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Topic: Interesting Events At RDU Today...
Username: ERJ170
Posted 2005-03-20 19:24:06 and read 4444 times.

First of all, I was at the airport checking the local traffic flow when I look at the incoming on 23R...

I noticed an American Eagle bank hard and head dead in for the runway.. was kinda strange cause it did a hard bank and it was only about a mile or 2 out from the airport.. anyway, when it landed on the runway, it was an immediate reverse thrusters.. I mean, that RJ stopped in less than 300 yards.. then it turned off the runway, flung the doors open, and people just started jumping out the plane and running from the RJ before it even had a chance to completely stop.. kinda freaky.. I did see one person jump to the ground and never got up.. they called an ambulance for him.. fire trucks and rescue vehicles were called to the scene.. evidently it was smoke in the cabin.. anyway, they pulled it back to the AE side of Terminal C.. didn't quite catch the registration of the aircraft and wasn't sure if it was even heading to RDU or not..

I also caught sight of this private aircraft being used as a charter for the Shaw University basketball team (assuming).. anyway, didn't realize it was used for charter flights also.. very interesting..

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Topic: RE: Interesting Events At RDU Today...
Username: AEroc
Posted 2005-03-20 23:46:58 and read 4317 times.


I just looked it up and it looks like it was a/c 733AE RDU-EWR and it left RDU around 11:16AM and returned to RDU around 12:50. Is that about the time you were out there? In the remarks it says Returned to RDU b/c of Noxious smell in the cabin. Hope this helps you out.

Topic: RE: Interesting Events At RDU Today...
Username: ERJ170
Posted 2005-03-21 01:14:19 and read 4229 times.

Whatever it was.. somebody fell out the cabin door when it opened and had to be taken away in an ambulance.. it was kinda cool..

But THANKS AERoc... good detective skills!  goldmedal 

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Topic: RE: Interesting Events At RDU Today...
Username: Cactus739
Posted 2005-03-21 02:40:40 and read 4149 times.

So it left Raleigh at 1116am...then landed at 1250?

RDU - EWR is about an hour and 25 minutes or so (at least on CoExpress - I'd assume Eagle is about the same Smile )

From ERJ's description it sounds like they were in quite a hurry to get in.. what was going on?

Topic: RE: Interesting Events At RDU Today...
Username: ERJ170
Posted 2005-03-21 03:03:27 and read 4113 times.

The good thing was that at RDU there are extra aircraft occasionally during the day that sometimes sit for a while (especially on the weekend), so they were able to do a quick swap..

But when I say they did a hard stop.. they did a hard stop.. I"m not joking.. from the point they landed to the time people started jumping out the plane was only about 40 seconds.. they landed and stopped in a 300ft span.. they really super hit the brakes.. and people were jumping and running before the plane was able to come to a complete stop.. it was so cool to see..

Topic: RE: Interesting Events At RDU Today...
Username: Hurricane
Posted 2005-03-22 02:46:15 and read 3705 times.

WRAL covered this on their morning news yesterday...apparently the pilots noticed smoke cockpit during takeoff...
The only injury was somebody that broke their leg, probably the person that the ambulance came and picked up. They had a picture of the plane from their helicopter and everything...:D

Topic: RE: Interesting Events At RDU Today...
Username: RDUDDJI
Posted 2005-03-22 05:22:41 and read 3615 times.

I still don't understand...they flew around for an hour or so with smoke in the cabin? I guess it would make snese to RTF since AE has MX at RDU, but if they were 45 minutes (half of 1.5 hrs.) away I can't believe they came all the way back.

If they declared an emergency, I'm surprised they would've flown the pattern. It it was an EWR flight, theoretically they would have been somewhere Northeast of the airport anyway so it should have been a fairly straight in final for 23R...

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