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Topic: US Airways Ask Pilots To Pay Cut
Username: TACAA320
Posted 2004-08-20 22:08:07 and read 3205 times.

Topic: RE: US Airways Ask Pilots To Pay Cut
Username: Bobs89irocz
Posted 2004-08-20 23:19:04 and read 3188 times.

It doesnt say to much but the airline is asking for a 16.5% pay cut from the pilots.

I know a pilot for US Airways, he has been flying for them for 17 years. You would think he would be a captain by now making good money right? NO, hes an FO on the 734. Highest he was at was triple diget pay on the 757/767 for 2 years. Now hes back to where he just about started at making as much as mechanics do at another airline.

My dads in Maintnance so i know what the salaries are like for his airline.

I dont think the Pilots are going to give to much this time. Time to downsize more.

I do hope and pray that US Airways makes it, I would hate to see so many people out of a job.

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