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Topic: DL To Increase ATH Service For Olympics
Username: FlyPNS1
Posted 2003-11-25 14:53:46 and read 4080 times.

Starting June 2, 2004, DL will add three weekly flights from JFK to ATH to handle additional traffic expected for the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Nice to see DL working to get a little more of the Olympic traffic. It's probably the only transatlantic increase DL will do at JFK in 2004.

Topic: RE: DL To Increase ATH Service For Olympics
Username: ScottysAir
Posted 2003-11-25 15:59:18 and read 3972 times.

Well, this is great news for added more flight out of JFK to ATH. How is those load factors were doing out of JFK-ATH flight? Is that possible for getting more people going on their trip to ATH?

Topic: RE: DL To Increase ATH Service For Olympics
Username: N670UW
Posted 2003-11-25 16:03:43 and read 3961 times.

I wonder if any other U.S. carriers will fly to ATH for the Olympics (e.g. CO EWR-ATH, etc.) or if they'll just rely on their European partners.

Topic: RE: DL To Increase ATH Service For Olympics
Username: MSYtristar
Posted 2003-11-25 17:59:32 and read 3860 times.

EWR-ATH with a 762ER would probably be a very good year-round route for Continental, perhaps a thrice-weekly service.

Over the years we haven't seen an abundance of U.S-Greece direct service. Pan Am used to fly it from JFK with a 747, TWA flight #880/881 operated JFK-ATH with a 747, and that's pretty much it I think...besides the current DL 763ER flights. Let's not forget about the old Olympic 742's which flew to JFK and BOS.

I'm sure the abundance of alliances between U.S/European carriers have something to do with this lack of nonstop service...might as well have the passengers connect from NW to KL in AMS to catch a flight down to ATH.

Stephen in New Orleans

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