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Topic: High Altitude Charts.
Username: Putt4eagle
Posted 1999-04-14 04:43:56 and read 1676 times.

Is there a web site that I could locate high altitude flight charts for the Midwest of the entire U.S.? I fly alot for business and enjoy listening to the flight deck on the in-flight radio. I think it would be neat to follow along on the maps as well. My guess is that this info is protected by the FAA for security reasons but I could be wrong.

Topic: RE: High Altitude Charts.
Username: BryanG
Posted 1999-04-14 05:34:40 and read 1679 times.

You can order charts from Sporty's Pilot Shop, a giant pilot supply store in Ohio. You can order a catalog off their website at

They have all sorts of charts for sale, including the High Altitude IFR charts that you are looking for. They aren't too expensive. There are thousands of pilots, so obviously the info isn't secret. But charts aren't something you can pick up at the local K-mart.

Topic: RE: High Altitude Charts.
Username: FedEx
Posted 1999-04-14 07:03:22 and read 1678 times.

Or you can buy them at a local pilot supply store.
Good Luck!

Topic: RE: High Altitude Charts.
Username: Winair
Posted 1999-04-15 02:46:22 and read 1677 times.

WHOA WAIT....You can listen to the flight deck on teh in flight radio!!!!???YEA!!!GRRR i just got back from a flight and would have enjoyed that...what do you here....just air traffic commications or pilots talking what???

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