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Topic: BA Miss Approach At JFK?
Username: Jetblue15
Posted 2004-08-10 10:44:32 and read 4232 times.

Working on the ramp at Term. 6 yesterday between the hours of 11:30am and 12:15 I noticed coming from 13L a BA 744 about 200ft above the middle of the runnway. Now theres noway that it took off if in that about of feet so I'm thinking it had a miss approach. I never saw it come back on 13L so i'm kinda puzzled. Maybe I'm making something out of nothing but thats where you guys come in. Any of you JFK workers or spotters hear anything about it yesterday???? Come back to me with your thoughts.


Topic: RE: BA Miss Approach At JFK?
Username: SafetyDude
Posted 2004-08-10 15:53:50 and read 4030 times.

13L is the Canarsie approach, and I flew in on that approach earlier this summer and we touched down a few seconds after passing the jetBlue terminal. Perhaps it looked like the runway was longer on the threshold side, and thus the BA 744 looked like it was in the middle, but was not.


Topic: RE: BA Miss Approach At JFK?
Username: 752is
Posted 2004-08-10 20:38:39 and read 3845 times.

I'll never forget when I saw the Concorde go missed on Canarsie Approach, they put a UA express prop in front of the Concorde. Most impressive go around I have ever seen, also the loudest I've heard.

Topic: RE: BA Miss Approach At JFK?
Username: Lubicon
Posted 2004-08-11 00:10:00 and read 3709 times.

I was listening to yesterday and heard him declare a missed approach. No big deal by the sounds of it. They vectored him around back into the arrival stream and he landed a little later. Never did hear what the reason was.

A Cathay A340 had an 'emergency' landing today on 22R. No idea what the emergency was but 22R was not the runway JFK was using at the time so it must have been urgent. They taxied in with the flaps extended too.

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