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Topic: Any FL 737s Gonna Be At ATL At....?
Username: Dlx737200
Posted 2004-07-11 14:20:46 and read 2564 times.

Hi everyone... couldn't fit the whole question into the topic. My question is, are there gonna be any AirTran 737s flying through ATL on Saturday morning ( the 17th ) between 9:15 and 10:15am? I'm connecting on DL that morning through ATL on my way home from vacation in IND and I really would like to see one or even maybe get a shot one. Thanks!


Topic: RE: Any FL 737s Gonna Be At ATL At....?
Username: Groundstop
Posted 2004-07-11 14:53:42 and read 2547 times.

Unfortunately Justin, no 737's are scheduled to be there during that time frame. One will be enroute from DEN to ATL and the other will be on the ground in MCO to turn back to ATL. If its any consolation, you could catch the Miami Air 738 over on D4 until 0930.


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