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Topic: Checked Bags On JFK Airtrain?
Username: Timz
Posted 2004-05-26 19:56:01 and read 2517 times.

At the Airtrain station at Jamaica LIRR station there is a row of as-yet-unused check-in counters, with the usual scales (?) and a conveyor belt behind the agents to carry passengers' checked baggage to... where? How would bags get to the aircraft, assuming the Airtrain has no baggage cars?

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Topic: RE: Checked Bags On JFK Airtrain?
Username: STT757
Posted 2004-05-26 22:28:11 and read 2453 times.

At the Newark Airport Rail link station they have ticket counters, however the only company using it right now is Amtrak.

CO briefly operated check and baggage check there but post 9-11 security ended that, others carriers (UAL, AA etc) were to also have check in there but security currently prohibits it.

Basically for the few months the check in operation was going on what they did was send the bags down a conveyor belt to a van below the station which drove the bags across the street to the ramp.

The JFK Jamaica situation if it ever gets going would operate in a similar manner, van to the ramp.

The only problem is that it can take a long time to drive from Jamaica Station to JFK on the Van Wyck because of traffic, the Newark Rail link station was only a block away across rt 1 & 9 from Newark Airport.

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