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Topic: Moderator Vacancies
Username: Henks
Posted 2004-01-14 10:48:36 and read 2399 times. would like to acquire some new moderators to add to our staff.

We require that:
-you are a team player and communicate well with others
-you are devoted to improving the quality of our forums
-you have been active in posting on the forums for at least 9 months
-you have a email account that will accept lots of emails.
-you have free time to devote browsing the forums

In your application, include:
Full name and username
Email (work and business)
Geographic location
A brief description of WHY you want to become a moderator

Please email us at with the subject "New Moderator Application"

Applications will be accepted until midnight, "Johan time", on January 15, 2004

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Topic: RE: Moderator Vacancies
Username: Jhooper
Posted 2004-01-14 10:49:53 and read 2383 times. asks that you to PLEASE do not post about this in our other forums. We only want to keep it in site related. Please respect our wishes.

did you mean to do that??

Topic: RE: Moderator Vacancies
Username: Henks
Posted 2004-01-14 11:18:00 and read 2277 times.

Well, we do not want any discussion here. Any public questions etc. should be posted in "Site related".


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