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Topic: PIA To CPH Question
Username: Behramjee
Posted 2003-12-04 22:43:38 and read 1961 times.

I was wondering as to why PIA sends B 743s in the summer to CPH-Copenhagen and the rest of the year A 310-300s???

Is there that much extra demand between June and late August for PIAs flights to CPH from PAK and vice versa???

If I recall when they started the CPH route too the flight was by a B 743 KHI-ISB-CPH-BHX and OSLO too has sometimes seen PKs B 743s.

Any input on this shall be appreciated, as well as an update on how the loads are on PKs European and USA-CAN flights...thanks  Smile

Topic: RE: PIA To CPH Question
Username: MadViking
Posted 2003-12-05 02:43:52 and read 1863 times.

Past liberal immigration policies saw a flood of Pakistanis fleeing to Denmark and Norway. Mainly males first establishing themselves before bringing the rest of their family. Most filled light blue collar vacancies, fitting in with the warm, slow paced, friendly Scandinavians. With many small established communities flourishing, and offspring always on the way, one would suppose the elders would want to keep visiting their roots during the summer holidays.

BTW, Copenhagen has been operated for a long time since the 707 days. And during the late 80's one flight, a 742 was continuing on to JFK. When SAS was pulling out of Karachi the Pakistani CAA threatened to revoke SAS's overflying rights, which would have hampered the CPH-BKK-SIN route. As a concession, CPH was offered to PK with fifth freedom rights to NYC as long as SAS was allowed to overfly Pakistan. PK took the bait, started the route but pulled out in about a year because very little traffic was actually being picked up. SAS had such a strong hold with it's partnership with Continental that Northwest exited Scandinavia and TWA also tried a brief battle before bowing out.

Eventually A300s visited CPH via Athens but later 310s and 742s were operated nonstop once a week.

Topic: RE: PIA To CPH Question
Username: Behramjee
Posted 2003-12-05 03:07:58 and read 1850 times.

PIA used to fly in 2001-02 also CPH-YYZ on A 310s twice a week...did they have 5th freedom pax-cargo rights on this route too?

Yeah I recall reading old PK timetables concerning CPH-JFK flights on B 742s.

I think PIA should have ordered used A 300-600Rs from AIRBUS instead of 6 A 310s as the AB6s are better replacement for their AB4s plus hold more cargo than then A 310s on key routes to the Gulf-India and Far East!!!

Also from CPH, do many ppl from there fly PIA to the Middle East-India-Far East via KHI??? They can now with India and Pakistan restarting flights via land and overflight from Jan 1st 04.

How are PKs loads doing to ATH/FCO/ZRH/CDG/BHX and FRA with A 310s? I know Man and Lhr are usually sold out for most of the year. Lastly why did PIA abandon the DXB-LHR route??? It was doing pretty ok as it was much cheaper than EK-BA on this route and many ppl used to fly PIAs B 742 Combi because of the cheap fare!

Topic: RE: PIA To CPH Question
Username: Gamps
Posted 2003-12-05 03:10:10 and read 1852 times.

Not sure about CPH, but I believe Oslo is a pretty good route for PIA. I had a colleague - Norway born Pakistani - whose father as earlier poster said had migrated to Norway long back.

Also he used to boast that, Norway is probably the only country in the world (ofcourse except Pakistan) where Pakistanis outnumber Indians! Pakistanis went there to work primarily in ship building industry and even now there is a pretty big Pakistani community in Norway. So I guess PIA's twice a week (?) flight would be full with VFR traffic.


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