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Topic: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: Sonyericsson
Posted 2004-03-21 13:28:51 and read 3204 times.

hi there,
as we all know, there was this formula 1 grand prix in kuala lumpur today.
does anybody of you know which planes the actors (i.e. drivers) take their way home??

which airlines (or private jets) aircraft type and flying class?

is there by chance anybody of you who will be on the same flight as one of these celebs?


Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: Phaeton
Posted 2004-03-21 18:18:17 and read 3032 times.

The commentator on German TV said, that Michael Schuhmacher (winner of today) will fly back this evening. As he lives at Lake Geneva and I don't think he has a private plane, he might fly with any airline considering there are no direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Geneva.


Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: BA757
Posted 2004-03-21 18:27:38 and read 3005 times.

Ralf Schumacher has a private jet (I remember them saying so when their mum died - they took their private jet back to Cologne). If he doesn't own it, they probably rent it.

Most of the teams will just use regular airlines, probably BA and the like - maybe business for higher team personal, but I would imagine that most drivers will use some type of business jet - maybe not all, for the likes of the Minardi drivers etc...


Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: BA757
Posted 2004-03-21 18:30:54 and read 2988 times.

Just to add to my post:

Jenson Button also has a private jet - according to the ITV presenters anyway.


Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: KEno
Posted 2004-03-21 18:35:32 and read 2987 times.

He could have taken KUL-ZRH on MH but there's no service on Sunday. Assuming he flies to Europe directly from KUL, then change a plane to GVA, the options available for him tonight would be to FRA, LHR, VIE or AMS. Or he could have flown with other airlines via SIN or BKK.

BTW it's already 0130 in KUL now and all European flights have departed.

Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: Odie
Posted 2004-03-21 18:47:54 and read 2931 times.

Michael Schuhmacher owns a private jet and was photographed at KUL recently.

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Photo © M Radzi Desa

Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: KEno
Posted 2004-03-21 19:04:23 and read 2885 times.

Mystery solved, then !  Big thumbs up

Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: Sonyericsson
Posted 2004-03-21 21:12:55 and read 2801 times.

no i dont think were thru.
ok, michael has its own jet. but niki lauda (the ex austrian driver) said to ralf schumacher: see you later in the plane.
do you thin its his private jet or commercial flight?

Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: Bmi330
Posted 2004-03-21 22:15:44 and read 2722 times.

Maybe nikki is hitching a lift back to Europe with ralf it happens. Martin has done it with DC before and Murray sometimes with manadi on a eal charter from gp to London back in the day. There is references to this all the time.

Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: BA757
Posted 2004-03-21 22:33:49 and read 2687 times.

I would have though DC would have been put off business jets, Learjets especially after his crashed in France and both pilots died a few years ago - he was quite lucky.

Anyway, maybe Ralf was hitching a ride back to Europe on Niki Lauda's plane - he is a bit of an aircraft man!

I believe Stoddart often used some of his aircraft to fly the Minardi crew to some GP's, in and out of Coventry - maybe this is something of the past now with Europeans latest news.


Topic: F1
Username: Mas777
Posted 2004-03-21 23:47:16 and read 2611 times.

BA757 - i think BA is kicking itself as this could have one of its most lucrative months for flights to KL (but see other thread re-BA and Kuala Lumpur) - Lufthansa relauched its return to Malaysia a couple of weeks early to take full advantage of the large number of tourists and spectators (including many corporate) to the event.

Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: Racko
Posted 2004-03-22 00:04:07 and read 2568 times.

Ralf even has a pilot's license and sometimes flies his private jet himself. As he lives in Salzburg it's not unlikely that he and Niki take the same plane.

Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: Tiger119
Posted 2004-03-22 06:27:51 and read 2496 times.

Question about the F-1 teams and equipment. CART used to race once a year in Australia (CART is now called something else and they may still race there), all the teams would meet at IND with all their equipment, cars and supplies nicely wrapped up and FedEx would fly all of them together in a couple MD11s.  Smokin cool FedEx was CART's title sponsor.

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When F-1 races in North America the F-1 teams fly into Chicago from Europe and then truck everything to Indy or Montreal. Why would the teams not fly directly into Indy or Montreal? Do the F-1 teams in Europe fly their equipment together across the pond or do they independently charter aircraft for transportation? What about the races the Asia and Melbourne?

Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: Sllevin
Posted 2004-03-22 07:24:57 and read 2459 times.

I was in KUL on Friday and at Sepang to watch the first day of practice (sadly, had to leave for Tokyo that night), and from Sepang you can look out on KLIA, and there was nothing out of the ordinary (like special freighters or anything) out on the ramp. There *was* a Cargolux 747 freighter, but it left sometime Friday -- but perhaps had brought in gear?

Honestly, not much interesting action at KLIA. Lots of MH, a lot of AirAsia, and some SQ and TG flights (and even a single Saudi Arabian 747-300 that was in on a quick turn).


Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: F86sabre
Posted 2004-03-22 10:47:54 and read 2377 times.

I imagine most of the drivers will be either hanging around Asia to stay acclimated to the heat. They were saying in the US broadcasts that it is projected to be warmer and more humid in Bahrain (the next race) than it was in Malaysia. Interviews with the drives indicated that they worked hard to get used to the heat before the race. They may also try to go to a warm place in the same time zone as Bahrain.

Best wishes,

Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: Tokolosh
Posted 2004-03-22 12:16:57 and read 2295 times.

Nah, they drive their cars from track to track.

Seriously though, I read somewhere (can't remember the source, unfortunately) that the rich teams like Ferrari have their own planes. I seem to remember Ferrari was attributed as having two Pilatus aircraft. They have a lot of people to fly from race to race, but also frequently between races to various circuits for testing. It makes sense -- flying commercially would cost a fortune x 18 races per year plus going to all test locations inbetween, and would be very complicated in terms of routings. Drivers like Micael S. have their own private planes too, as already pointed out.

Topic: RE: Formula1 Flights KUL
Username: BA757
Posted 2004-03-22 14:23:15 and read 2200 times.

About two weeks there was a post similar to this re how teams get their cars to the fly-away races.

Try here:

Mas777: Yeah that's what I thought, I would have thought they might have continued that route for a little longer, especially considering there is a huge majority of British people involved in F1. BA's loss I guess.

Racko: I'm not too sure that fills me with confidence. I hope Ralf flys better than he drives!

On Discovery Wings there is a documentary's (at least here in the UK) that is constantly on about how FedEX transported the CART equipment. I seem to remember that been one of the best programs I've seen on Wings.

The post of how teams move their cars and equipment to fly-aways:

Adam  Smile

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