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Topic: ORD Spotting
Username: MD-11er
Posted 2004-02-11 18:13:04 and read 2661 times.

Hi everyone,

I need some help here.

Can you tell me where to find one or more spotting places at ORD.
I will go there in the near future but don't know where to spot.
Landing, take off, taxiing aircrafts any place is interesting for me.

Take you.


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Topic: RE: ORD Spotting
Username: TrnsWrld
Posted 2004-02-11 18:30:03 and read 2626 times.

Even though I havent gone out to ORD lately to spot, there are some placed at the end of 14R in the industrial area. I havent tried but I was told there are some parking lots that allow for some pretty good views of 27L and 27R arrivals. I have also been to a small lot near the 22R approach end. Much closer to the runway than the Allstate arena, its near the approac lights. Now if you are an employee, the parking lot right near 22L departures and the end of 27L is awesome. Its pretty amazing to see them squeez departures out on 22L while bringing them in on 27L one after another all day long  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Topic: RE: ORD Spotting
Username: Airfinair
Posted 2004-02-11 19:01:17 and read 2607 times.

There are numerous places to spot around ORD, but, like everywhere else, security has become an issue, so beware. If the winds are out of the west, one of the best places is at the approach to 27L, near Mannheim Rd. & Lawrence Ave. Most international arrivals come in from around 11am - 3pm.

Also, maybe do a search on past threads on ORD spotting. You'll find tons of info.

Here's a good website with ORD spotting info:

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