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Topic: CDG-Hotel/Showers/luggage
Username: TonyBurr
Posted 2004-12-30 00:34:13 and read 3104 times.

I will have about a 14 hour layover in Paris, CDG. Does anyone know if there is a palce to have a shower, leave luggage, or an inexpensive airport hotel?


Topic: RE: CDG-Hotel/Showers/luggage
Username: Pe@rson
Posted 2004-12-30 00:43:53 and read 3094 times.

There's a Formule 1 hotel at the airport which charges 25 or something EUR per night. Seems great to me.

Topic: RE: CDG-Hotel/Showers/luggage
Username: Dl1011
Posted 2004-12-30 00:58:23 and read 3088 times.

There is a Sheraton right in Term 2. Pricey but convenient.

2 summers ago I stayed at the B&B Roissy hotel for 48 euro's. This place is just outside the airport and offers a free shuttle. I'd say it's a 2 star place. Clean but the only food at the hotel is a vending machine. There is a restaurant across the street and it was really good.

Topic: RE: CDG-Hotel/Showers/luggage
Username: PA006
Posted 2004-12-30 02:49:04 and read 3061 times.

In the same Accor hotel complex in Roissy where the Formule 1 is located, there is also an ETAP which costs 35 euro. The difference is shared bath vs. private bath. The complex is located at Paris Nord 2 about 10 minutes from CDG. There is a free shuttle between the hotel and all terminals.

Formule 1:

The hotel is rather new and is a lot cheaper than hotels within the airport complex.

Topic: RE: CDG-Hotel/Showers/luggage
Username: TonyBurr
Posted 2004-12-30 03:18:16 and read 3038 times.

Thanks for the info so far. Does anyone know if there is a place in CDG to just get a shower? or leave your luggage for the day?


Topic: RE: CDG-Hotel/Showers/luggage
Username: Flpuck6
Posted 2004-12-30 15:58:33 and read 2967 times.

A First/Business class seat or Elite Plus status will get you access to a couple of the AF lounges in T2 with showers

Topic: RE: CDG-Hotel/Showers/luggage
Username: USflt1778
Posted 2004-12-30 18:25:53 and read 2931 times.

The bagggage storage facilities at CDG (all French airports, actually) are closed for security reasons. Also I am not aware of any shower facility open to the general public.

One option I would suggest is the Hotel Ibis at Roissypole. They have rooms for day use from 10am - 6pm at a cost of 10 Euros per hour. I would guess they'd let you store luggage for the day also, if you take a room for a bit.

The big advantage with this place is that you can take any airport shuttle bus going to "Terminal 3/Roissypole/Hotel Ibis"; they're very frequent. If you're at Terminal 1, look for bus line #2. If you're at Terminal 2, look for bus line #5.

As there are several Ibis at CDG make sure you go to "Ibis Paris Charles de Gaulle AĆ©roport-Gares", Tel : (+33) 1 49 19 19 19

Topic: RE: CDG-Hotel/Showers/luggage
Username: Flpuck6
Posted 2004-12-31 06:20:23 and read 2879 times.

Hey USflt1778, how are you doing? Long time no talk ... I met your colleague Elizabeth a couple of weeks ago ... hope she's feeling better.

In any case, the info USflt1778 gave is very precise ... and the Ibis hotel chain is a very reputable one!

Topic: RE: CDG-Hotel/Showers/luggage
Username: AMS
Posted 2004-12-31 09:36:24 and read 2862 times.

I would go for the Millennium Charles De Gaulle!, Its a great Hotels very close to CDG!$$hoteldescription?opendocument


Topic: RE: CDG-Hotel/Showers/luggage
Username: L410Turbolet
Posted 2004-12-31 14:06:12 and read 2846 times.

I can recommend the Formule1/ETAP/Ibis cluster of hotels PA006 suggested. If you need a shower and rest for couple of hours these are just fine and the Ibis hotel is cheaper then the exactly same Ibis hotel right next to the RER station.
The tricky part is to find the stops of the shuttles, but otherwise it's OK.

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