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Topic: CA To Spend $2.3 Billion On Planes And Terminal
Username: Carnoc
Posted 2004-11-17 14:16:47 and read 3828 times.

Full details regarding Air China's plan in spending up to USD$2.3 billion on future aircraft purcahses and the construction of terminal building etc have been widely reported, the International Herald Tribune's version can now be viewed @

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Topic: RE: CA To Spend $2.3 Billion On Planes And Terminal
Username: B2443
Posted 2004-11-17 15:20:02 and read 3761 times.

"Air China had the second-lowest costs among 17 global and regional airlines sampled by Merrill last year, because of lower wages and more efficient operations. The company was ranked third in terms of profit margins, Merrill said."

Wow, I'm completely surprised. Low wages, yes. but more efficient operations? CA needs to stop flying half empty 777/747s on PEK-CAN to be more efficient. As a passenger, I love to fly their half empty 777s.

Good for CA after all. I'd like to see CA and CX in a closer relationship in terms of improving cabin service and marketing.

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