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Topic: AF B744 - Please Reccommend Seat
Username: Adriaticus
Posted 2004-09-20 02:28:57 and read 2074 times.

I'm flying tomorrow on an AF B744. Can't find seat maps on AF's website. could anybody please recommend seating for a single pax with long shanks, or provide link to seat map?



Topic: RE: AF B744 - Please Reccommend Seat
Username: Squirrel83
Posted 2004-09-20 02:47:24 and read 2051 times.

Try this seat map
If that doesnt satisfy try below.

You can access the Air France seat maps by going to the UK website ( and selecting Aircraft under the Our Services menu on the left column. Then click on Boeing at the top of the next page and select the 747-400 aircraft. They used to have seatmaps on the U.S. website but I couldn't find it either. Hope this helps.

I couldnt get it to work but. .

You will then need to click "Our Services" and then select "Aircraft". At the top of the page under "Aircraft" are the words Airbus - Boeing, click on one of those for the list of the relevant aircraft. Not all aircraft have plans, but the majority do.

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Topic: RE: AF B744 - Please Reccommend Seat
Username: Expressjetphx
Posted 2004-09-20 03:44:22 and read 2015 times.

I would recommend 1A  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Topic: RE: AF B744 - Please Reccommend Seat
Username: EddieDude
Posted 2004-09-20 04:12:39 and read 2002 times.

The seatmap Squirrel pasted on his reply may not be updated. First is no longer called L'Espace 180 but simply L'Espace Première and Business is no longer called L'Espace 127 but L'Espace Affaires. Besides, all AF flights are now non-smoking.

I assume you will be flying coach, so I'd go for a seat in row 10, 26 or 40. Perhaps seats 27A, 27L and 41A are good too. Economy seating in AF's 744's is very cramped (I found seat pitch to be subpar when I flew AF to CDG and back in July), so hopefully you can get one of the good seats. Try to use your elite level of membership with a SkyTeam f.f. program in order to get a good seat. I was not yet a SkyMiles Silver Medallion member in July and all those seats were blocked when I checked iin n MEX and in STR on my way back.

While pitch was bad in my opinion, everything else was great: food, flight attendants, service, etc. This compensated for the uncomfortable seating and reminded me that AF is one of the premier carriers. I am sure you will have a nice trip.

Topic: RE: AF B744 - Please Reccommend Seat
Username: Adriaticus
Posted 2004-09-20 07:06:42 and read 1950 times.

Thanks for the responses and the cabin map. This should help. Odd that AF's website does not have 'aircraft' under "Our Services' any more... One more sign of the times?

Eddie: yes, thanks. I'm kind of relying on it. In fact, I've got an assigned seat in the middle of row 7 (7F, and had no idea of what did that actually put me within the a/c - but thanks to my fellow a.netters it doesn't look that bad now)...

I'll report later on the outcome of my efforts to get a better seat through SkyTeam Medallion status; Let's see if it helps as much as they boast (a ver si como ladran, muerden)...


Topic: RE: AF B744 - Please Reccommend Seat
Username: N1120a
Posted 2004-09-20 07:14:47 and read 1947 times.

Try to get an upper deck seat. Considering your Medallion status and Affaires ticket, that should not be too hard. Also, the best seat is the Left Seat

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