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Topic: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: JrMafia90
Posted 2004-03-29 23:40:46 and read 2810 times.

I'm new to I just joined today. I know this was already a topic but did anybody ever see somebody famous on an aircraft or at an airport? I sat three seats behind Joann Rivers and her two body gurads on a Flight from JFK-MXP. I was also on a flight with Jay Leno. And I saw Jay-Z, the rapper, at JFK.

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: HPCMHPHX
Posted 2004-03-30 00:50:09 and read 2785 times.

Didn't see him, but Richard Simmons was in PHX last week and slapped a person Wish I had been in the terminal to see that.

On a LAX-LAS flight a couple years ago, my wife swears she saw Dave Attell sitting across the aisle from her.

Saw Jim Tressell in CMH last year after the Fiesta Bowl.

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: Sabena332
Posted 2004-03-30 00:54:40 and read 2773 times.

In June 2000, I flew with the actress Patricia Richardson from LAX to CDG, she was in First and I was in Economy Class (I saw her at the gate during boarding).

In July 2002, I saw J├╝rgen Domian (a German radio and tv talkmaster) on my flight from DUS to TXL on DI, he sat in row no. 1.

A few years ago, I saw James Brown in a bar in Terminal A at DUS airport, later I saw that he boarded a flight to MUC while I was boarding my flight to FRA.

My parents flew on Lauda Air from MUC to MIA a few years ago and the captain was Niki Lauda himself, unfortunately I had to stay at home because I had to go to school  Sad.


Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: PA110
Posted 2004-03-30 01:02:19 and read 2747 times.

While working for AF...
A real quick list in no particular order, Frank Sinatra, Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell, Henry Kissenger, Jacques Cousteau, Prince Rainier & the entire Grimaldi family, John McEnroe, Baron Guy de Rothschild, and the ultimate aviation VIP... Robert Crandall

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: Jfernandez
Posted 2004-03-30 01:35:22 and read 2718 times.

Saw Jack Nicholson on a BDA-JFK flight in 2002.

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: Kl911
Posted 2004-03-30 01:58:26 and read 2675 times.

Juan Carlos Ferrero, tennis player, was on my flight AMS-MRS 23 Feb, after winning the Amsterdam Tournament, on his way to the Marseille Tournament.
Funny to see a guy so rich on a LCC.........(Basiqair) I do actually see many rich, famous dutch people on that route, for a weekend break in the sun or on their way to a second house in the South of France.

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: OPNLguy
Posted 2004-03-30 02:10:16 and read 2657 times.

I standing in line at the Delta gate counter at DCA, when former President Jimmy Carter came off an inbound from ATL (flanked by a half-dozen Secret Service agents) and then disappeared downstairs somewhere. He came up for Clinton's innauguration, but darn if I can remember if it was Jan 93 or Jan 97....

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: DeltAirlines
Posted 2004-03-30 03:00:32 and read 2623 times.

Back before sports teams started flying charters, I was on a EWR-BOS flight with the Boston Celtics of the 1989-1990 season...several Hall of Famers on that flight with me (Bird, McHale, etc.)


Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: WhiteEaglePL
Posted 2004-03-30 03:08:25 and read 2615 times.

Couple of years ago on the way from LAX-FRA I've seen the dudes from N'Sync band with their bags and stuff.

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: Pouyazad
Posted 2004-03-30 03:12:17 and read 2615 times.

Not famous in the world but famous in my counrty. The flight was from Athens to Tehran on an Iran Air 727. I met Ms. Jamileh Sheikhi, the famous Iranian actress.

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: M404
Posted 2004-03-30 03:44:03 and read 2571 times.

After working pax service in LAS for 27 years it seems we've seen them all. Way too many to mention by name. The ones who wanted to be coddled and the real stars who just were themselves. Some wanted to hide and some parade. I've even been in the company Lav and had Ex-Pres Gerald Ford come in and "stand" next to me after arriving on a charter. Literally hundreds of show biz, sports (I've denied boarding to Howard Cosselle because of oversold condition), political and just plain buttheads. For awhile in the seventies every jerk claimed he was Howard Hughes friend and I'd better get them on that flight.

"Vegas has got to be the most interesting people watching place to work in the world. It draws real Celebs and the most "unique" folks that come to rub shoulders and L-I-E, L-I-E, L-I-E.

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: CanadianNorth
Posted 2004-03-30 06:44:59 and read 2522 times.

Coulda swarn i saw Tagish Elvis at YXY last summer. ((before anyone says anything it was TAGISH elvis not the REAL elvis.))


Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: Refueler1974
Posted 2004-03-30 21:40:29 and read 2466 times.

We've had a few come through KAEX from time to time...Most notably being President George W. Bush back in Feb 2004. We've also had Country Music Stars Hank Williams, Jr & Dwight Yokam.....Comedians Jeff Foxworthy & Rodney Carrington...Michael Dorn ( played "Lt.Worf" on Star Trek TNG & DS9) came through with the F-104 Starfighter Demo Team...Evander Holyfield........And numerous NASCAR drivers making fuel stops in their Learjets and KingAirs.

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: Dantiger
Posted 2004-03-30 22:00:10 and read 2440 times.

About eight years ago on one of my only two Concorde flights I sat six rows behind Elizabeth Taylor. Didn't see her when boarding, but heard her laugh a few times and knew it was her. Tried twice to get a better look and she seemed to sleep the whole flight. BA from JFK to London.

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: Bullpitt
Posted 2004-03-30 22:15:05 and read 2417 times.

If you want to see famous people just spend a day in any major airport. I use to work at MAD and I saw famous people every day.

Had to deal with many of them, some were great others a real pain in the butt.

Once I flew on the same aircraft as the All Blacks(New Zealands Rugby Union team), Now they were impressive!!!!!  Wow!

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: PresRDC
Posted 2004-03-30 22:26:59 and read 2406 times.

I fly a lot on JFK-LAX on AA, which seems to get its share of celebs in F. Most recently, I was in F with fashion critic "Cojo" on a JFK-LAX flight. In the past year, I've flown in F with Peter Jennings on JFK-LHR and Dr. Ruth on ORD-LGA. I've also seen "Fergie" on the USAir Shuttle from DCA to LGA and Maury Povich on the Delta Shuttle, LGA-DCA.

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: Tarheel
Posted 2004-03-30 23:43:28 and read 2364 times.

I've seen and flown with more than my share of famous faces over the years. The best experience was a 1992 flight from LAX to JFK. I boarded the plane and looked for my seat 2D and noticed the woman in 2C looked familiar. I took my seat and said hello,just to be courteous. I then realized it was Jamie Lee Curtis and quickly decided to let her have her privacy. Soon he was the one who started a conversation. We talked off and on several times before landing. Before takeoff, she asked what the movie was and the FA told her it was "There Goes The Neighborhood". Ms. Curtis responded "That film is a piece of XXXX!" The FA disappeared and returned with "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner which she was pleased with.
On one flight I saw Rod Steward and his wife (Alana?) board with his new baby. They took seats near the front and after take-off he took the baby
and moved to the seat across the aisle from me and held the child from LA to NY without getting up.
On a flight from NYC to BOS I met Walter Cronkite who was very impressive.
Others I've flown with in the front of the plane were:
Red Skelton
Mike Wallace
Don Hewett (Producer of 60 Minutes)
Sir Lawrence Olivier
John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard)
Ned Beatty

I've haven't seen many famous people in Coach, but I did see Shirley Temple Black on a flight from SEA to SFO.

Besides her career as a child actress she served as the first woman to be US
Chief Of Protocol, under Gerald Ford, Ambassador to Czchoslovakia and Ghana.
I was already seated a few rows from the rear of the plane when I saw a striking looking woman in a sable coat walking down the aisle. She paused a row or two in front of me while someone put luggage overhead and she caught me looking at her. She gave me a look that said "I know you know who I am", smiled brightly and took a seat behind me.

On a flight from ORF to JAX the couple across from me in coach bulkhead seats turned out to be BB King and "Lucille" his famous guitar. He and I made small talk about the rigors of travel but I didn't get to meet Lucille.

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: SW733
Posted 2004-03-31 00:12:31 and read 2313 times.

I was on an ORD - JFK flight in '98 with The Coasters (yeah, the band), and in '97 I was on an LAX - AKL flight with Adam Sandler. Both were really really nice.

Topic: RE: Ever Seen Anybody Famous?
Username: DCAYOW
Posted 2004-03-31 00:53:44 and read 2279 times.

I sat five rows behind Colin Powell on a USAirways service between DCA and BOS.

I was one seat away (window) from Sonny Bono (aisle) on AA from DFW to DCA. His wife and daughter managed to get first class but he came back with "the people" - got an aisle and first class meal though.

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