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Topic: Is Cape Air (or Similar) Successful?
Username: Corey07850
Posted 2004-03-30 01:06:33 and read 3879 times.

Are small airlines like this able to make a living flying into such small markets, especially using such small aircraft? I can't imagine how flying 5-6 people per plane is able to overcome the cost of operating that plane. It appears their fares are similar to other airlines so I assume their operating cost is extremely low?

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Topic: RE: Is Cape Air (or Similar) Successful?
Username: Lymanm
Posted 2004-03-30 01:18:41 and read 3861 times.

For the record, the 402 seats 9. With the short segments of Cape Air, the direct operating cost of a piston is infinitely cheaper than that of a turbine. Additionally, they use only one pilot, another cost saving. Finally, C-402s represent cheap acquisition costs.

Cape Air makes an absolute killing during the summer months.

Topic: RE: Is Cape Air (or Similar) Successful?
Username: Trey
Posted 2004-03-30 01:19:05 and read 3861 times.

i have found cape air to be quite pricey to ACk when i have flown them, so i am sure they are doing just fine

Topic: RE: Is Cape Air (or Similar) Successful?
Username: Goboeing
Posted 2004-03-30 01:30:32 and read 3839 times.

Go to their website and take a look at there fares, like BOS to ACK for example. Some of them are more than $1000! I'm sure they're making plenty of money.


Topic: RE: Is Cape Air (or Similar) Successful?
Username: Northwestair
Posted 2004-03-30 02:38:10 and read 3802 times.

I love 9K I think they are great and the employees really love thier job. My wife and I use 9K when we go to HYA and ACK. Now since they are teaming up with CO I bet 9K is making a killing in the Florida Market.

Topic: RE: Is Cape Air (or Similar) Successful?
Username: MAH4546
Posted 2004-03-30 06:16:58 and read 3722 times.

As people have said, they have low operating costs, which really helps. I am sure they are financially stable company. Plus, they have teamed up with Continental and operate as Continental Connection on four routes: TPA-DAB/RSW/SRQ and MIA-APF. They also have a codeshare deal with Continental on thier flights from SJU (those do not operate as Continental Connection. For example, if you want to fly Newark-Ponce, you can book a flight on Continental via San Juan and connect to Cape Air's SJU-PSE service, but you can't book SJU-PSE on CO, you have to book it through Cape Air).

Topic: RE: Is Cape Air (or Similar) Successful?
Username: PVD757
Posted 2004-03-30 15:33:48 and read 3668 times.

9K is a very good, reliable, customer friendly, and profitable airline. The 1000 dollar fare mentioned above is probably a coupon book fare (9K sells coupon books-the equivelant of a on-way walk-up ticket-in paks of 10 that can be used at any time, by anyone in your immediate family). 9K takes avantage of specific routes that poeple would either need to take a ferry and/or drive hours due to geographic limitations. They get you thier quick and in some cases not TOO much more than the drive/ferry/car transport, without the lost time. The short island routes are perfect for the 402 in that they can operate them much cheaper than the "major's" smallest offering (Beech 1900's?). 9K will bring in an extra section for the 10th passenger, so they never really "ovesell" or sell-out any given flight. They also interline with the majority of the majors (US, AA, UA, NW, CO, etc), which allows them increased numbers of passengers and passenger convenience. I've been wishing for a PVD-ISP route (5 hour drive, but only 88 miles as the crow flies) since WN ceased the route after generating over 100,000 annual passengers...

Topic: RE: Is Cape Air (or Similar) Successful?
Username: Northwestair
Posted 2004-03-30 17:37:44 and read 3592 times.

That's true about the extra section. A couple of years back on a flight from HYA-ACK my wife and I were non rev. The flight was full so they got another A/C same flight number but gave the rest of us different color boarding cards. I thought it was strange I about 4 A/C went out with the same flight number al of them going to ACK. Then one time when we were pass riding from BOS-HYA My wife and I were the only Paxs on the plane, but 9K didn't know that until we showed up at the tkt ctr cause once again we were pass riding. So when we went to check in at the tkt ctr and to get listed the agent told me that since there was no one booked on the flight, it was still in HYA, but she said she would call and see if it would come up here and pick us up and next thing you know she tells us there's your plane. I mean this company is great I love them.

Topic: RE: Is Cape Air (or Similar) Successful?
Username: Cloudboy
Posted 2004-03-30 20:54:22 and read 3551 times.

The distance between ACK and HYA is very small, so it is not run like other airlines. Many people don't even make reservations in the off season, when they stand some kind of chance of getting a flight. Basically whenever you check in you get a giant plastic color coded pass for that particular flight. It's rather like the old deli counter number tags. They really don't go by flight number - I don't think they actually even adhere to a schedule - they just fly while there are people wanting to fly.

Oh, and if you are ever at the airport when the ferries get canceled, you won't be able to move it gets so crowded!

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