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Topic: 100 Years Of Flight Today
Username: Noelg
Posted 2003-12-17 10:36:02 and read 3734 times.

Well here we are - 100 years ago today Wilbur and Orville Wright took off on the first powered flight.

What do you think have been the most influential aviation moments of the last century - and where will we be in another 100 years? Happy things as well as bad?

Imo, the most defining moments of the last 100 years:

1919 - Alcock & Brown first to fly across the Atlantic (Vickers Vimy)

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Photo © Gerry Hill

1947 - First Supersonic Flight by Chuck Yeager

1969 - The year of the 747, Concorde and the first moon landing

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Photo © Wilsam Cheung

1977 - The worst air disaster of the 20th century - KLM and Pan Am 747s collide at Tenerife

1981 - The first Space Shuttle has it's first mission

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Photo © Richard Hardoon

1986 - The Challenger Disaster - the potential danger of space travel is bought into the spotlight

2001 - September 11th - The worst terrorist attack in history, 2800 people killed, and the moment that the world came together, determined to put an end to terrorism


2003 - Concorde makes its final voyage

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Photo © Thierry Ducros

The last century has had its high and low points - the question is as always what does the future have in store for us?

Topic: RE: 100 Years Of Flight Today
Username: Duke
Posted 2003-12-17 10:42:12 and read 3710 times.

I believe that Yeager broke the sound barrier in 1951. But maybe I'm mixing something up.

Topic: RE: 100 Years Of Flight Today
Username: Tokolosh
Posted 2003-12-17 10:42:58 and read 3706 times.

Glad you started this thread because the other ones have deteriorated into juvenile bickering. Let's try to keep this positive!

I just hope the next 100 years will see as much progress in aviation as the last 100, and hopefully all peaceful.

Happy anniversary!

Topic: RE: 100 Years Of Flight Today
Username: MITaero
Posted 2003-12-17 11:15:33 and read 3657 times.

Definitely feeling good about being an aerospace engineer today.

I know this is cliche, but it's crazy how long mankind must have looked at birds and wondered how they could fly, trying to imitate them in vain. I believe that the point at which men learned to succeed in this pursuit was one of the great turning points in history. The changes brought about as a result in the past 100 years are obvious, but taken for granted by most. It's nice to have a community like this where people care as much as I do.

Happy anniversary, and let's look forward to the future of flight and space exploration.

Topic: RE: 100 Years Of Flight Today
Username: Aussieboggie
Posted 2003-12-17 11:36:23 and read 3628 times.

1903 - Wright Brothers make the world's first POWERED flight
1907 - First helicopter flight by Paul Cornu in France
1909 - First cross English Channel flight by Frenchman Louis Bleriot on the Bleriot XI
1909 - The world's first passanser airplane of Zeppelin Airship is formed, carrying 35,000 passengers in 5 years.
1914 - First airline begin
1914 - World War I, rapid advancement in aircraft development
1917 - Pacific Aero Products Company changes its name to Boeing airplane company, and Boeing is established
1919 - The first non-stop flight across the Atlantic
1919 - First international commercial passanger flight between Paris and Brussels
1923 - The first non-stop US coast-to-coast
1924 - First round the world flight by US Air Army Service in 175 days
1925 - World's first inflight movie is shown
1927 - Charles Lindbergh makes the first solo flight over the Atlantic
1927 - First transoceaonic flight from Oakland, CA to Honolulu, Hawaii.
1929 - The first flight over Antartica takes place
1929 - The world's first flight over the South Pole
1929 - First rocket-powered plane by Fritz Opel of Germany
1931 - The first non-stop flight across the Pacific
1931 - First jet engine by Britain's Frank Whittle.
1932 - Amelia Earhart is the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic
1933 - Wily Post completes the first round-the-world solo flight
1933 - The world's first airliner Boeing 247 with 10 pax onboard.
1935 - First airway traffic control centre at Newark, NJ.
1935 - First succesful pssanger airliner, the DC-3 was the first plane to make a profit solely on pax service. 21 pax onboard.
1936 - First pressurized cabin by Lockheed Aircraft Corp
1939 - World War II. huge advancement in combat aircraft and bombers.
1940 - First flight of Boeing Stratoliner
1947 - Flight faster than sound, the Bell X-I
1951 - The introduction of Tourist/Economy/Coach/Y Class
1954 - First Boeing 707, also the first jet airliner succesfully enters the pax service
1957 - World's first satellite, Russian Sputnik I
1958 - More than a million flew over the Atlantic, surpass the total of Atlantic Steamship pax
1961 - FIRST MAN IN SPACE. Yuri Gagrin, orbited on Vostok I spacecraft
1969 - First concorde's flight
1969 - First MAN ON THE MOON. Neil Armstrong
1970 - The first wide bodied jet Boeing 747 starts service and seats for 400+ pax.
1970 - Airbus is formed
1975 - Video games are first introduced onboard flights
1976 - First aircraft on Mars, Viking I that is.
1981 - First space shuttle launch
1984 - World's first inflight telephone is introduced
1997 - MH B772 breaks the world record for the longest non-stop flight:
1999 - Airbus outshine Boeing in sales for the first time
2001 - First space tourist, American bizman Denis Tito paid $20 mil. for a place on Russian Solyuz.
2001 - MH B772 is the first twin engine commercial aircraft to fly over North Pole
2001 - MH is the first Asian carrier to fly over polar route
2003 - Concorde makes it final flight on 24 October 2003

Compiled from/Courtesy of The Discovery Channel/Malaysia Airlines:

Topic: RE: 100 Years Of Flight Today
Username: Noelg
Posted 2003-12-17 12:58:04 and read 3571 times.

It is difficult to believe that just 100 years ago the airplane was just being invented - the advances in technology have been phenomenal!

I like the quote from John Glenn:

"Whatever we were able to do we were able to do because we stood on the shoulders of others,"

Topic: RE: 100 Years Of Flight Today
Username: American 767
Posted 2003-12-17 13:32:54 and read 3511 times.

Aussieboggie, thanks for your report all about the first 100 years of flight. That's a very nice chronicle that you did.
But let me add a few more things:
1919: KLM, the oldest airline still in business today, is formed
1952: First jetliner in revenue service: the DH Comet
1976: Concorde enters service with Air France and British Airways
1985: First twin jet to fly accross the Atlantic Ocean: TWA B767
1991: Pan Am folds its wings
2000: Concorde is grounded / Airbus announces a super jumbo: the A380
2003: Boeing unveils a new aircraft: the 7E7

Great review !!!!  Smile

Ben Soriano
Brussels Belgium

Topic: RE: 100 Years Of Flight Today
Username: ConcordeBOAC
Posted 2003-12-17 13:49:37 and read 3489 times.

"1954 - First Boeing 707, also the first jet airliner succesfully enters the pax service"


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