listed in their job descriptions. Thanks.


Topic: RE: Reservation Agent Salaries?
Username: Sabena332
Posted 2003-11-13 22:30:24 and read 1770 times.

Oh this is a good topic, information about the salaries of office employees of foreign airlines in their offices in London/England are also welcome. Do they pay like in their countries of origin, or do they adjust the salaries to the cost of living in London?

Any information is appreciated!


Topic: RE: Reservation Agent Salaries?
Username: EA CO AS
Posted 2003-11-13 23:02:50 and read 1736 times.

Starting pay at Alaska (under the current contract) is $9.46/hr, with increases at the six month mark, and then each year following.

Top-of-scale pay is currently $18.70/hr, taking 11 years to reach this mark.

Agents working second shift (starting between 1200-2059 local time) receive a shift differential of $0.51/hr, with third shift agents (starting between 2100-0459 local time) making a differential of $0.58/hr.

Agents also receive "longevity pay," after six years of service, based on one cent ($0.01) per hour, per year for each subsequent year, topping out at a maximum of $0.10 per hour.

Lead Agents (supervisors) are given a shift differential of $1.25/hr.

Under a new contract extension agreement with the company, the base wages will go up by 4%, with the extension expiring on March 31, 2004.

Topic: RE: Reservation Agent Salaries?
Username: 747buff
Posted 2003-11-14 03:07:50 and read 1673 times.

Doesn't anyone else know about this??  Confused

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