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Topic: Why Did SQ Pull Out Of Pakistan?
Username: Qantasclub
Posted 2004-06-19 13:04:16 and read 4877 times.

Just a quick question: Why did SQ pull out of Pakistan? Was is because of security concerns? It certainly wouldn't have because of low yields-my parents lived there for several years in Karachi and always flew with SQ and ALL their flights were usually packed to the brim. (not hard to understand when you're up against PIA as your only competition!)
With continuing tensions is Riyadh/the middle east, I wonder if any other airlines have pulled out of muslim countries because of instability.

Topic: RE: Why Did SQ Pull Out Of Pakistan?
Username: Qantas077
Posted 2004-06-19 13:08:39 and read 4859 times.

security concerns and the war in Afghanistan were the main reasons, have they resumed to Karachi or Lahore?

Topic: RE: Why Did SQ Pull Out Of Pakistan?
Username: MilesDependent
Posted 2004-06-19 14:21:30 and read 4817 times.

I remember reading an article about SQ (or maybe it was CX) and it was saying that air freight was the profitable business in/out of Pakistan. Basically saying the pax traffic was all low-yield but they made a bundle out of air freight which included a lot of fresh produce.

Topic: RE: Why Did SQ Pull Out Of Pakistan?
Username: Changyou
Posted 2004-06-19 16:23:35 and read 4766 times.

It was since the bombing incident a couple of years ago that SQ stopped Karachi and Lahore completely until now. Basically it was security reasons that SQ suspended their flights. There are no news that they're reinstating the flights.

Topic: RE: Why Did SQ Pull Out Of Pakistan?
Username: Yyz717
Posted 2004-06-19 20:24:06 and read 4669 times.

Security concerns are a convenient excuse. It always comes down to profit. If Pakistan was a high yield market, SQ would still fly there.

Topic: RE: Why Did SQ Pull Out Of Pakistan?
Username: Targowski
Posted 2004-06-19 20:49:34 and read 4665 times.

i have heard that several asian and european carriers are resuming pakistan service, including SQ. could someone in the know verify this? there is nothing about it on the SQ site. BA resumed islamabad service recently, and i think LH is going to be back in pakistan shortly. PIA is simply making too much money on european and north american service. everyone else is getting hungry.

also, wondering now that EK (which flies from DXB to pakistan with significant frequency) is going nonstop from JFK and (as of next year) SFO, how this will effect everyone else's pakistan business. (i have heard PIA will do a pakistan-california service with a stop over in NRT or china).

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