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Topic: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Geoffm
Posted 2004-10-27 19:34:51 and read 5881 times.

Has anybody here tried to go out and back on the same LCC airline, ie staying on/near the plane during the 25 min turnaround and going straight back where you flew from? Technically this shouldn't be possible as you can't check-in for the 2nd flight, but just wondered if somebody has managed to get special dispensation for doing so!

Geoff M.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Levent
Posted 2004-10-27 19:47:08 and read 5831 times.

I once tried to get a return ticket on easyJet´s first flight from Amsterdam to Nice, but couldn´t. Explaining the reservations lady that I wanted to fly just for fun didn´t help either...

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Servisairkid
Posted 2004-10-27 19:49:04 and read 5819 times.

If you could do that all day just think about the amount of flights you could go on. Travel on short haul routes. It would be loads. Can't quiet see it happening though

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Lufthansa
Posted 2004-10-27 19:51:42 and read 5809 times.

I hate to burst your bubbles guys, but unless you are crew that has got to be the stupidest thing i've heard of.

Since u are spending all that money, why not stop and actually see or do something? That is like going into the shop to purchase goods, you buy a particular good because you like the packaging, and after you've opened the packaging throwing away the goods because all you were interested in is the box.

Seriously, next time, go downtown and have a meal at a restaurant or something. If your stuck for ideas, email me. I'm sure i can think up plenty.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Dens
Posted 2004-10-27 19:58:33 and read 5795 times.


Some years ago, Swissair used to sell what was called "ping pong flight". The day before you want to fly, you call the reservation system. The person tell you the time you have to go to the airport. When you arrive you know the destination you will fly to. You come back with the same plane, so you just see a boarding area of the other airport.
I did it twice and I flew GVA-CDG-GVA and GVA-OPO-GVA.
The price was 100 CHF (66 euros) .
"ping pong flights" disapeared with Swissair.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Whitehatter
Posted 2004-10-27 20:10:03 and read 5753 times.

You couldn't do it with EZY. Their (IIRC) 40 minute check in close policy would mean you needed to check in before the inbound arrived, so it's impossible with them.

You could with BMI or BA if you wanted to...providing you depart from an airport where checking in for the return can be done at departure on the first leg. However not all their services operate as out and back, some are W format or return to other airports as part of a daily route plan.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Airsicknessbag
Posted 2004-10-27 20:29:41 and read 5728 times.

I did it once on Snowflake, at Sarajevo - turnaround time is 60 minutes. Reason: There was only one flight per week, I´d have loved to stay a day or two, but not for a week. This was part of a bigger tour which I did in order to get a couple of airlines (Cimber, SAS, EasyJet), airports (Luebeck, Kiel) and countries (Bosnia, obviously) in my log.

Oh, and three months ago, I flew Quito-Cuenca-Quito on TAME with a turnaround of 30 minutes. Again, I wanted to stay a couple of hours in Cuenca, but Icaro´s afternoon flight was full. Main point was flying TAME´s 1967 vintage 727-100 anyway.

Daniel Smile

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plan
Username: Geoffm
Posted 2004-10-27 21:43:29 and read 5648 times.

Lufthansa, that has got to be the stupidest thing I've heard all day (except Mr Pe@rson falling over drunk perhaps, but that's a different story).

Think for a moment will you? This is an airline forum. People here like planes. They like going on planes. They like take-offs and landings. They probably don't like spending an hour travelling to and from this nirvana called downtown to see the same shops they see in their own hometown.

LCCs are, by their definition, cheap. So if you can get a £15 joyride there and back, what more fun can you have? Certainly cheaper than a few hours at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

And let's face it. Luton is not worth staying in for more than a few minutes. It doesn't have a "downtown" as such, well not one that you'd specifically visit.

As for your example of buying something, well it's not exactly a valid comparison is it?

And let's not forget the parents taking their plane-mad kids for a birthday ride (see both Airport and Airline TV programmes for multiple examples). Many more examples of why you would do it, I'd imagine.

Geoff M.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Levent
Posted 2004-10-27 21:56:37 and read 5625 times.

If I can get a cheap return ticket AND am able to fly somewhere in the morning and back in the evening, I will surely do that. I did that in July with Vueling, from VLC to CDG and spending about six hours in Paris. But sometimes the trip to the city is quite expensive, let alone if there are no other flights and you also spend a night there. That all sums up.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: BAxMAN
Posted 2004-10-27 22:38:29 and read 5585 times.

Geoff, what Lufthansa said is just about the mose sane thing that has been written in this entire thread!

Sure, this is an air enthusiasts forum and for many people the aeroplane/airport will be the highlight of the whole trip. But to venture to these places and not take even a cursory glimpse at the city centre or a half-famous landmark is a sad, sorry waste. Landing at the airport and then attempting to take the next flight back to whence you came is anoraked-geekishness overload! Seek help! Now!

And Airsicknessbag, how on earth can you say with any integrity that you have been to Bosnia?!?! I have transited in places such as ABQ and SIN but I would never pretend that I have been to New Mexico and Singapore. It would be a gross exaggeration!

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Avek00
Posted 2004-10-27 23:05:47 and read 5551 times.

It's actually a rather foolish move to book a trip with the expectation of returning on the same plane in markets that have multiple flights by the same airline - it's entirely possible that the airline will swap planes for operational reasons, leaving you stranded with a worthless return ticket.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plan
Username: Geoffm
Posted 2004-10-27 23:54:00 and read 5509 times.

Jeez, it's not as if I'm even an anorak (preferring to fly direct rather than change). It was less his statement, more his attitude. If he'd have said "it's not the sort of thing I'd do", fair enough. But as he said "stupidest thing I ever heard of", that ranks as extremely rude. Hence my reply! ;-p

Geoff M.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plan
Username: Geoffm
Posted 2004-10-28 00:02:16 and read 5498 times.

Avek00, most LCCs in this country fly homebase to a remote airport, with a couple of exceptions. Said remote airport does not have spare planes to fly back a different aircraft, since said airline only flies once or twice per day there - for example. It's not exactly Southwest airlines here. Same crews fly back same aircraft, so if you as a passenger would be stranded, so would they. Granted, airline company would take care of them, but also airline company would be responsible for getting you back as well, albeit on a later flight perhaps. You see, you sign up to a contract when you buy an airline ticket. That involves the airline specified getting you from B back to A again, via whatever means. If they have sold you that ticket (and thus signed the contract), bearing in mind the extremely short layover, then they are legally bound to get you back again somehow. Not sure what the laws are in your part of the world - perhaps they aren't as strict? I honestly don't know.

Geoff M.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Eldoylio
Posted 2004-10-28 00:47:22 and read 5469 times.

I have managed it but not on an LCC but instead BMI.

It was new years day this year and I had to fly LHR-BHD-LHR to drop a bag off. I used the eTicket check in at LHR and was due to come back on the next aircraft due back to LHR. Because the flight was less than 24 hours away I could also check in for the return.

As it happens there was barely anyone at 0800 in BHD (no surprise as it was new years day) so I was off quickly, met the driver taking the bag from me and walked over to check in to see if I could go back on the earlier flight (the one I had just come in on) which they said I could. New boarding card in hand I was off back to the aircraft after being in the terminal less than 10 minutes!

I know its not an LCC but still possible!!

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: GKirk
Posted 2004-10-28 00:56:59 and read 5454 times.

I believe Rick767 has  Wink/being sarcastic  Wink/being sarcastic

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Airtrainer
Posted 2004-10-28 01:08:22 and read 5453 times.

Speaking of FR, online booking doesn't allow you to book a return flight if the second leg is too close from your scheduled arrival. And booking two one-way tickets is not a solution as you have to show up at least 40 minutes before boarding. Ok, we all know about that. But I would like to add that the plane you flew on does not always fly directly to the same destination. For example, I flew CRL-DUB last month with the earliest flight, and when I arrived in DUB I saw at the gate that the next flight was going to BVA...

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: BCAL
Posted 2004-10-28 10:32:29 and read 5366 times.

Lufthansa and BaxMAN, I agree with Geoffm. I am not a nerd nor do I wear an anorak but to me if you could get a flight to (say) Blackpool and back for under £25, that sure beats the fun of a drink at my local, meal at a restaurant, or a shopping trip. Why? Because I like flying and I am interested in planes and airlines! Does that make me any more insane then someone who goes shopping because they like spending money and buying new things? Or any more insane than someone who follows his football team to matches at all four corners of the country - he can normally watch the match at home on TV in comfort?

When I passed my exams many years ago, my father took me on a Trident trip to Paris and straight back, and I still remember the enjoyment of the trip to this day (partly because when the crew heard about my exam success, as they thought it strange to see us return on the same flight, I was upgraded to first class and a visit to the flight deck was thrown in!). My friend went to see a Manchester United football match as his "reward" for passing exams. We both thought each other equally insane, but we both enjoyed our rewards and bored one another to death when we talked about them afterwards!

So to repeat Geoffm's original question - I would like to know on what airlines you could get a flight to any destination and straight back, just for the fun of the ride. Even if I could get a return trip just for the flight, somehow the enjoyment is not quite the same when flying and staying at the destination, be it for a night or a week.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: FJWH
Posted 2004-10-28 10:41:14 and read 5347 times.

"Since u are spending all that money, why not stop and actually see or do something? That is like going into the shop to purchase goods, you buy a particular good because you like the packaging, and after you've opened the packaging throwing away the goods because all you were interested in is the box."

It's like this: LCC are CHEAP! ...LOW COST carriers... So "all that money" your talking about isn't THAT much!
And.."why not actually do or see something"...well I don't give a sh*t about that, ALL I wanna do is flying  Smile!! I flew AMS - LTN - AMS for fun on the 25th of September with U2!
20 nov. again but AMS - LGW - AMS! I will arrive at LGW at 16.55, depart 1855 again, 2 hours at LGW, so after landing, directly to the check-in desk again  Smile.

BTW: 11 December: AMS - LGW - AMS, on BA, something different, not only with the airline but I will also visit downtown London this time  Smile. Early flight, and late flight back!


Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Lufthansa
Posted 2004-10-28 17:31:26 and read 5189 times.

Ahh, you guys make me laugh, seriously, there is some serious dorkiness going here.

BaxMAN, thanks for your support, it is good to see you get the point.

Okay guys, a few things. Firstly, you are all using this arguement that you are doing this because you enjoy the flying, and or, it's so cheap on LCC so why not?

Well consider this. (1). You are paying for the flying, and you spend the same amount of time in the air regardless if you fly out half an hr later or 12 hrs later.
(2) If you enjoy flying and aircraft so much, why not stick around actually do some spotting at that particular airport? Bring your camera, telescope and log book or whatever else you like and get some more value for you money.

Not to mention, that those of us who know the joy of flight, also have the opportunity to know the joy of various cultures etc and really have a unique insight into the world. Lets say you get a dirt cheap flight to Stockholm on Ryanair.(from London) Great! Get in first thing in the morning, have a good look around the city, and then fly back that evening.

You've got exactly the same amount of time in the air, plus you had the added benifit of learning something about a new city?

I have actually done the day trip too so i dont critise for making the day trip. When virginblue first started flying, I wanted to try them out so I organised a group excusion to brisbane. Myself and friends got in early sat evening, went out to dinner, went clubbing all night and at 4.45am stepped out of the nightclubs we were in and straight back to the airport. It was great fun. Total time in brisbane. 10 and a half hrs.

As for the plane mad kids and all that, well if the parents are going with them, maybe they would actually appreciate seeing something for their money spent, or getting their kids to actually learn something about another culture or another part of the same country even. For those who say they don't give a shit, it is great to see you all have such a good appreciation for other people's culture.

You never know, just venturing into the city may be your chance to meet that special someone.... some exotic Russian, or Parsian.... think about it guys and girls...think about it.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: BCAL
Posted 2004-10-28 20:09:59 and read 5135 times.


We are going off the topic but I nevertheless would like to reply to your last posting.

Of course, if there was time I would squeeze in some sightseeing at my destination. Not every flight I take is simply for the enjoyment of the ride. It is just occasionally that I might want to experience a flight, lasting 1-2 hours each way, between business trips and holidays. Consequently sightseeing, experiencing different cultures, looking for a bride etc are not high on my agenda. Besides if I flew from (say) Stansted to another UK airport like Blackpool, exactly what would I experience from going into Blackpool town? If it was on a FR flight, the airport will probably be miles away from the city/town, so there would probably not be enough time to hop on the bus and get back in time for a return flight on the same day.

From a personal viewpoint, hanging around in airports is not the same anymore. Airports are congested, planes are now just Airbuses or Boeings, the place is swarming with people often arguing, screaming or disorganised. Most European airports have used 9/11 as an excuse to do away with observation/spectators' decks and anything else that might appeal to plane spotters – airports disencourage non-passengers as they just add to the congestion. Many terminals are now simply shopping malls and I can saviour the shopping experience closer to home.

For £50 or less you could probably get a return flight with a LCC. You might spend £10 on a beer/drink or light refreshment during the flight, so it costs little more than a meal in a good restaurant or a night in the bar/club. If you decide to extend the flight with a visit to the city, add £10 for the bus, £30 for meals/drinks, plus admission fees, fares hopping round the city and other incidental expenses, the journey now becomes twice as expensive.

Some people only get 4 weeks paid leave a year. Two of these weeks might be spent on a main holiday, another week on a shorter holiday and the remaining week usually taken up when you got friends/relatives staying or you have to wait for the repair man. This does not leave much time for foreign sightseeing trips, which as I said before, are not high on my agenda.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: BSU747
Posted 2004-10-28 20:50:56 and read 5126 times.

I have also done this but not on a low cost carrier, in October 1992 whilst traveling on a Delta Airpass* which was valid for unlimited flights for 30 days I was able to fly LAX-SFO-LAX and LAX-YUM-LAX on the same plane whereby we legged it into the terminal to check in for the return flight, also not on the same aircraft but with the same crew LAX-PDX on a DL MD-11.
The flight which flew LAX-PDX-NGO and back was operated on the domestic legs by the same crew as both flights landed in PDX at the same time so the LAX-PDX crew swapped over to the plane coming back from NGO to operate the return PDX-LAX flight, as we got on the plane back to LAX the flight crew recognized me and my friend and thought we boarded the wrong flight,we explained that we were enthusiasts that wanted to fly on what was then a new aircraft for Delta and a trip to PDX on the MD-11 was the best way to do this at the time within the USA.
We did not want to hang around in PDX so thought it was best to get on another MD-11 back to LAX as we were due to go to MCO later that night on a red eye flight. Little did we know that this also turned out to be an MD-11 as well, so we were able to get on 3 different MD-11s of Delta in one day.

*(was only available to non US residents and could be used on any mainland USA domestic flight with seat availability in economy, I managed 22 flights in 14 days, some spotters I knew racked over 50 flights in 30 days, not available anymore-shame)


Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Ramerinianair
Posted 2004-10-28 21:15:59 and read 5099 times.

That's pretty funny. In America, you would definately not allowed to fly if you stated you were going for "Fun". I'm sure you wouldn't be interested in flying return if you had ill intentions.

You could do this by checking in on-line.

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: BSU747
Posted 2004-10-29 21:28:25 and read 5017 times.

Do any of the low cost airlines allow you to check in online and print your boarding card, if so would this be a way to get around it?
For example if it were possible to check in online up to 4 hours before the flight and BMI baby allowed it I could print off 2 boarding cards at home before going to my local airport for a flight from MAN-BFS-MAN, obviously I would have to book two one way fares.
I am only using this as an fictional example from my local airport, don't know if BMI Baby allow such a thing. I know some "Full fare" airlines allow you to check in online so why can't the LCC.


Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: AeroWesty
Posted 2004-10-30 01:44:24 and read 4963 times.

I actually did a version of this over a dozen times (along with hundreds of others) in the summer of 1991 (I believe it was), when Southwest ran a promotion during their first weeks of operating their LAX-OAK flights, before Oakland became a major hub for Southwest's West Coast operations.

An advance-purchase fare was $29 each way, and the walk-up fare was $59 each way, including all fees and taxes. What you received as you boarded was a fully-transferable certificate good for a one-way flight anywhere on Southwest's system. Between the round-trip flights I made with confirmed reservations, and on standby early on in the promotion, I obtained about 30 one-way certificates, on top of the Rapid Rewards free flights I earned. Not a bad deal!

Southwest scheduled the same two aircraft to circle back and forth all day, and due to their tight turnaround times, you'd simply book or wait for the next flight at the other end, and with two (or three if you were lucky) round-trips a day, sometimes you traveled on the same plane only northbound or southbound, or sometimes traveled on the same plane for the entire return journey, or all your flights that day.

There was a lot of camaraderie among those of us who did this frequently, and I became part of a group of a half-dozen passengers who would run to the back of the plane and reserve the rows where one row faced forward and one row faced backwards. As the promotion (and airport commotion) was covered by local TV stations, long lines were building at both LAX and OAK, with people sleeping in the terminal if they didn't get a return flight, but I was lucky enough to have friends I could stay with the one time I was stranded in OAK, and just took BART into San Francisco for the night. One member in our group even arranged to have a family member bring us a meal midday near the end, when it was difficult to even wait in the lines to get food at the airport and still make the return flight.

Now you may ask, what does a person do with 30 one-way tickets on Southwest? Sell them, of course! The Los Angeles Times only allowed you to advertise that you had 4 tickets for sale to keep the rate as a personal ad instead of charging you the commercial rate in the classifieds, but I received over 200 phone calls from one ad running 3 days. I sold them for $150 one-way or $275 round-trip, and cleared enough profit to afford a nice vacation in Europe, flown in Business Class on KLM (taken with a reduced mileage special with MileagePlus).

With my first post on, I'm of two minds, agreeing with all the above posts on this subject. Yes, it's good to get out, see something, do a bit of spotting, enjoy a meal, etc., while at the same time it makes perfect sense to fly out and back on the same plane/airline/day--even multiple times!

(I also did this on two non-LCC carriers, once with TWA SFO-LAX/LAX-SFO with their add-on segments on L-1011s for their London and St. Louis flights, and it just happened they used the same aircraft to make the turn that day, and once as an open-jaw ticketing anomaly on an Eastern 727-200 where to get the lowest fare I was booked LAX-MCI/MCI-EWR as two segments, even though it was a direct flight--although this may not qualify for the exact requirements of this thread, it was an interesting way to travel nonetheless, as I didn't have to get off the plane because they gave me two boarding passes and both ticket coupons were taken on boarding at LAX.)

Cheers, AeroWesty

Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: Planesarecool
Posted 2004-10-30 18:31:50 and read 4890 times.

Sorry, but i have got to agree with Lufthansa and co. Why would anybody want to fly, then stay on the plane and just fly home again?

1. It would be boring. For me a flight longer than 1.5hrs becomes boring in flight, and i'm relieved when it comes to landing (1. because of the landing itself and 2. getting to stand up and walk around).

2. Same aircraft, just seems pointless. If i was going to fly just for the heck of it, i'd at least try to get on a different aircraft.

I once flew from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, mainly because i wanted to try out Southwest Airlines. However, i booked on the earliest flight out and came home on the last flight in, so at least i made a day of it.


Topic: RE: EasyJet/FlyBE/Ryanair - Returning On Same Plane!
Username: GKirk
Posted 2004-10-30 18:47:58 and read 4886 times.

I agree with Planesarecool, you may as wll make a day out of it if you fly somewhere

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