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Topic: Arriving At ORD
Username: AeroAussie
Posted 2004-01-31 03:36:11 and read 2353 times.

If I'm arriving at ORD on a Thursday night at 7:17 on an AA flight from DFW, is it reasonable to expect to be able to collect my baggage, catch the subway to the city, and be on an 8:35pm Metra train from the Madison St. Station?


Topic: RE: Arriving At ORD
Username: AirbusfanYYZ
Posted 2004-01-31 04:12:46 and read 2327 times.

It will be almost impossible to accomplish that unless your bag is the first one off the plane, the CTA train is waiting when you get downstairs and there isn't any snow falling.
This is from many years of experience arriving home at ORD from meetings in DFW.


Topic: RE: Arriving At ORD
Username: Ordpark
Posted 2004-01-31 04:33:45 and read 2281 times.

If things went like clockwork, the flight came in early, you happen to be an olympic decathalon champ and the stars are all alligned in the right order, you probably still won't make it....sorry

Topic: RE: Arriving At ORD
Username: Dia77
Posted 2004-01-31 04:41:41 and read 2254 times.

The blue line takes about 45 minutes to get from O'Hare to the Clark & Lake station, so it would be extremely tight as has been mentioned.

Topic: RE: Arriving At ORD
Username: Skyway1
Posted 2004-01-31 05:25:37 and read 2212 times.

Just let me say...if you make it then you better buy yourself a powerball ticket along the way because you have some pretty damn good luck!


 Nuts  Nuts

Topic: RE: Arriving At ORD
Username: AASilverbird
Posted 2004-01-31 06:15:12 and read 2169 times.

I live downtown and always catch the Blue line from Clark and Lake. As Dia77 said, it's right at 45mins from ORD to the Clark and Lake station stop. Back in Dec, I was on a UA flt in from CLE and while we were on the ground at the scheduled arrival time, there was so much congestion, that we were on the ground for another 35mins before making it to the gate. So hopefully you won't run into that delay. Had you been flying into MDW, your chances may have been a little better. Less congestion on the ground and it's only an approximate 25mins to downtown on the CTA Orange line. Though a little more of a hassle getting to the train from the terminal when compared to ORD.

Not sure where you are headed to via Metra, but the trains usually run every half hr. Here's a link to their website which you may find useful

Topic: RE: Arriving At ORD
Username: AeroAussie
Posted 2004-01-31 09:20:36 and read 2113 times.

Thanks for all the feedback. AASilverbird, I'm headed up to Evanston. I checked the schedules, and there's a train every hour. Given that, I'll probably just take the CTA train all the way up to Davis St.
Thanks again!


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