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Topic: MIA And AA Still Tangling Over AA Project
Username: DB777
Posted 2004-10-08 15:41:08 and read 2945 times.

The County Manager has stripped MIA's Director, Angela Gittens, of oversight over AA's new terminal project (Concourse D). An assistant county manager who is an engineer will now oversee the project on behalf of the county.

In a letter to the county yesterday, AA now wants to turn over managing the problem-plagued project to the county, which is what Gittens wanted months ago. The project has suffered numerous cost overruns and is eighteen months behind schedule, all under AA's construction management so far.

This will be the project that ate the airport as someone has quipped.

Topic: RE: MIA And AA Still Tangling Over AA Project
Username: MIASkies
Posted 2004-10-08 19:43:04 and read 2858 times.

I recently flew in to MIA last week from SFO and the AA terminal(s) are coming out great. I was lucky enough to arrive in the new portion of Concourse D and it is simply breathtaking...very nice.

Whomever is in charge now, get the project done and let's's turning out great!

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