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Topic: Lufthansa's Crane
Username: Kevin752
Posted 2003-11-15 18:15:45 and read 3238 times.

I was wondering what type of crane that is currently on the tale of all lufthansa's planes.

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Topic: RE: Lufthansa's Crane
Username: Kilavoud
Posted 2003-11-15 19:17:05 and read 3101 times.

Lufthansa's emblem is the Common Crane and the company is involved in Crane protection schemes in Germany and Spain. The work group Crane Protection Germany was founded in 1991 by the Nature Protection Association (Naturschutzbund NABU) and WWF-Germany. It promotes measures - with significant support from Lufthansa - that maintain secure breeding, gathering and resting areas in Germany and contribute to international crane protection.

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Topic: RE: Lufthansa's Crane
Username: Kilavoud
Posted 2003-11-15 19:20:26 and read 3082 times.

something more :

Flag adopted 1930, abolished 1945, readopted 1954$lh.html


Topic: RE: Lufthansa's Crane
Username: Airsicknessbag
Posted 2003-11-16 16:08:22 and read 2927 times.

Lufthansa┬┤s crane logo dates back to 1918 which makes it possibly the oldest airline logo in continuous use.

Deutsche Luft-Reederei adopted the crane in 1918. They later merged into Deutsche Aero-Lloyd. Then, in 1926, DAL and Junkers Luftverkehr formed Deutsche Luft Hansa; the crane came from DAL, the blue-and-yellow colours from Junkers.

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