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Topic: Icelandair From Luxembourg
Username: CKT789
Posted 2004-01-21 14:20:34 and read 4150 times.

When did Icelandair stop flying from Luxembourg to the US (via Iceland)? Does anyone know why they were stopped?

I know that Luxembourg doesn't have a transatlantic link anymore, the last operator being Tarom who called in from Bucharest on the way to New York in 2002 but this only lasted a couple of months.

Topic: RE: Icelandair From Luxembourg
Username: SN-A330
Posted 2004-01-21 14:45:04 and read 4080 times.

I flew Icelandair from Luxembourg to Washington (with a stop in Iceland) in 1984. So in 1984 they still operated transatlantic out of LUX.

Regards, SN-A330

Topic: RE: Icelandair From Luxembourg
Username: Mozart
Posted 2004-01-21 16:55:36 and read 4000 times.

Cannot tell you exactly, but around the late 90s (1998?) Right after that, LG operated a 767 to Newark, which turned out a financial disaster and they stopped it soon after.

Topic: RE: Icelandair From Luxembourg
Username: Planemannyc
Posted 2004-01-21 17:11:02 and read 3979 times.

I think Icelandair used Luxembourg when bi-laterals were very restrictive on trans-Atlantic routes. Icelandair found Luxembourg to be the gateway for bringing American passengers to Europe; they provided the cheapest access to the heart of Europe in most cases. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, with the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and other European nations relaxing on bi-laterals with the US, competition lowered the price on US-Europe routes considerably, and Icelandair changed its strategy by having a hub in KEF, bringing in planes from all across North America around the same time, and then taking passengers to Western Europe. That strategy has paid off well, I think. I traveled to Copenhagen from New York last year, and the flights were quite full, and I have been told by others that Icelandair pulls good loads from N. America. If you ever use Icelandair to Europe (or to the US for that matter), make a stopover in Iceland. It is one of the most beautiful countries to visit.

Topic: RE: Icelandair From Luxembourg
Username: CKT789
Posted 2004-01-21 18:09:50 and read 3939 times.

Planemannyc - Just to echo what you said, I visited Reyjavik last year and loved it (esp. the Blub Lagoon). Flew on Icelandair from GLA.

Seems a shame that the Luxembourg flights did stop as there is a large US contingent in Luxembourg, sufficient for three times weekly to New York.

Topic: RE: Icelandair From Luxembourg
Username: ScottishLaddie
Posted 2004-01-21 18:17:56 and read 3917 times.

I flew Icelandair in March 2002 GLA-KEF-BOS-KEF-GLA. The planes were comfortable and clean. Iceland does look loke no place on Earth. It is amazing. On the KEF-GLA leg I got on their 753 TF-FIX which at the time was almost brand new. I wouldn't have known if I hadn't seen the aircraft information on what I think was the toilet door if I remember correctly.

Topic: RE: Icelandair From Luxembourg
Username: Nwacrew
Posted 2004-01-21 18:43:54 and read 3866 times.

In 1974 I flew International Air Bahama from Nassau to Luxembourg (continuing my trip to Amsterdam aboard a Tunis Air Caravelle)

The transatlantic aircraft was a stretch DC8 and I'm wondering if Icelandic had an interest in I.A.B. Anyone know?

Topic: RE: Icelandair From Luxembourg
Username: Mikey711MN
Posted 2004-01-21 18:44:02 and read 3874 times.

Hey, that's exciting news about Icelandair, whom I get to fly for the first time next month on MSP-KEF-CPH-KEF-MSP!

Mozart, I can confirm that service to LUX went on till at least October 1998. It was fairly popular amongst college students who studied abroad, which might explain why they don't fly the route any more (i.e. low yields).


Topic: RE: Icelandair From Luxembourg
Username: Bluemeatball
Posted 2004-01-21 23:36:53 and read 3774 times.

to NWAcrew
If I remember correctly, IAB was a wholly owned subsidiary of Loftleider.
I remember seeing a 707 of IAB at Findel airport somewhere 67-69.

Topic: RE: Icelandair From Luxembourg
Username: Klyk1980
Posted 2004-01-22 00:06:33 and read 3757 times.

I will fly FI for the first time for my first European trip BOS-KEF-LHR-KEF-BOS. I will stopover for a night for sightseeing, I am thrilled!! Their reservation staffs are great and very helpful. Their stopover hotel rate is the lowest you can find nowhere!!

But from Skytrax website, FI with quiet a lot negative comments...anyone can share their experience here as well?

Topic: RE: Icelandair From Luxembourg
Username: Johnboy
Posted 2004-01-22 10:02:43 and read 3720 times.

I remember ads for this service in the Louisville, Kentucky "Courier-Journal" newspaper WA-A-A-AY back (perhaps 80's?).

I believe the flight was out of Chicago, and advertised service into Luxemburg ("the Heart of Europe", complete with a large heart denoting Luxemburg).

Very little, if anything, was mentioned about the stop in Iceland. On the contrary, the focus was on Luxemburg and how close major cities in central Europe were (of course they fudged a bit and had their simple map horribly out of scale).

I also remember ads for Northwest Orient and Varig Brazilian Airlines (out of ORD) to Tokyo and Brazil (of course the ad showed Rio, but did they fly nonstop to Rio?).

This was certainly before the age of codeshares, so you were on your own in getting to Chicago! I was always so excited to see an ad for a foreign airliner in my own little hometown newspaper!

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