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Topic: Mx 767
Username: Flydc10
Posted 2004-11-29 18:48:23 and read 1513 times.


Today as I was taxing in a mexicana 752, when we passed through the base de mantenimiento or the mx maintenace base, i saw a white 763( the version that only has two small emergency exits like the 762), I wanna know if this aircraft is going to Mx or what is it doing there.


Topic: RE: Mx 767
Username: Ghost77
Posted 2004-11-29 23:00:55 and read 1409 times.

It's an ex Asiana B767-300, N798AW (24798/331), formerly HL7264, was previously stored at Marana and was ferried to Mexico City on October, 02, 2004.

It came here for a heavy 'D' check and last thing I was told it was due for a French operator.

Ricardo APM

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