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Topic: Status Of LHR To SAN?
Username: ConcordeBoy
Posted 2003-12-11 17:13:32 and read 2519 times.

Has BA yet make it clear whether they were killing LHR-SAN, or just suspending it for now?

Topic: RE: Status Of LHR To SAN?
Username: Coronado990
Posted 2003-12-11 17:49:26 and read 2474 times.

I asked our BA rep the same question with no response. (I take that back...he sent us a generic news release stating that we can now use HP for connections at PHX...Oh joy!).

I had a conversation with VS right after 9/11 (expecting BA to pull out back then) and Virgin Atlantic indicated they would like to serve SAN if it was not for BA already being here. Therefore, I think BA will keep this route in limbo (suspended) as long as possible to block VS from entering the market. At San Diego's expense of course.

The passengers are here and Europeans love San Diego. There are only a few remaining gates at Lindbergh and those are the international ones. I am hedging my bet that KL will be here before the Brits works it out. KL now has the 777-200ER, perfect for this airport, and the new person in charge in promoting air service to SAN is an ex-KLM rep from NY.

Topic: RE: Status Of LHR To SAN?
Username: LambertMan
Posted 2003-12-11 17:52:11 and read 2467 times.

KLM? Good luck with that one. I would bet on LH waaayyy before KL. Anyways I thought the flight was supposed to be suspended. They did this once before when they ran DC-10's into SAN and then came back, we'll see.

Topic: RE: Status Of LHR To SAN?
Username: Redwarf
Posted 2003-12-11 17:55:42 and read 2455 times.

BA has only suspended service to SAN - a return as early as next spring has not been ruled out by the airline.

News link:

Seeing that I live about 30 miles north of Lindbergh, BA flights from my area would be quite convenient, since I wouldn't have to battle my way up the notorious SoCal highway system to LAX...

Topic: RE: Status Of LHR To SAN?
Username: ConcordeBoy
Posted 2003-12-11 18:07:29 and read 2420 times.

hmm, perhaps seasonal?

Topic: RE: Status Of LHR To SAN?
Username: Flyboy7974
Posted 2003-12-11 22:50:05 and read 2247 times.

i would think that san will be gone forever, i was in san last week for a couple of hours, and talked with the reps there that worked the flights, and the BA flight had very low yield, and was used mostly for reward travel. she mentioned that overall, ups and downs, the flight monthly would run around a 60% load factor, and would only jump when BA ran heavily discounted fares in the market. i think that BA got smart and needed their LHR slots for other routes

Topic: RE: Status Of LHR To SAN?
Username: Trvlr
Posted 2003-12-11 23:17:14 and read 2267 times.

While the flight proved unsuccessful for BA during the months leading up to its suspension, we must remember that there were very important extenuating circumstances. Not only was there 9/11 and SARS, but also the Iraq war.

Once the economy settles into expansionary mode (fairly soon, I should imagine), I am certain we will see the return of transatlantic service. If served correctly, the market has major potential.

Personally, I think we would see LH here before KLM, but not by much! Amsterdam is the 2nd biggest O&D city out of SAN, after London (this information verified by the Director for Airport Business and Administration during the Port District era). With partnership agreements with Northwest and Continental already in place, plus the inevitable tie-up with Delta and SkyTeam, KLM could leverage connection opportunities for the San Diego market in a way British Airways never could. The same goes for Lufthansa and its relationship to United and US Airways. Remember, British Airways had zero revenue-generating assistance from American Airlines, due to antitrust restrictions. One reason why British Airways temprorarily failed in San Diego, but found amazing success in Phoenix, is the America West codeshare arrangement. For medium-sized markets like San Diego, Phoenix, or Portland, domestic partnership agreements are essential, and that's something BA just never had here.

At any rate, if nobody beats them to it, I think we'll see BA back here by next year. Probably as an extension of PHX (going to a 747 this summer!) or LAX.

Aaron G.

Topic: RE: Status Of LHR To SAN?
Username: Timf
Posted 2003-12-15 07:26:53 and read 2024 times.

When I was at SAN around Thanksgiving, the signage at the BA ticket counter had been removed, although the airport signage still showed British Airways. It doesn't look like they'll be back any time soon.

Topic: RE: Status Of LHR To SAN?
Username: FlyLAX
Posted 2003-12-15 07:51:56 and read 1988 times.

Why doesnt BA send a 777 to LAX?

Topic: RE: Status Of LHR To SAN?
Username: Brons2
Posted 2003-12-15 08:07:22 and read 1970 times.

Seems like a smaller plane may be in order in the SAN-Europe market. Perhaps a 332 or even a 763 might be ideal. At 4766nm, it should not present a problem to either.

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