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Topic: Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion Airport Closed
Username: LUV4JFK
Posted 2004-09-21 21:12:03 and read 4269 times.

According to the El Al website, all outgoing and incoming flights to and from Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion Airport have been cancelled due to a general strike. Does anyone have more information?

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Topic: RE: Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion Airport Closed
Username: Amirs
Posted 2004-09-22 05:02:57 and read 4060 times.

"Although airplanes already in the air were supposed to be allowed to land at Ben-Gurion Airport on Tuesday, four El Al planes had to land abroad: two in Larnaca, Cyprus, one in Vienna and one in Budapest. Moreover, passengers' baggage was not unloaded from flights that were allowed to land.

In addition, many outgoing flights were canceled, and the airlines urged passengers to keep in touch for information about additional cancellations.

Some passengers who could not take off from Ben-Gurion tried crossing the Jordanian border to continue their travels from Amman. However the border crossings were also closed Tuesday, and that, combined with the airport closure, stranded "
Haaretz, By Haaretz Staff

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