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Topic: Start-up Charter Question
Username: Hmmmm...
Posted 2004-05-07 04:18:18 and read 2224 times.

Here's a tough question for you charter airline experts: What does an upstart charter airline need to do in order to get take-off and landing slots? In otherwords, if an airline wishes to create a new route between two cities, say between YYZ and some Carribean destination, what process is involved?

Topic: RE: Start-up Charter Question
Username: Ts-ior
Posted 2004-05-07 12:23:52 and read 2165 times.

In Tunisia you have to submit administrative and financial info about the company,area of exploitation,expected date of start,fleet plan for 5 years,employement plan for 5 years,...and you must establish contacts with TO's and try to satisfy to their needs...

Good luck...

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